Love is not always a good thing as far as thinking that what you give out as loving treatment to others may not be returned in equal portions and often times never returned that all. You must get used to the thought that when you give love it might never be returned so therefore we must give our love unconditionally and we will never be hurt. But even when you give your love this way there is a measure of hurt that you will receive because of the pain that those who you love will suffer when they do not listen to what you have to say.

Not that you know everything in what you have to say is from a condescending manner, but you might see a little further down the road than they can. Many who are very familiar with you may not take you serious when you warn them that the past that they’re going down is not going to be a very rosy path at all. So when we scream wake up to a delusional people who are happily partying on a sinking ship we know that in their dismissal of your words that they will meet assured doom that it hurts you to see transpire right in front of your very eyes where something could’ve been done to avoid the tragedy.

This is how it is when you love your people and they don’t realize that they have not made progress in many years and of course many decades. Although we always had challenges in the black community, we several decades before seem to have the unity in our ever-growing momentum toward reaching our goals of total liberation. That being said somehow someway by design we have lost most of that momentum and in some cases have come down to a grinding halt.

And everyone else on this planet who doesn’t look like us benefits from our lack of unity, a unified front and the ability to see that we all must join hands for the betterment of us. When others want to benefit from us they know how to deceive us and make us feel as though there is a kinship in a deep love toward us. But time and time again too many of us fall for the tricks and we go along with it to uplift all of the other races on the planet while leaving ourselves unattended to it with nothing left for us to benefit from.

We work so hard for others and are quicker to jump for others at the expense of our liberation.

Our minds have been twisted against anything positive and African because many of us have allowed the external hate to permeate the deepest recesses of our being so that we are guaranteed to do the work of our oppressor for him. There are so many fronts in which we must understand that we must detoxify and break away from this evil system that sucks are very Lifeforce and is diametrically opposed to our upliftment by any means necessary. Yet we see black progress as something that needs to be apologize for just the same way that we are encouraged to not think of ourselves as one people but we must blend in with a multicultural agenda that never serves us at the end of the day.

So we ask ourselves some time as we are frustrated to see how unattached we have become with reality. We have to understand that we must show the world by example how we will rise and this may not include everyone because many of us are hell-bent on stagnating to never move forward with anything worthwhile. At this point in our history if you don’t understand that we have been targeted for extermination we cannot stand still and not move forward because of your comfortable ignorance.

Those of us who are conscious of what must be done must band together with those who also have the same mentality and although many of those we leave behind our our loved ones we have to shed a tear as though we are at their memorial service for funeral because they are The Walking Dead. Let us move into our new reality as a band together with those who have the same drive, mentality and vision that we know is very much real if we begin to move forward now. Hopefully as many of those who we pleaded to wake up will see that we have moved on and maybe just some of them will wake up in our absence.

If not let them stand back and wait for what they think they will receive through the religion that they are so dedicated to in a toxic destructive system that has never done anything good for us.
For those who understand I commend you and for those who refuse to acknowledge reality I say so long.
Make sure to share your perspectives whether you agree with our words in this article or our conversation on the video because there is still time to dialogue as we move forward and I thank you for spending your precious time here with us and I do hope that you return again. Enjoy!


Your Brother,


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