Why Are Black People So Shocked At Donald Trump’s Haitian “Shithole” Statement?

Why are we as Black people so shocked when a White Supremacist speaks out to in a way to reveal their true feelings?

Why should that even concern us if we are truly seeking to become an empowered people whose power base is not dependent on anything other than our own resources?

For of all, when President Donald Trump made his “shithole” statement, too many of us got very upset as though we expected anything else from a wealthy corporate man minded and white man whose collective intelligence level couldn’t beat that of a flea.

He ran his campaign making similar statements displaying an ignorance level on par with that of mainstreet U.S.A., so what makes one think that he will change now?

In my humble opinion statements such as those are engineered to distract the masses into an uproar so that they won’t focus on the authentic issues at hand.

If we dig deep enough we would find something of massive relevance to us that is going to change the world of the darker people of the planet in a manner that wouldn’t be very welcome if we really knew.

This is why we cannot lose our focus on our mission every time a racist individual spews forth the toxic venom that we know exists in abundance in the deepest recesses of their hearts. That’s their sickness and Black people need to learn how to navigate in a manner that doesn’t sway them from their ultimate goals.

The truth is that print, radio, broadcast and social media to a more effective extent work together to manifest the sinister covert agenda that the powers that be desire to come to fruition without any resistance from the masses who are unaware due to their indulgence in engineered foolishness.

Yes, we are to blame for indulging in the “delicious” poisons of the enemy while remaining unaware and disinterested in the deadly factions have been eroding our lives. It seems as though the football game, the reality television shows or “who that new car parked across the street and who owns it” is more important to us than attempting to decipher the real world events that affect us more than we realize.

Now more than ever before in the recorded history of our Holocaust in America we need to separate from the mindset of this deadly system of White Supremacy and realize that we are the president of our life.

We should understand that no matter what racist words are spewed from a president that reflects the sentiments of how Amerikkka feels about Black people, we are in total control of our destiny and we should to no one else for guidance except the Most High who created us and who will guide us to an ascended reality if we simply follow His voice.

This is why I am so unaffected by anything that these devils put out to the universe about me or anyone that looks like me. I am too busy enjoying a life of productivity as well as having the peace of mind of knowing who I am as my esteem depends not on a soon to be genetically annihilated entity who only screams out because he knows that his very existence in this world is coming to an end.

So again I ask, why are so many Black people shocked at Donald Trumps “shithole” statement?

If you are shocked then that’s an indication that you are not aware of who he is and what he represents which should let you know how far off you are in your perception of the true realities of this world.

So it’s not Donald Trump that needs any correction for his behavior had been prophesied long ago. We are the people who needs our head straightened out because as long as we profess our love for Satan through our Samboesque love for him over our divine selves, we are on the express lane to hell itself until we come out of this Babylon that will never show any love to the Original Man of the planet Earth!

Peace, Revolution & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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