Who’s Running America? – The Dr. Ramona Brockett Show – Deception is in the air once again as the 2016 elections roll around to decide who will be the next President Of The United States and as is the case every four years, the “sheeple” seem to be confused.

The powers that be and the shadow figures who pull the strings behind this mere formality of an event couldn’t be happier as most who are preoccupied with being in the survival mode of life are always duped in this political game of three card molly.

The people of America are too entertained, too distracted, too caught up in the rat race and too zoned out in their own social media cyber-existence to even have the presence of mind to inquire “Who’s REALLY Running America!”

Many don’t seem to really care as the so called process of electing the next President is a forgone conclusion that will go one without them whether they vote or not.

This is exactly how those spirits and principalities in high places want you to feel and it gives them so much power over the lives of the masses who echo that mindset.

So thank the Heavens above for Dr. Ramona Brockett because she was created is such a special way in being divinely enabled to see clearly through the smoke of political deception.

Our God truly has a sense of humor because as He molded Dr. Brockett, not only did He give her the perception resources to be a mighty warrior, He fashioned her is such a beautiful way so that she would look good defeating not only the enemy but the very ravages of time itself.

But then again, aren’t all super heroes and heroines attractive in a larger than life manner?

Let us once again appreciate the gift that Dr. Brockett is to us and absorb her prophetic and revealing words to prepare us for the storms to come as the battle of good versus evil continue in these turbulent times of change.

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