Many of us across the planet who were deemed as criminals simply because of the color of our skin appeared to be happily complying to a system that desires our extinction and we also appear to be willingly detained.

If someone is born and raised into a very oppressive situation, that is all that they know.

Therefore to get them to see beyond the constraints of the reality you got to either show them by taking them out of that reality or strike their brain so hard with the truth that permeates the shell of ignorance that they can see that their life has been lived in a very narrow minded manner.

Many of us as black people possess the external paper thin trappings of what that society would call success, or really trapped and cannot see beyond a life that is not comfortable where they are truly free.

When you can witness the very public execution of one of us and not get angered to the point where you would want to leave that system and find yourself at the shopping mall over the weekend to support those who resemble the executioners there is definitely something wrong with your Outlook.

It has been said that most black people living in America and in the UK as well as other places where Caucasians are the dominant entities that we are suffering from a severe case of Stockholm syndrome.

Only those with a mental ailment would tolerate the treatment that we get and find some way of trying to convince ourselves that all is well in a very dysfunctional situation.

I often ask myself why is it this way and what can we do to change it and I’ve come to the conclusion that many of us will not change and we are happy captives in a system that wants us sooner than later vaporized off of the face of this earth.

I cannot go with the groupthink mentality where we wait for our oppressor and those who benefit from all that was taken from us when I can liberate myself and live the life that I desire to live in peacE, harmony and natural balance.

So in this particular video discussion we ask the harsh questions that would surely unlock the stigma that we have been living with for so long that is kept us as a stagnant people who are wasting the seeds of greatness that we possess in abundance inside.

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