Why Is Someone Else Running Your Life If The Gift Of This Life Was Given To You By God?

It’s YOUR gift not theirs. Yet you have allowed someone ELSE to just waltz right in and utilize YOUR life for THEIR benefit and now you want to cry that you are taken advantage of?

Mistakes can be made but after a while when the same misjudgment has been made time after time then the problem is not those external entities that will always be there but the issue is YOU!

Why is it Brother that you always seem to find these women overnight at the club on a Saturday who you have touted as the love of your life yet have shamefully landed you at the health clinic scratching worse than a stray ghetto hood-rat dog who has a bad case of the fleas?

Why is it Sister that for some reason you always seem to find these dudes whose gentleman-like manners are straight out a etiquette manual yet find themselves beating up on you like a cornered boxer dazed and defenseless in a prizefight being pummeled seconds before the referee steps in to end the lopsided massacre?

It’s your gift of a life.

Why are you allowing others to control what was meant for you?

Do you not respect the GIVER of your gift?

Seems not.

How do I know this you ask?

Well it would seem that if you did respect the almighty omnipotent Creator of this universe you would respect the Giver as well as respecting the gift!

But you seem to honor all things worldly over Him and this is why most of us end up in the mess of a life that we find ourselves in.


You seem to be MORE concerned about what you are wearing and how stunning you look to the eyes of that one to whom you are involve with in that improper relationship but do not care how it looks to the giver of the gift of your life who can also take it away!

You seem to more concerned on what your friend will say when you return the car that they loaned you with a small scratch that wasn’t there when you took it for that short run to the market but do not worry about the written off totaled mess of a wreck life that you will present to God after He loaned you this gift of a life to execute HIS will while on this earth!

That dent in the car will NOT keep you from having eternal life, your repeated transgressions boldly and brazenly committed in Gods face will.

Sure, those of us who were given the gift of our lives have been born into sin but that does NOT mean that we have to stay there.

We have been equipped with the ability to think for ourselves yet we float through life following the most filthy and foolish practices that anyone who is supposed to have a modicum of common sense would refuse to consider!

But we are conquerors who have been reduced to ineffective followers and have abandoned our unique talents and abilities in order to blend in with the crowd and become nothing more than sheep following the low down practices of this world!

If we read a direct command out of the word of God we work overtime in finding ways to work around the law and convince ourselves that for us it is okay to break the rules.

But if we see an obvious act of sin committed on the glorified television programs of buffoonery and engineered mind control then we roll with it with absolutely NO resistance or display of moral consciousness and indulge in the filth as though it is something of great value that is about to go out of style!

We seem to be so foolish that we would follow just about anything put out in front of us as the new fad! We would probably wear shitty baby diapers on our heads in public if there were enough music videos made showing how the big entertainment stars are doing it with no shame! Give it a few days and WE would be the first to pick it up in the hood and do it with an attitude as though we are really doing something!

Yes we would and you KNOW I am speaking the truth! Black people especially! We have got to be the first to do the stupidity and we have got to be the BEST at it while the world laughs at us!

What’s next?

Our young men (And an ever increasing number of our young women!) are sagging their pants in public as though it is an accomplishment while their brain cells are being blasted daily with massive dosages of brain numbing alcohol, weed and God only knows what else!

Our young women passionately and happily refer to each other as bitches and hoes and seek to out perform each other in the advanced sacred acts of what was given as a gift to those who have committed to each other in marriage and give their bodies away so freely in exchange for financial gain and to attain some twisted type of perceived status in the eyes of the misled peers.

Our communities have become detached from each other with the thread of decency and concern slowly pulled out from the fabric of our neighborhoods leaving us to fall apart like that garment whose stitching slowly worked itself away over time unknowingly.

Our diligence to honor and upload the standards put forth by our Creator have been slowly compromised over the years and seduced away by those “made to seem” sweet vapors of sin that Satan allows us to inhale and intoxicate us by supplying us with our weakness until we have realized that we have blown off a lifetime in pursuit of the illusion of our lusts.

We have lost it people but it is not too late to get back on track if you are alive and well enough to read these words!

Where ever you are in this life I am quite sure that you didn’t plan for it to be this way when you were younger and starting out with so much enthusiasm.

I don’t care if you have all of the riches in the land, huge mansions, cars and all of the hedonistic pleasures that Hugh Hefner could think of, you and I know that if you are not living under divine law then something just ain’t right!

Now I am not a wanna-be preacher but what I want to share today is the fact that if you are not moving toward an improved life on a spiritual level then the forces that lurk so abundantly in this world to steer you off of your divine course with the gift of life that has been so abundantly given to you will cause you to fall off and lose the promise of eternity!

It’s YOUR life people and understand that while you have the right do ANYTHING that you wish to do it won’t last forever and you will be held accountable for all that you have done here. The first step is to truly understand what a gift this life is and refuse to allow any negative force into it that will cause you to lose the ultimate gift that comes after this small one in the long run.

…….and THAT’S something that I know that I wouldn’t want to deal with and neither do you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother/Servant


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