Why Aren’t The Racist Roots Of The Mormon Religion Mitt Romney’s Campaign Thorn In The Side Like Senator Obama Had In Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

While I have many talents and abilities – or so I’m told – when it comes to politics, I admit that I am not the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but I will say that it’s not because I am inept, but there is so much deception that when I do deal with a political issue, it MUST be shared in a factual manner.

And to be honest, the lies can be presented in such a manner when it comes to politicians and the words that they spew can be made to seem fair seeming and good if you are not paying attention and know the facts for yourself. This has been a big turn off for me and sad realities that I see in my communities across this country are in stark contrast to the Colgate smile sporting “we see them when they only want your vote but don’t give damn about you otherwise” politicians.

Romney On Blacks

But earlier this evening (At the time of this writing of course!) it was brought to my attention through a link that was sent to me that contained information that the Mormon religion had an anti-Black philosophical beginning.

Now, I had heard this long before but never really looked into it because those White dudes who rode around on the bicycles in the Black neighborhoods in the white shirts who always seemed to want to convert the Sisters into the Mormon “religion” never seemed to want to get next to the Brothers with their sales pitch and I guess I was one of them.

Mormon Missionary Bikers

Trust me, anything that was “touched” by Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation Of Islam even if your weren’t a card carrying member but was brought into some knowledge made you tainted and contaminated to the Mormon missionaries.

But one of the excerpts from that particular link read like this:

Racism And The Mormon Church

“It was Smith’s successor, Brigham Young, who adopted the policies that now haunt the church. He described black people as cursed with dark skin as punishment for Cain’s murder of his brother. “Any man having one drop of the seed of Cane in him cannot hold the priesthood,” he declared in 1852. Young deemed black-white intermarriage so sinful that he suggested that a man could atone for it only by having “his head cut off” and spilling “his blood upon the ground.” Other Mormon leaders convinced themselves that the pre-existent spirits of black people had sinned in heaven by supporting Lucifer in his rebellion against God.”


Now I am not going to be so ignorant as to think that maybe Mitt Romney might know this about the roots of his faith, but SINCE the mainstream media in the United States especially and the entire world gave Senator Barack Obama pure hell in the summer of 2008 as he campaigned for the Presidency Of The United States over every single utterance of his Pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, and held him accountable to the statements that he made that I felt were ON POINT and absolutely BRILLIANT.

Dr. Jeremiah Wright

But these same statements were sliced and diced and taken out of context merely to discredit Senator Barack Obama and to raise doubt about his moral character, I think it is quite appropriate to hold the Governor under the same stringent character standards and microscope that then Senator Barack Obama had to endure on his road to becoming President of this hateful country.

But all of a sudden even though this information I’m assuming about the Mormon faith has been out there since it was the norm, then why is it that I’m hearing CRICKETS on this issue and it is not brought to the forefront every time the news programs are on?

Dear Lord! Fox News literally became the Reverend Jeremiah Wright unofficial broadcasting network and Sean Hannity was hellbent on holding Barack Obama accountable for every boogah that Jeremiah Wright picked out his nose as a toddler and demanded that he find out where he wiped it or else!

Sean Hanitty

Why are they so quiet now?

Imagine Jeremiah Wright came out of a philosophy that said something so direct about a people to low-rate them and relegate them to being an aid of Lucifer himself?

…….we just wouldn’t hear the end of it I might add!

But in this place called Amerikkka, it’s business as usual and a big problem with us as a collective people is that we are just too damn scared to open our mouths to say a word on something that brings US doubts about the character of a man who is running for an office that has so much influence and power over our lives.

…….because if this way of thinking is ingrained in his psyche, then maybe the way to bring down our debt and raise capital is to implement the banished practice of slavery once again and those who have screamed that “they want their country back” would be just overjoyed!

Heck! Corporate Amerikkka is already there deep down in the inner recesses of their mind with that type of thinking as their greed and lack of moral fiber wouldn’t make it too farfetched to accept that proposal if Mitt Romney mentioned it as President?

Think not? Think again.

Now by me saying previously that we are a collective people doesn’t mean that we all think the same on the multitude of issues that are on the cutting board of this upcoming election, but we are treated as though we are one when it is time to dish out what we’ve all come to know as racism. Heck! Anyone who hates you because of your Ebony packaging does NOT differentiate you because of your country of origin.


They don’t say “don’t give him or her a hard time because they are originally from Jamaica!” Or, “just beat up on the northern Negros and let’s leave the Southern bred coons alone for the next week!” They don’t care WHERE you are from, oppression is oppression and it is an equal opportunity “Don’t care where the Black people came from” destroyer!

So when a politician like Mitt Romney gets a pass because the media is not holding him accountable for the racist roots of his religion, then WE have to do it!

Hate me if you want to but when it comes to the Black community, we are always ignored or have our concerns minimized in the whole scope of things. But when it comes to others it is almost MANDATORY that promises be made and followed through on as though one cannot be elected if they don’t bow down to them! who am I speaking of? I am speaking about those who claim Jewish descent!

And for those who think I have lost my mind then start running because it is going to get hot around her real soon in my corner of cyber space!

Now am I being hateful?

Am I being divisive? Can’t be. Things were already divided up real good when I was born and it wasn’t the articles of LanceScurv that did that! I am merely sharing my thoughts as to why WE don’t get treated with the same reverence and respect.

Oprah Winfrey ain’t going to say it. she will get shut down!

President Obama ain’t going to say it because he knows who runs things!

The mainstream media ain’t gonna say it! How can expect someone to demand something for someone to whom they exploit and control?

So who is going to say it? Well, if we all got up collectively as the sleeping giant that this satanic system is so afraid of awakening, then we can truly make some noise and bring balance into how we are treated in this system and not be content with the unwanted status that we have in this country after all of the free labor that they got from us!

…….and I won’t let President Barack Obama off of the hook now either merely because he is a Black man. That is not the reason why I voted for him in the first place and I must state that publicly so that we can clear the hate mail up before you decide to send it to me like you do!


But President Barack Obama had to tip toe through certain tulips before he became the POTUS but why is he still afraid to face certain concerns in the Black community head on? Who cares at this point WHAT others will think if he addresses our concerns?

He addresses the Jewish community and no one says a thing about it!

He addresses the Latino community as he should.

He addresses the Asian community always without fail!

He addresses everyone else by name and will even fly across the water to drink beer with the people to show honor to others but when it comes to addressing us as Black people in America directly we have to be understanding of his position in not doing something that will polarize those who don’t or rather REFUSE to understand!

If we really think like this then America is straight retarded and needs to GROW UP!

I was reading a the September 28- October 4, 2012 of the Florida Courier and it had two articles that contained to facts that blew my mind once I really thought about it. The two articles were entitled “Black Media Underutilized” and the other was “Companies Continue To Insult Black Consumers” both by George E. Curry.

Now each article was jammed packed with facts and their references so I won’t get into all of them right now but the two that stuck out in my mind were that the Black population in the United States Of America is larger than 163 of the 195 countries in the world! And the other fact that stuck in my head and impressed me so much is that Black spending amounts to $695 Billion a year and by the year 2015 it is expected to soar to 1.1 Trillion dollars!

So if we have so much power and numbers in our favor, then why are we so disrespected and overlooked when it comes to being acknowledged by our Presidential candidates and Presidents?

Is it because we have a blind trust in this system and never call it to task to serve our needs like other factions here do? Is it that we do not know how powerful we really are and allow a candidate like a Mitt Romney to go unchecked in his religious beliefs that have a history that steps on OUR toes?

The fact of the matter is that WE are the sleeping giant that has gotten comfortable sleeping on the couch or the front steps when in fact we should be living first class especially after all that we have done for a place that treats us like a liability as opposed to the asset that we’ve always been!

So if those in position do NOT want to accept our presence in a place that we built, don’t go out and beg for an attention that they don’t want to give, merely stop supporting them with your money and start a system of your own and watch them come running with an offer that we can’t refuse. But in all actuality, no one knows us like we do and no one could take care of us like we can and if we finally gain the balls to make a move into independence then we would just kick ourselves as to why we didn’t do it earlier!

Black Spending Power

So the answer is NOT in politics alone but deeply placed within ourselves if we could only stop infecting our minds with the rhetoric spewed by these politicians who care not for us but for the laws of the most high who will guide us out of this strange place into the promised land if we would only submit and reject the satanic ideals that is worshiped the world over that originated in this place called America.

If Governor Mitt Romney’s racist religious roots don’t wake you up to the handwriting on the wall then I don’t know what ever will!

I said my piece.

Take it or leave it.

Peace, truth & Righteous Love Always,

Your Fiery Brother,


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