Why ALL Americans Are Personally Responsible For The Aurora Colorado Shootings!

The more I see the coverage in print, on the internet and on television of the recent Aurora Colorado shootings, I like everyone else, get thrown into a state of questioning as to what could be the underlying reason why such a travesty can transpire in our midst seemingly out of nowhere.

I thought back the the Columbine shootings, the Virginia Tech shootings as well as the countless others that took hold of the world’s attention as they went on about their way ignoring the blatant danger signs and red flags that are constantly begging to be noticed.

It’s only in hindsight that we seek to analyze and break down the factors that were instrumental in making such a tragedy a reality.

But sadly as always, hindsight is always a bit too late.

Many will say that we as a society tend to patch up a tragic situation haphazardly only after the damage is done only to feel as though we have done our part to contribute before moving on in a trance-like state in our insulated dream-like realities. But we have a serious disconnect from what we need to be doing in our own personal lives and believe it or not this general sense of personal neglect has permeated out into the atmosphere and we must collectively now be called to arms to straighten it out.

What am I getting at?

Well what I am trying to say is that our collective wickedness and disconnect as a society has become manifest not only from the “facade” of Godliness that we pretend to possess so well, but the true living breathing connection to Him on an intimate level that has got to be restored or we will face events even worse than the Aurora Colorado shootings and even more!

Yes, I blame you, I blame me, I blame US!

What we refuse to see on a spiritual level is that this world is all interconnected and we all affect it with the things that we do against God’s will whether WE are the culprits of these dirty deeds or not!

How good will YOU feel to swim in a pool where you know that the other five people who are in the pool with you are urinating without telling you? Well this is how this world operates on the unseen levels. and even though you might not be the one who is pissing in the pool, once you get out of the pool you will smell just as “pissy” as the next person!

So when the spiritual wickedness in our midst pulls down the wrath of “balance” around us then we who are innocent may feel the brunt of God’s universe attempting to balance itself out. It is almost like an innocent person getting shot in a drive by shooting that was meant for the person that they happened to be standing near.

It’s quite an unfortunate scenario indeed.

Now am I trying to imply that the victims of the Colorado shooting were in any way, shape, fashion or form guilty of any transgressions that caused the effect to be possible? NO! Not in any way whatsoever! Those people were innocent and actually didn’t deserve that at all, they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You see America, you have really and truly got to get your head and heart together because the time that we are already in is going to heat up even more but for some reason the gadgetry and technological distractions that you possess have kept you fast asleep at the wheel to the point where you do not see the collision that is about to happen that will change the very fabric of your life if it doesn’t snatch that divine gift of living away from you completely!

World Trade Center Attacks

You didn’t seem to learn after the terror of the World Trade Center attacks (An inside job to say the least) happened and you ran by the countless millions to the church as though the physical church house could do anything to clean out the wickedness inside that you could hide so well in those moments of smiling denial.

You swore that you would change your wicked ways but when I flash forward to the 2008 Presidential elections and absorbed the wicked things that you said about the “then” Senator and now President Barack Obama, I couldn’t believe that this was the same country that ran down T.D. Jakes Ministries so hard and all of the other prominent (So called) men and women of God to whom many of them were people of color!

TD Jakes

What happened now America?

Did the nasty sediment of racism, exploitation, sexism, class, status, pedigree, exclusion and just pure arrogance settle back down into the cup of your soul just waiting for another “hell of a scare” to stir it up and make you once again want to consider everyone equal and Brothers and Sisters under one loving mighty and powerful God?

Cho Seung-Hui

Immediately after 9-11 we were inundated with amazing amounts of technological gadgetry untold and I do not believe it is by chance that this happened. As I said before it is all by design as we all seemed to need to escape from reality and what better place to get away than into our new toys that has us bowing our heads to play smartphone games and send text messages much more so than when we pray!

Do we even KNOW how to bow our heads and say the grace when we are about to devour the very food that God provided for us before we greedily gulp it down in a heathen-like fashion?

We fail to see the universe around us as one and every single thought, action, movement and aggression that we execute is felt by the whole entire creation around us even if we don’t realize it or not. Ignorance of the divine laws is no excuse!

So if we all were compassionate, loving, warm, inclusive, joyous, concerned, accepting and reflected God’s love in everything that we do in a manner to please Him, then something like the incident in Colorado could NEVER happen because our movements would demand of the universe a better response than the travesty that the world looked on in shock after it took place.

We reap what we sew and we need to understand that on this earth we are a collective and must live together in unity or face the consequences as we have for not treating each other in a Godly manner the way our father taught us to through His word!

Take it or let it alone…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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