Why Get Angry At A Twerking In Church Video When Booty Meat Has Long Been A Staple On The Church House Menu?

Twerking in church?

Why should any of us really be surprised?

Especially if we look at what the church has become in recent years but if the truth be told the decay of respect for all things church and religion has been in motion for many many decades already.

First of all, allow me to inform, update and educate those who do not know what in the heck I am talking about when I made the statement/question twerking in church.

What is twerking?

Twerking is the new rage that’s sweeping cyberspace where a woman records herself shaking her backside in a very suggestive and sexual manner in order to gain attention and in many instances some financial gain that would come in the form of doing private Twerk shows on Yahoo or Skype (And many other countless video social networks) for a fee to the prospective viewer. It’s just another form of visually going to the strip club under the public radar and in the secure comfort of ones own home.

It’s that fact why this has been going on for years without detection by the general public until now with the video upload of a woman who goes by the YouTube username “Caramel Kitten!”

Now what she is doing is not new by any means because I was made aware of of this Twerking Cyber Rampage back in the year 2008 when I pull up a YouTube search result that was named “Booty Meat” after looking for some meat free recipes online to cook at home.

After seeing a barely covered backside in the sidebar under that name, I must admit that curiosity got the best of me as I wanted to see what this was all about! I mean, while it was somewhat obvious even before clicking the link, I had to ask myself really where could this be going?

It took absolutely no time to understand that this was in fact merely some home made soft core porn as this young girl who was obviously in her bedroom shook her bulbous well shaped and gelatinous glutes to a rap song that was entitled – yes, what else would it called? – BOOTY MEAT!

After I sat there in shock for a few moments, I then scrolled down to see what other viewers were saying in the comment box to that video and needless to say that I already had a hunch what it contained:

“Damn Ma! You got a thick beautiful ass! I came so hard while you worked it!”

“Girl I would love to stick my tongue between those sweet cheeks while you do that same dance on my face!”

…….and yet here was another comment that was indicative of the financial potential of Booty Meat and later the Twerk Dance videos that I was too blind to anticipate at the time:

“Hey you sexy ass bitch, why don’t you let me hit you off for a price so I can have a private show from you on Yahoo or Skype?”

It was only a matter of time before someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and business mind could see the money making potential of pursuing such an endeavor that was literally fail proof with such little start up capital to get one in line to make so much money.

While porn sites have been doing private Cam shows for years the difference with this new twist on profiting from the spirit of lust is that if one can upload such suggestive videos such as these on YouTube then they are reaching a fresh new audience who may have been naive to the other forms of video entertainment that were available at a steep price! A woman couldn’t fail because the medium was FREE!

All you need is a free YouTube account, some type of recording device even if it’s a cheap camera phone and you are in business! From that point you can upgrade your equipment as the money rolls in.

Am I encouraging this activity? No I am most definitely not! But I have to admit that one who learns to make something out of nothing gets a thumbs up from me although I don’t agree with that particular brand of material because of how easy it is for the children to access it. Other than that all I can say that the millions of men and women who enjoy it as viewers weren’t held at gunpoint and forced to watch it.

Also, while I am probably not at liberty or qualified to explain why this is all the rage these days, but maybe just maybe it is a cheap way to get the attention that one never received growing up or maybe it is a form of “payback” by formerly hurt women who felt used by an unfaithful mate after giving up sex in the name of love and basically have said to themselves that if THIS is what men want then they can get it as long as they PAY for it!

Here is another Caramel Kitten YouTube Twerking upload link to get a picture of what she is doing:

Moving along, the actual twerking video that was taken at the “church” was taken down by the young lady who uploaded it. I guess she received so many complaints and YouTube forced her to do so, so I will post up another similar video so you can get the point.

But as I read the comments and watched the video I began to question why was there such an uproar by so many Black folks who were raised in the church when so much dirt already goes on in the church in the first place?

I mean, here you have a young woman shaking her ass in what appeared to be a church (Many have disputed that it actually was but that’s beside the point!) but how many women have gone to church to subtlety shake their ass as they strolled down the aisle to pay their tithes and actually have turned the sanctuary into a hoe walking strip for the few moments that her tight skirt and sexy panty lines were on display for every man to see as to arouse those lustful thoughts?

Let’s be real!

How many times have we heard about the pastor or some wayward “sneakin” deacon going after a sexy church sister whose goal was to catch a man of spiritual strength, public admiration and financial power by using her feminine adornments to seal the deal and secure herself in life as she jumped to the head of the line before the others?

The reason why I’m speaking this way is because some of the harshest criticisms of the Caramel Kitten twerking video came from those who probably wouldn’t have the balls to move their mouth in the midst of an in house church sex scandal. Yet they will point their fingers at something brazenly put out in the public that reflects something that is already up under their noses in the church house!

Am I condoning Caramel Kitten’s seductive efforts? Never! All I am saying is that her actions indirectly struck at the nerve of the church and the core of many of us who have gone to a service with other things in mind than salvation, and if the truth be told it is more prevalent than we might care to admit.

Now I’ve always been a pretty sharp person who has a little bit of street smarts coupled with a dash of common sense and book smarts. I’ve always been able to “see” right through an individuals true intentions even when others hadn’t a clue until it was often too late. I’ve been fooled in my personal life a few times but for the most part I’ve been batting at a high average and am not afraid to call it like I see it even when it isn’t the most popular thing to do.

But growing up in the church I saw how there were many spheres of existence there that had nothing to do with actually seeking a deeper spiritual enlightenment as it was more with being a holy social club and just what you were supposed to do because your parents told you to do it. Usually after one was of an age where they were on their own they also said good riddance to that circle and saved their ten percent and sought more scintillating stimulation elsewhere.

Not all, just some.

But for those who remained there and tried hard to battle their erotic urges by praying it away, they usually hooked up with someone else who was struggling with the same issue and “relieved” each other of the stress while playing along with the church game unbeknownst to those who were there sincerely to seek the face of the Lord.

Therefore, there was a LOT of sex going on as well as other types of freakishness indulged in while claiming to be saved, sanctified and covered in the blood. So don’t get uptight when a wayward sister goes up on YouTube and merely reflects what is going on in churches all over the world as well as with other religions also.

Humans will be humans and our lack of understanding and control in the areas of sexuality will usually take us over because the damn church most often tries to act as though the congregation gets HORNY!

Sexual tensions are at an epidemic levels in churches and the attempts of repressing those tensions only help to amplify them as we find ourselves in a state of “binging and purging” when it comes to our sex drives in relation to church culture.

So we find ourselves secretly checking out that well shaped sister in the church who just joined and make an attempt to speak to her in a decent manner with horny intentions that even WE try to lie to ourselves and say that it’s not there!

Sisters come in to the church (Again, not ALL but some!) subconsciously enjoying the male energy that she may lack in her personal life and finds that it’s never been a problem getting a ride from a handsome church brother whenever she chose to leave her own car home.

Too many of us cover our horny intentions in the holy verbiage of the church and will continue to do so even when getting “weak” and indulging in the act!

As you can see, the reason why the Caramel Kitten Twerk Video created such a rage is because it touched on a nerve that is already there long before Ms. Caramel ever walked the earth!

So don’t beat up on her because of the things that you know are transpiring right here in the church in the year 2013! Many have said that Ms. Caramel was being disrespectful to the institution of church by doing a Twerk video in a house of worship and I agree wholeheartedly 100%! But she is being no more disrespectful to the church those weekly after the service church parking lot gossip sessions that help to destroy lives by the lies that are spread.

She is no more disrespectful to the congregation than that church whore who falls all out in the spirit in dramatic fashion for attention so that she can increase her chances to get involved with as many affluent men as she can in order to gain financially and to control a weak man with power to whom she can manipulate for her own Jezebel-like purposes. You wanted me to go deep well you damn sure got it NOW didn’t you?

Walmart Twerk

So you got pissed off at a video of a sexy woman who is merely reflecting an issue that you already know is there? Well if WE policed the church as we are legally positioned to do then we wouldn’t get upset at a woman who disgraced herself publicly because we would know that it is simply not anything that could ever be true.

But we know different now don’t we? So for years we never had a name to put on it but now because of the revolutionary (?) efforts of a Ms. Caramel Kitten on YouTube, we can now shout out to the world that the official name for this is called Twerking In Church! I know one things for sure that as a horny adolescent, I’ve paid more attention sometimes to that bulbous bootied beauty in the seat in front of mine during the service and swore that it was an entirely different spirit that made her mover that way!

Now I wasn’t complaining but was actually so focused on her delicious curves that I didn’t realize the pastor told everyone to turn around to their neighbor and say that “everything is going to be alright!” Needless to say, the woman in front of me turned around so fast and cold busted me studying every stitch in her tight dress and smirked to let me know that she took it as a compliment.

Afterward I was treated to an even more intense display of a booty in the spirit (Only because she knew I was looking!), so as an older man as I look back I can’t deny that sexuality and the pressure cooker atmosphere of an erotically repressive church have walked hand in hand always with oftentimes disastrous results!

Stop complaining about a chick Twerking in Church when the in house Jezebels have been doing it in front of you for YEARS, booty meat is here to stay and will always be on the church house menu until you put your foot down!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Twerked Out Brother,



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