Many of the deadbeats in our life are there only because we have given them permission to be there, in fact they have made us feel as though we need them to continue on to realizing a successful life. They have lodged themselves in our subconscious mind in such a shrewd way to make us feel as though the irreplaceable and without them we can’t make it to ascend to a better life.

Deadbeats are very efficient with their energy and they make sure to latch on to leeches that they are on to a person who has a crack in their armor that they can identify and exploit. So in actuality the deadbeat has merged on to our positive energy so that they can take the path of least resistance in this world. They have actually slowed us down and keep us a bit confused as we have handed them the reins over our life and they cleverly manipulate us and keep us at a pace where we are still making progress but not enough to be able to shake their hold on us.

We have given them access to the deepest recesses of our life while they laugh at us as we thank them for all that they have done for us. But what really have they done for us as they secretly dislike our potential for greatness which is a threat to their hold on us. So they have to keep us in a place of suspended animation in order to keep us unable to break free of their parasitic hold.

Many around you you will find already know in a very obvious manner the dynamics of your relationship with these deadbeats who hinder you from realizing your personal success. But because they play to your weaknesses and insecurities it would take a miracle in most cases to cause you to see how they have hijacked your life and your mind for their benefit. Feel free to share your perspectives in the comments section below in an uncensored manner on the deadbeats that you so afraid to dump that hinder your success.

Thank you so much for choosing to spend your precious time here with us and always know that your presence is welcome here whether we agree or disagree on a topic. We are family and we need these types of discussions no matter how much the truth hurts in order to ultimately grow and become the people that the seeds of greatness that we possess indicate that we are.


Your Brother,



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