Who Cares If Jay-Z Has A Love Child? – The LanceScurv Show

It’s bad enough that as a celebrity, Jay Z must endure the constant probing into his private life that he shares with superstar wife Beyonce, but to also have potential lawsuits thrown at you like rice after taking your wedding vows has to be a reason for a breakdown.

When you really look at it, who in the entertainment world hasn’t broken down or had some major drama thrown their way?

So we have to understand that this latest episode of Jay Z’s life is part of the game but OH what a sting this one must be!

Jay Z has been accused of some underhanded manipulations in the court system to avoid facing what many are saying is the love child that he refuses to acknowledge.

Others say that it’s just a routine money grab from someone who sees that they might get lucky and cash out on a union that happened long before Jay Z became rich and famous.

But as far as this being news, really who cares?

It really cracks me up that a story like this would captivate the minds of the masses when there are so many travesties transpiring in the world that we as a people should really be focusing on to rectify.

But then again, we as humans have become creatures who are enslaved by our sensory indulgences that are amplified by our need for instant gratification even if it’s to hear the gossip or potential downfall of another.

So the next time you criticize these so called mainstream media outlets, take a step back and really look at who is eating up all of this slop.

If the television, radio, cyber-media is the pigpen, then we damn sure are the pigs!

…….and we can’t expect better until we demand better!

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