Why Do We Continue To Polish The Apple When The Core Is So Damn Rotten?

Let us reevaluate what lurks deep inside of us and make the proper adjustments so that we reflect what God desires for us by the seeds that He so wonderfully planted inside of us.

In the physical realm we can identify a plant by its fruits and therefore understand what seeds were planted in us by the God above. There are always lessons in the physical that in actuality run parallel with the workings of all things in the unseen spiritual realm.

So we are to take the fruits from our spiritual trees and share them abundantly with the world to create a nurturing place of growth for all who we come into contact with enriching their lives forevermore doing a work effortlessly with our mere presence.


In the same manner that a cut heals itself under the right conditions of cleanliness and coverage, the effect that we have on each other SHOULD be self healing because if we have prayed to improve, strive to get better and seek to help someone who may be in a bad place from within, it should be an automatic thing that we share what it is that was cultivated over a lifetime to be used righteously at the perfect moment to be a plus in someone else’s life.

But too many of us have the appearance of righteousness and say the very things that sound edifying but like that well polished pretty red apple that sat on the supermarket shelf a bit too long, when you take a bite you find that it is rotten to the core!

You see, that apple’s exterior was maintain to look like something on the outside but evolved into something else on the inside. Too many times we will start out with the right intentions and then veer off course into a place so far off what we originally intended to be as a servant of God in this life as our spiritual GPS (Global Positioning System) malfunctioned and allowed us to arrive at destinations that would not be acceptable if we checked in with our original road map.

Rotten Apple

So we go on in life fooling ourselves with the righteous covering and the rotten core. We spend more time polishing the “apple” but care not what spews forth out of our mouth in those unguarded moments when our true selves reveal themselves to us.

We know what lurks inside of us but are too far into the state of being called denial that we would rather continue to polish our apples and live a life where our rotten cores show us up every chance it gets.

When left alone we will always look good to the world as we do the good looking deeds on the outside while the intention is to polish how we are viewed on the outside.

But when life takes a bite into us and our “cores” are revealed for all to see, it is a whole entire different look that is revealed and the hard work of deception that we have executed to keep ourselves looking holier than thou has gone done the drain because the dirty little secret of what we truly are has now been revealed for the world to see.

I say this because just the other day I witnessed a very public and highly unwarranted Facebook character assassination attempt that did more damage to the individual who levied the attack than it did to the person who was minding their business and spending their time doing a good work who never made any qualms about the fact that they have done things in their past that weren’t to righteous as we ALL have!

So that being said, isn’t it fair that a woman or man be allowed to improve themselves or have the opportunity to embrace a better way of living their life because no one was born into this world knowing the rules of this game called life and is bound to make many mistakes along the way and step on many toes as they travel down life’s path?

I know for a fact as well as many of you who know me personally that my life has been a literal circus many times as I have endured many public episodes of buffoonery that came out of the foolish decisions that I take full responsibility for at this present time in my life.

People can be a bit too harsh in their ultimate character assessments of their Sisters and Brothers because I believe we all have the right to have a second chance to “get it right” before being called home to the next level of existence.

Are you the same person that you were ten or fifteen years ago? If I were to judge you on how you were living long ago or by the things that you indulged in when you were possessed with acting out the thoughts of such a foolish mind where would you find yourself on the scale of righteousness?

It is so easy to rub a snippet of an embarrassing segment from someones past while we continue to polish our own apples to appear so perfect and upstanding when in fact we are far worse off that that person to whom we publicly castigate in order to throw off all eyes from our wicked hearts!

What I have found out in my earthly walk is that those who are so caught up in the illusion of this man made madness of a world is that most desire what is fraudulent over that which possesses true substance. We never delve deep into the core of our personal apples as long as it appears to be red and shiny over and above the rest!

Men will lust after a woman with the over sized breasts that she went out and paid for knowing that she will quickly make that money back from the fools who KNOW that they are fake yet still crave those two silicone bags that give absolutely NO indication of what type of character that the female object of their twisted lust possesses on the inside! When these men finally find themselves knocking on the door of being considered elderly now here they go seeking a GOOD woman who possesses a pristine character and sees her true value REGARDLESS as to her bra cup size!

Kristina Milan

Our women will settle for the clown who appears to be secure in his life because of his illegal activities that she damn sure knows exists but can’t pull herself away from the lure of easy money and the lifestyle that goes with it yet when that man of hers gets locked up her she comes looking for that blue collar hard working man to fill the bill!

You don’t want to work hard and sacrifice to purchase the real AUTHENTIC Gucci bag so you go out to the bootleg man and buy a knockoff only to find yourself at the club ACTING like you “got it like that” as you play pretend that your cheap copy cat gear is the real thing!

You men! You don’t take care of yourself all of your lives eating bad artery clogging food and high sugar indulgences as well as the alcohol and the smoking but when you hit fifty years old you now crave the vitality of your youth and attempt to recapture those intimate magic moments by popping a few Viagra pills as though that will make you the super jock that you “thought” you were coming up out of your teen years!


If only would stop polishing our surface to LOOK like the real thing and submit to divine law and what is the proper way to live so we can actually BE the real thing!

Satan has tricked most of us in this world to the point where the REAL peace, the REAL sense of satisfaction and the REAL peace of mind seems corny to us and not worth a try!

But if your substitute reality was such a great experience then why are you trying so hard to escape its clutches by getting high on these poisonous substances that will take your mind away from living in this substitute world!

I don’t know about you but I want my mind to be in a position to absorb ALL of this wonderful world because my reality is just too sweet for me to want to escape out of it and when you get to that place of balance where every snippet of your existence is just as sweet as the prior segment you will know that the high that comes from that realization could NEVER be produced by anything that must be injected, smoked or purchased at the liquor store.

Women And Booze

So until you are ready to accept some divine discipline into your life then you will NEVER get high on life the way that your Creator intended! You will settle for merely polishing your apples while remaining not only rotten to the core, but in a place where every worldly carnal pleasure will continue to diminish in its BLAST on your brain and leave an empty hollow space in your heart because you will be numb, burnt out and unable to derive ANY satisfaction from the activities that you swore would keep you happy forevermore!

While I never indulged in substances I can relate to that empty existence through my countless sessions of random faceless intimacies with partners to whom I couldn’t even TELL you there names or even recognize if I saw them on the street today! Thank God I was preserved in good health and made up my mind to deal with my rotten core and stop focusing on polishing my apple because if I didn’t I would surely be lost and living a nondescript life that would be no more dynamic than the existence of a human vegetable!

…….and how many of us know that person who was the life of the party “back in the day” but is a mere shell of their former selves if even ALIVE at all?

So let us get down to the business of cleaning up our inner mess so that we can shine from within and not merely be a facade of righteousness, but a living breathing example of every fruit of the spirit for the world to see that reflects ALL THINGS GOD!

When we do this we will have no time to put someone else down who is trying to do better because we will be to busy getting our own crap together and acceptable to God’s eyes LONG BEFORE Judgment Day arrives.

They say live everyday like it’s your last?

I say that’s a damn lie as we should live everyday as though we will be facing God’s Judgment when we close our eyes that very night to retire to sleep!

It’s better to be prepared than to not wake up with a spirit that is rotten to the core, because when God comes along in the supermarket of everlasting life and takes a bite out of YOUR apple finding it spoiled to the core, He will NOT take you “home” with Him and leave you to be discarded in satan’s eternal trash incinerator.

Think about it!

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