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After many decades living in this dimension I’ve truly come to realize how many of us have spend our precious time seeking out a mate with the pristine qualities of excellence that are valued to the utmost depending on the individual yet avoid working on ourselves to raise our level of desirability to that one who may be our soulmate.

This is not every situation but it’s too many in my humble opinion. I also thought about the time wasted in relationship anticipation as well as the years of tears dropped on crying about that failed union that had all of the qualities to last “forever” yet crashed soon after the life pressures kicked in that show how strong the commitment in fact was.

So I have come to the conclusion that instead of wasting precious time playing the blame game on that relationship that collapsed 15 or 25 years ago – trust me, there are countless bitter men and women who just don’t move on and I bet that you know some – we need to take that non productive topic and trash is to focus on ourselves to make our prospects for Love even better!

Get mad if you wish about what I’m about to say but many of you possess a bitterness and resentment within that will keep you unlovable and very unattractive and repulsive now matter how much you adorn the exterior to make it alluring to the eye.

If this pertains to you then you need to stop avoiding accountability in your part of that failed relationship, learn from it and ask yourself what can I do to rid myself of those traits and qualities that seem to hijack my love life time after time again?

What’s in the past as far as changing what happen cannot be altered. Stop allowing those old memories to cloud your focus on becoming a better person in the present. Understanding that there are new awesome realities waiting for you if you’d only look beyond those old toxic clouds knowing that the bright sun of happiness will shine down on you if you make the effort to get beyond your toxicities.


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