Why Do We Prefer Having A False Image Of Worldliness Over The True Substance Of Character?

It appears to me in this world that most people are more concerned on how they appear than actually working hard to actually BE the real thing.

Have we all sold out to the mindset of image being everything?

We will borrow money out of what is allotted to maintain a roof over our head in order to make the purchase of that new outfit to look good at the club or church in the upcoming weekend!

We go to the barber shop and the so called beauty parlor to keep our hairstyle “looking top notch” but don’t even understand that we spend so much money on such foolishness that our heads hair upkeep would probably qualify as a dependent on our tax filings if we added it all up! Heck! Keeping your weave or hair fried up costs just as much if not more as another mouth to feed if you really looked at it!

We go into the car dealership knowing good and damn well that we would have to keep our fingers crossed to be able to afford a Toyota Yaris but easily allow our egos to run amok as we absorb the silky sweet seductive words of that snake in the grass car dealer who is like a shark whose only motivation is to extract and exploit the fool in you and laugh all the way to the bank as you drive off in a brand new fully loaded Sequoia!

Toyota Sequoia 2013

…….you’ll find out when that first car note comes in the mail and rides your ass for the next five years. But it will look real good parked up in your Momma’s driveway because that’s the only place you’ll be able to live with such a high car payment if you didn’t already live there! Lol!

We will splurge at the mall in full view of our peers to show that we would”got it like that” but will look at you like a crazy person if you ask them when was the last line that they went to the doctors office for a thorough checkup! You’ll probably tell them that you have no money to spend on a damn doctor because it’s too expensive these days!

…….so you end up being a well dressed corpse who neglected to discover an underlying health issue that was too expensive to invest the money to finding out about. Those latest fashions look so good on you while you lay lifeless in your cheap casket.

Nicki Minaj

And while I am on this particular point let me say that death has a shrewd way of revealing all of our dirty little secrets because while you may not be here to hear what is said about you, people will talk and say “But I thought he/she had lots of money by the way they spent so much, but if they did how come their family had to take up a collection to be able to afford a burial?”

…….even in death THAT’S EMBARRASSING!

But for the most part while the examples of possessing paper thin substance under a million dollar image may NOT be your particular situation, we ALL just might have a small amount of this type of superficial character trait floating in our souls.

But then again we are only human, correct?

Yes we are but there is something wrong with us as a society when such mass levels of irresponsibility can even exist as we crave to be that carefree money laden entity that haunts us every time we watch a product advertisement or read a very persuasive glossy Photoshopped ad in a high end magazine.

Athletes will risk their health in consuming dangerous performance enhancing drugs that will hopefully push them over their prior personal limits to win the gold and hopefully land them that very lucrative contract that will set them off securely for life not knowing that their new found fame and riches will make for a great television tragedy show of someone who almost had it all but lost it because of the high cost of being terminally ill which was directly linked to their heavy P.E.D. usage. What’s more of a mockery is that they have become famous in a way they never anticipated as they see their foolish life choices played out for the world to see as they wither away in their cold hospital bed.

Lance Armstrong

What is the price for such a mass level of narcissism in our world today?

There’s surely a price and we are paying for it heavily everyday and don’t even realize how sucked out and void of life that our world has truly become.

Collectively even the nicest people in our communities have fallen victim to the “Me Me Me” mentality.

We all seem to want to appear on top of our game even if we shine like a star only for one night.

Our selfishness for the spotlight has superseded our humanity and compromised it where we don’t even care for our fellow man’s well being as long as we are doing okay.

Every area of our life has been invaded and infested with this image at all cost mentality and until we see our brothers and sisters AS brothers and sisters then the life guaranteed to us by our Creator will never be a reality because we have cut our blessings with our brazen arrogance and ignorance.

It really could be heaven on earth literally overnight if we would stop working so hard on our surface appearance and embrace those around us to get down and work for the greater good of the bigger issues that are out in the world that affect us all.

But sometimes I feel that I just might be too much of an dreamer and an idealist because not many around me seem to get it as they spend their lives on the things of this world that just won’t last!

So having those shiny looking newly purchased expensive custom rims on your car is more important than that elderly woman who doesn’t have an extra dime in her limited budget to run the hunger away that ravishes her aging body. Might that be you one day in a similar situation if we don’t give back to our world the way our Maker has given us an opportunity in such a selfless manner?

Custom Auto Rims

As I read about other far away societies where selflessness rules, I am amazed at how they are interconnected in the minds and souls and wouldn’t dare crave something for themselves that they don’t desire for their peers. It’s this type of selfless love that will be the healing balm that will calibrate the madness that we’ve swiftly and foolishly fallen into like a deer blinded by the headlights of an oncoming truck on a late night freeway.

We have to see beyond our own insecurity driven need to appear to be superior in the areas where we feel the most insecure in our lives. For these glitches in our makeup are really the visible scabs that came from the wounds that were inflicted at some point in our life that manifested as our need to cultivate a shallow image over true substance of character.

Selfishness must be banished and selflessness must be cultivated. We as a culture and society would be so much stronger if we submitted to that mindset alone as well as all tenets of the true principles that will elevate us out of this barbaric way of thinking.

“United we stand, divided we fall?”

Whatever happened to the beauty of that statement?

Now we seem to think that it’s “Divided we stand, never I’ll fall!”

The sad part is that no matter how hard those of us try to open the eyes of those around us who push so hard for the superficial over the substance, most will have to find out the hard way that a life of true substance and principle is the only way to go that will last forevermore. Not your hairstyle, not your expensive home, not even your seemingly never ending youth will last to being a legacy over time that you can be proud of as a fingerprint on the planet that shows that you made a difference and an impression.

When was the last time you ever heard someone crying at a funeral for someone and they say “I really can’t believe that they’re not here with us anymore, I’m going to sure miss that weave they had on their head!”


…….so that should tell you that most of this superficial crap just won’t stand the test of time!

Work hard. Live clean. Believe in the Higher Power. Treat others the way you crave to be treated. Don’t steal anything. Help someone in need. Leave your world a bit better off than when you entered it. Arrive on the scene seeking to help instead of thinking what you can get out of a situation…….and so on and so on.

The point is that life is just TOO SHORT and we need to be the Heaven on earth for each other because when we shun the foolishness of this world that we have ingested, we have the potential and seeds of the Most High to manifest such a world as we reflect God’s love for us on one another!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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