Why Do You Claim That The White Man Is Holding You Down When You Arrived AT The Job Interview Smelling Like WEED?

The title of this blog is almost as long as most blogs but you don’t have to wonder what THIS blog is all about now do you? Lol! This is a topic that I am honestly very tired of speaking on and will soon refuse to write about again! Enough is enough! If certain individuals do not get it by now then I guess you will be “ass out!” But then again I guess you are used to being this way because of your prehistoric style of wearing your pants because all we can see is your “ass out!”

Dear Lord! This is the year 2011 people, some of us have already missed the bus and from the looks of things there will be a whole lot more finding themselves in a sorry state of affairs when they realize that life has simply passed them by! Some of these ignoramuses seem to think that it is stylish to do everything within their control to be as repulsive to the five senses as possible starting with the sense of sight.

You look like a damn clown wearing your clothes hanging off of you as though you slept in them all night, got up and never took them off to take a shower or a bath? Maybe I am too old or maybe I am just out of style but since when did it become fashionable to NOT even wash your stinking backside? Well, if that is the new way of doing things then consider me old fashioned because that is a trend that I will never attempt to follow.

Many of our youngsters are not even aware how much their approach to life is in actuality, holding them back but the first thing that you usually hear out of their ignorant mouths if you can even understand what they are saying is that the white man is holding them down!

Wait a second?

WHAT white man is holding you down brother?

I mean, no one understands this racist regime called the United States Of Amerikkka more than I do as someone who has lived my life in the same “packaging” as you and from what I honestly see, YOU are more of a problem holding YOURSELF down more so than any white man! Sure, I can tell you story after story of how things have been made extremely difficult by others who didn’t like the fact that I have a talent for expressing myself and in their eyes were more of a threat because I wasn’t like “the other ones” and could motivate a rock to do jumping jacks if I had to.  But to say something like this while you take fancy in doing everything possible to NOT get ahead is ridiculous!

Sure, there are white devils.

But you know what?

There are a whole lot of black devils running around here too and if you really look at WHO are giving the most problems in our communities, it is those who make a point of acting like a damn fool the same way YOU do! So if there is a white man holding us down in the black community, you must be on his payroll because you are doing a damn good job of continuing his work because of the crap you do to destroy our neighborhoods, like a living breathing cancer. So if there is a white devil holding us down then YOU my friend are his district manager and by the looks of things he’s not compensating you THAT well for the wickedly wonderful job that you are doing for him.

There is no excuse to be stupid anymore of the facts and of the harsh realities of the type of world that we are living in and the time HAS run out! The warning time is completely over and it is now time to prepare for the preservation of self and the only way to do this is to execute the knowledge that we have. So if you are stuck on stupid then see how long your stupidity lasts. See how far it will carry you in a world of diminishing resources where you will have to have a strong mind, disciplined habits and a strong belief in a MIGHTY God in order to carry you through. None of which you have appeared to have cultivated in your useless years of the blind enjoyment of your bodily functions most likely off of the back of someone who kept you propped up and never demanded of you to ascend to the next level. And with the approaching Armageddon upon us when I have my scraps saved, don’t come my way to beg when you could have been doing something for yourself but were too caught up in the attractively packaged man made manufactured technological distractions that were generated to control anything of positive independent God given thought out of your mind.

I could hear it now; “Can you help a brother out?”

Well if you want help then you need to listen to the righteous words being spoken right now by the many prophetic voices in your midst. This is what happens to those who have only been a liability to some poor soul who could only gain back a meager return on the drain you have presented to their lives by claiming you as a dependent on their tax returns! Is that all you can generate Black man? Yet and still, you say the White man is holding you down!

When the supermarkets are empty and you are hungry you have NO CLUE how to grow your own food independently. When the electrical power is gone and their IS no television or internet to find out what must be done, you have not the survivalist skills to make it past a few hours without succumbing to natural forces of this world that will overtake you and snuff your life out because you have become so dependent on the artificial and not the spiritual. You have no idea of what plants, leaves, roots and herbs to ingest to keep you in maximum health, you are a slave to going to your local Walgreens or CVS pharmacy to imbibe and poison your system on synthetic copy-cat drugs that were NOT meant to be put into that delicate system that is your body.

Your body?

What do you know about that?

You’ve abused your body with the years of alcohol abuse, smoke from different sources, drugs, bad rotten overcooked food that has your gut protruding like the third trimester of pregnancy and even those with a six pack think that they are healthy until they pass gas in such a putrid and pungent fashion that it threatens to put the local pest exterminator out of business for years because no roach within a ten mile radius could survive your damn stink ass farts!

How can you claim that the white man is holding you down when you have moved away from the divine laws that have made you a magnificent marvel of a man all throughout recorded history? You my friend were once the teacher of the entire civilized world and envied and admired from every corner of the globe! They came in droves to study at YOUR feet and to embrace your superior philosophies so they too can benefit from the knowledge that your shared so generously.

No look at you in this present day, the ONLY philosophy that you appear to know well and execute in your own life is the philosophy of DEATH! This is why no one wants to be bothered with your sorry behind!  Everyone knows what you USED to be but no one wants a part of what you are now.

You are to resist the physical pull of gravity on your body to gain the necessary wisdom on THIS level that will make it easier for your spirit to levitate to a higher plane when your body finally succumbs to the inevitable pull of that same gravity to take your reclaimed body back into the earth to replenish it for the subsequent use of the lives that are on their way through this earthly system.

These facts are for the most part hidden away from the masses in their secret books but even THEY who have become the masters of  the covert techniques of control STILL know who you are and wish not for you to wake up into the knowledge of who you are!  The majestic Kings and Queens that you were have been reduced to a neighborhood buffoon who ventures no further then the local corner spot to purchase the various poisons of the ghetto that are prescribed for you to shorten your precious life.

You are GUILTY of not taking the time to invest in developing your spiritual awareness.

You ARE guilty of not seeking to improve your general knowledge base, therefore increasing your chances for a positive productive edifying life that is a welcome addition to ANY community that you choose to live in!

You have a job to do that NO ONE can assign to you other than your God! But you are so caught up in the substitute pleasures of  THIS world that your spiritual “ears” have been cut off from hearing the divine beat of a HOLY drum that beckons you to heed its call.

But it is obvious that as the siren is sounding that you cannot hear it because if you did, you would live your life with more of a sense of urgency than you do right now. You move with the laid back casual nature of a man who is blind and deaf and does not understand that he is walking along a high speed train rail that has a train approaching at speeds of over two hundred miles per hour. Just because his damaged senses cannot pick up the sound of danger relentlessly approaching his doomed location, doesn’t mean that he will not get run over momentarily only to be a memory because he lacked the vital senses to warn him of that danger.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

This goes for man’s law and this also goes for God’s law!

Get your act together and please stop using that sorry ass excuse because if God is IN you, there is no White man, NO Black man, NO yellow, purple, pink or blue man that can get in your way to stop you from living a VICTORIOUS LIFE!

How do I know this?

Because statistically, I should have been dead a long time ago, and if you knew my complete and TOTAL story, you would know that my standing here alive and well and in the flesh is a victory all by itself! So if God can work it through me, He can doggone sure work it through YOU!

Remember, in the year 2011, there ARE NO EXCUSES!

Let’s get to work!

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February 9, 2011 11:22 PM

You are a true man of God and I enjoyed you on Ms. Andree

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