Why Don’t Our Males Understand How To Be Real Men?

When I school our young men who ride my bus I let them know that a penis only makes you a male. It takes a whole lot more to be considered a man. The magic of the penis takes full effect when it is a REAL MAN standing behind it and the quickest way to diminish that magical effect is to punk out on the responsibilities that the position of “manhood” requires! (Did I really say that?)

I guess I did! But trust me, I have a whole lot MORE to add to that! Look, why do you think it has become so much easier for a woman to settle for a detached plastic phallic symbol to partially satisfy her powerful sexually cravings? Want to know the answer? Well, it’s because that is all she is getting with a no good man anyway!


That’s the answer my friend, a no good man can offer not much more than a good romp in the bed (Or a back seat rendezvous!) because he has nothing more to offer that woman to stimulate the many other facets of her being!

She has learned after getting used to this thing called sex that there is so much more to it indeed! It’s sad but I see so many women who are turned out on what a man does settle for so much drama in their lives because they feel as though they cannot live without that special pleasure that he provides to her in that unique way. And it is so very sad to see women who possess so much potential for greatness get pulled off her divine course because of a controlling man who has no dreams or aspirations in his heart more so than to control her and snuff out her divine light.

Now as you read this written expression that this interchangeably works BOTH WAYS for women AND men! But since my proven demographics show me that an overwhelming amount of women read my blogs more so than men, I usually slant the language toward the majority but this word is for everyone!

We especially as Black men these days are no better than when we were bred and raised on the slavery plantation! And you say that because you are driving a nice car that we as a people have made progress? You feel that because you THINK you can move about this land freely that you are truly free? You think that because you are in a well paying job and considered part of the elite of your neighborhood that you are elevated higher than that of a lowly ignorant slave on a plantation?

Well check THIS out….maybe you HAVE made progress from that painful time period in history and maybe you are free to move about the land or may be considered elite but you have made absolutely NO PROGRESS even with the accolades you now possess if you do not treat you women with any respect, dignity and class!

Don’t believe me?

Look how many so called progressive men that are in our midst whose mindset is in the stone age who treat our women like tricks, hookers and hoes? A nice car does NOT give you an indication as to how he views the sanctity of womanhood!

Many men who are on a well paid job are nothing more than a high paid slave who look at women as cheap disposable sperm receptacles of pleasure who after sampling her skills will only toss her away to move on to play with the next victim! This is real! And if you do not think that this is reality then PLEASE ask someone who has been through it or wait your turn because it won’t be long before your fall victim to those sweet words from that velvety tongued player that will work his way into the inner sanctum of your heart to break it!

Real men don’t do things like that!

Many of us are tricked into believing we are better than that because of the material trinkets that we surround ourselves with but nothing could be further from the truth! Let me add that this doesn’t include the good men out here to whom I personally know so many, this is for the losers to whom I also know of plenty also. Look back at the role of the male on the American slave plantation, he was purposely kept dumbed down and wasn’t allowed to read, encouraged to procreate without ANY sense of responsibility toward the raising of the children that he made! He was given just enough sustenance to keep him strong enough to keep him toiling on those hot sunny fields from the blackest of early morning to the darkest of late night.

Now look at the role that was inadvertently assigned to you here in Black America. Although there is much knowledge to be absorbed here via the library, internet and the immense varieties of book stores here to enjoy, you are steered into thinking that reading is something that is a waste of time so you walk right into the trap of being dumbed down and never allowing YOURSELF the opportunity to truly read unless it was about a foolish non productive endeavor that did absolutely NOTHING to raise your level of righteous consciousness in this oppressive world that we exist in.

And you are encouraged to irresponsibly procreate by the hijacked culture that rewards its minstrel men who lead an entire generation to the fiery pits of hell like a corporate pied piper and you follow this psychological scam all the way to lock down in the deepest bowels of the prison plantation! And since the thought to care for your offspring NEVER even crossed your stupefied mind, your modern day slave master, the United States Government, will take care of your babies with government subsidized public housing, food stamps & welfare. Once again creating a cesspool of a modern day ghetto plantation which locks yet another generation into the vicious of creating foolish stupid assed men like YOU who think it is so cool to have as many “bitches” and “hoes” as he wants knocking them up without a second thought as to the generational curse that you are perpetuating on your people! And the sad part of this is that many come to the realization of what this engineered artificial way of living is all about when they have been locked up for decades where it is just too late to do anything about it. All they can do is give their Federal, State or County slave master their precious life force for free or little to nothing in the form of hard labor toiling once again from the blackest of early morning to the darkest of late night.

And you think you are a REAL MAN when you are being pimped out like this?

Now I just can’t overlook speaking on the role that our women have in all of this also! And once again, for those of you who understand me and know me a little better you will vouch for the fact that I believe in the sanctity of womanhood and will go to bat firsthand to defend my Sisters of all colors and creeds but this is those who are ignorant to that veil that is being pulled down over your eyes!

Now Sisters!

Back in the day of the plantation you were worked just as intensely on the fields even as a mother who had children who were snatched from you at will and used as property by the slave master who decided your fate everyday of your tortured life.

Imagine, if your slave master lusted after your well rounded masterpiece of a well toned backside as you toiled his fields for his profit, guess who was getting a visit later that night as your body ached from the hard labor under the draining southern sun?


And since you were HIS property and condoms weren’t in existence back then, guess who more than likely was getting violated AND pregnant on that same very night? You did what HE said and you better do it well WITH some enthusiasm because your very LIFE may have depended on it!

You see, you were really there to be used as an object for his twisted fetishes. You can try to deny this all that you want but this is the true history of how our psyches were “drop forged” for hundreds of years and we have still yet to move beyond it in this day and age.

So you think that I am lying?

Let’s look into it a bit deeper.

Look at our young girls and how they present themselves to the world and in our communities. They dress themselves up as though they are playthings and gauge their worth on how many stolen glances that they can get from the older boys and grown men who are willing to take a chance on getting locked up to get the “goods” before the rest of the world does and it gets spoiled.

Many do not feel as though they have nothing more to offer than offering themselves as a sex toy for some wayward immoral man and although they know this man does not love them they fool themselves into “enjoying” the little time that this man acts as though he loves them or finds them desirable.

It’s quite alright in this modern day transgressional society to prance about like a cheap hooker on the stroll at night and have as much unprotected sex as one can endure because the slave master government benefits from EVERY mistake that you make and actually will encourage our young women to break divine law as it means more profit for them!

And let me say that this phenomenon is NOT only now in the Black community but in EVERY community whether it be Caucasian, Latino, Asian, Indian or Native American! We are ALL being hustled and we need to wake up!

But let me finish the point…….

Just like on the plantation, aside from working on the slave owners fields you were encouraged to lay down with as many men possible and pop out as many babies as you could because that meant even MORE PROFIT and free labor to the slave master! The children who were raised in bondage knew nothing of a better lifestyle so they accepted what reality was and went about each day as business as usual.

Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Aren’t our women who live in the confines of the ‘hoods across America encouraged to sleep with as many men possible to pop out as many babies in order to keep the government rich with the profits that come from a new generation of young men and women to keep the prison industry full, profitable and thriving?Think not? Then why is it so easy to get W.I.C. to feed those children and get the benefit as a pregnant teen to have your child off of the backs of the taxpayers without having to pay as much as a dime for all of it? The government is JUST LIKE that slave master because they ARE!

It is ALL under a different name that’s all.

The children who were raised in ‘hood knew nothing of a better lifestyle so they accepted what reality was and went about each day as business as usual.

And why wouldn’t the prisons be full after those same young kids were raised up on the Public School System that never taught them to think for themselves and raised them to be consumers only never producing what they need as a people for themselves?

You as a woman learned early that if you had nothing else to offer, nothing else that a man wanted, you learned quickly of the power of your own sexuality. You learned that you can get the petty things that you wanted by giving in to what they craved and playing the game to get over on them before they got over on you.

It is amazing how many industries are run off of the ignorance of those who inhabit the downtrodden inner cities called the ‘hood or the ghettos. We have so many of our young men who are brilliantly skilled in the most twisted of illegal scams but can’t find one who could stand up to challenge a system that never changes and holds them down by the weight of their own carnal desires!

Our own lust is used against us to make babies out of the commitment of wedlock. If we don’t take care of our children financially, we will get locked up for not paying child support, keeping the prison system strong in ANY economy!

If you have a record, how can you better your chances of getting a better job TO take care of those same children who never really see you? You will be forever limited in your employment choices and a perpetual victim of economic slavery.

And if you DO take care of them and hold down your commitment to them as a man, the worldly stresses that we ALL feel as a result of living in such a spiritually leeched world have many of us who may not have been blessed with the divine guidance will seek to relief through experimentation with unprotected freakish sex with multiple partners, casual drug use which can become a major addiction, gambling, alcohol to name but a few.

The risky sex will make MORE babies who will not have a traditional family unit to nurture them, setting them up to enter the vicious cycle explained here. The drug use will damage your good judgment and health, not to mention getting you locked up also, having you now like a tagged pigeon with a record. The gambling never has a happy ending and sometimes doesn’t get realized until the eviction notice is on the front door. And alcohol addictions can take you into any one of the previously stated “escapes”……..

What a brilliant scheme that has been and continues to be worked on us!

We perpetuate our OWN doom by feeding in to this system to the point where you can not say to ANYONE that the white man is keeping you down!

You are keeping your OWN dumb Black ass down fool!

And this grand hustle of us is for anyone and everyone who wants to remain ignorant and stay in it no matter what color you are, it cares not!

So to get back to the original point I have to say that there is so much that we must contend with in order to manifest that divinely implanted seed called “manhood” that many run from the real throne that we are to inhabit in order to perpetuate that position of modern buffoonery that the oppressor approves of because it threatens not his stronghold on our lives!

If you are a real man you will rise up to lead others into freedom by sharing the knowledge that you possess and have earned from the mastery of your particular craft. For a time a real man will face these obstacles ALONE knowing that his example will open the eyes of those around him by making it easier to take their righteous positions as spiritual warriors.

A real man will treat ALL women with the respect of a Queen even if they are languishing in their downtrodden state of ignorance, for his respect of them will definitely get their attention as so many men have NOT elevated their esteem due to the fact that they were always previously considered “hoes.”

A real man does NOT look down on his brothers in a condescending manner because he may have been blessed to have more material success but will use his positioning to show them the way to cultivate their unique gifts in a manner to elevate themselves and edify the world around them!

A real man doesn’t bed down every  women who admires him that crosses his path even if as an adult she is consenting, for he should know that she may not completely understand that she has more to offer than just sex and must be righteously taught by him that there are more ways to love a woman.

To get back to the original paragraph at the beginning of this blog it must be stressed that the essence and brilliance of a real man is not housed in his penis, for a righteous woman understands that if a true man exhibits and shines a Godly light into her life it is so much more fulfilling than the temporary sensation of orgasm that will fade and diminish into a mockery if that man has no substance in him.

With that being said, when you hold it down righteously for YOUR woman, respecting ALL other women in your community and building a solid reputation in your community as a divine standard of what a man should be, THAT goes a whole lot further than being a grown assed man who has the mind of a kid possessing a penis that hangs to his knees yet can’t muster enough of his diminished righteous essence to make that woman fell secured in this lifetime after the sex act is over and done.

So know while a penis is a wonderful thing understand that the only way to make it absolutely magical is to be the man that God desires you to be so that the Queen that you love will feel so good about opening her gates of Heaven to you and the sexual union that you both enjoy will be a celebration of of the principles that you both internally possess instead of merely the sweet friction that rhythmically grinding of your interlocked blood engorged genitalia can bring.

Mere boy-toys will come and go…….

But the joys of being married to a principled man will last in your heart for a  lifetime!

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