Why Jackie Evancho Doesn’t Have To Whip Her Hair Back & Forth!

Anyone who knows me for any substantial amount of time knows that it is very hard for me to sit down in front of a television set and offer up my conscious and subconscious mind to a medium that I feel essentially drains it of all raw independent thought.

Well, maybe it’s not that bad, but I guess that you can ascertain from my statements that I do not trust anything on the television set unless I am wearing my protective mental filters…….which is really all of the time.

Not that I don’t feel that occasionally sitting back and soaking in a good educational and informative program is the crime of the century, because to be quite honest with you that action in particular is something that I wish I had the disposable time to partake in but I don’t.

It’s not easy being a Scurv…….

But yes, there are some really great television shows that one can soak in and receive some wonderful knowledge from, the trick is to weed through the heap of garbage out there littering the television entertainment terrain and figure out what would enhance your life and not take in the trash that will destroy your life.

Well enough of the preaching! Lol!

It was two nights ago when I arrived home from work and surprised myself as I for some unknown reason picked up the remote control to put the television on. I wanted to see what was being focused on in the news. When I do this it is to really see which direction that I should point myself in to find out who I could go directly to online to hear what is really happening in an unslanted way.

If you have the Internet in your home you should make sure and strive to have contacts in as many different countries in the world so you can have the true pulse of what is happening all around the world and to not have your options limited and controlled by the mega news companies! Independent is the way to go!

As the television fired up, my expectations of anything positive or motivating was low, so I kept my thoughts on the other things that I had scheduled to do in cyberspace after culinary indulgences were over.

But then I looked up at the screen and saw that it was the Piers Morgan show. At this point he hasn’t been on very long as a program but the few times I caught his show I can always remember thinking to myself how refreshing an entity he was with he straightforward approach.

Well his guest wasn’t anyone that I ever saw before and if the truth be told this young lady ( And I do mean young!) had to be an embryo when the new millennium was ringing in if even that old!

Jackie Evancho 3

This perspective is not a put down on her but actually a call to action for all of us who are wasting our vast untapped potential that God has placed in each and every one of us.

So now you are probably asking “what is a ten year old doing with her life that is so great over and above my mine?”

Well, with all of the various factors involved it would be very difficult to even attempt to compare one persons life to another’s but for the most part it is safe to say that most of is have not pushed ourselves to cultivate our abilities and so many more of us are guilty of not even searching within to even find out what those hidden talents are!

Excuse me for getting ahead of myself in this writing as I haven’t even explained why I was so impressed with the presence of this sweet little girl who captivated me and had me frozen in place like a deer in the bright headlights of an oncoming Mack truck on the freeway.

Believe it or not she sung opera. Yes OPERA! Not only did she merely sing it but she is being touted as one of the best in the whole world who ever did it!

Now I must admit, I was raised in a musical household with a Mother who traveled the world singing in various groups after graduating from the Julliard school of music. And while I cannot sing one bit myself, I do have an ear for fine music far beyond what most people would assume. So therefore I know what type of work must be put into cultivating the raw talents of one who has a propensity for this fine art form.

Put it this way, it is an entirely different ballgame when one elects to indulge in the rigors of preparing oneself for the demands of opera as opposed to belting out the latest gospel song which to be quite honest with you comes across as screaming when compared to the fine tuned operatic executions. There is no comparison and I must say that I love gospel too…….

First of all, let me explain that there are no amount of words that can explain the raw talent that this young lady possesses. She literally came out of the womb doing things that would take another person years to learn and did it without being “tampered with” by those experts who are known for teaching the advanced techniques necessary to being able to complete such a demanding performance in the first place.

Think Muhammad Ali. Think Bill Gates. Think Michael Jordan. Think Pavarotti. Think Kohoutek. Think Michael Jackson. Yes, this is not a mere speculation, this is a forgone conclusion. It’s a shame that most of the world hasn’t taken notice yet because she thrives in a music category that is not totally embraced by the average blue collar working Joe or the Pop music crazed masses.

But it won’t be long before the world will be forced to appreciate what our God has put in our midst through the talents of this remarkable young Lady.

Yes. It’s like that.

Let me add that so many of our preachers preach this whole sermon about the signs and wonders in the last days and always come up with a doomed sermon that includes the usual list of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters that are to increase in the world commensurate with the ever increasing levels of sin executed on the planet but her talented presence alone all by itself to me is a sign from the Heavens and is just as righteously frightening when you understand how extreme her abilities really are! It’s a true testimony to that fact that there is a mighty God who rules over His universe and has the last world on all things that transpire in our midst.

Yes, it’s a deep thought but this is what I received from her enormous talents.

Willow Smith Teen Vogue

…….and as usual, I also see this from so many other angles and actually have quite a bone to pick with society as we know it.

I have a big problem with a world who can’t see real talent when it is standing right there in front if your face. We have become so blinded by the shrewd publicity campaigns and media blitzes of these cookie cutter short shelf life jingle ridden cardboard cutouts who posture as celebrities but are really the new whore of the moment basking in their fifteen minutes of fame before we are fed the next gimmicky media creation to satisfy our need to be constantly inundated with the filthy lifestyles that Hollywood and Madison Ave. hot and chic before moving on to the next talentless whore who has eagerly sold their soul to take a bath in the narcissistic tub of mass media attention before abruptly being tossed aside and only good to be on an episode of “E True Hollywood Story” if they are not dead first!

Wow! That was one LONG sentence and I am going to leave it just like that!

I also want to state that while I am not “hating” on one young lady’s work and favoring another, you can’t tell me that some kid swinging her head in a studio enhanced made for mass media consumption jingle is more of a talent than someone who has a gift and the discipline to cultivate that same very serious gift over a lifetime. You can only “Whip Your Hair Back & Forth” so many times before the novelty becomes a tired old sideshow and realized as a straight up gimmick!

Is that the stuff that sells out live venues over the years? NO! It’s disposable commercial music that will lay buried deep beneath all of the other songs that were made to garner lots of money in the lucrative ringtone market! Heck, if you get to the right studio and professionals that can “sweeten” your voice with all of the modern high tech gadgetry, you can make a damn gorilla sound like Beyonce! So where is the real talent in that? Especially when your parents are sold out to the Hollywood underground freaks and can put you in position to be the next tool to lead our ever blinded youth down the path of mass buffoonery! Don’t get me started!

I am also so glad that this young Lady shows that you don’t have to aspire to greater heights by selling out singing filthy lyrics our being oversexualized at not only a young age but any age at all! As talented as Beyonce is, what should her ass have to do with her abilities as a performer? Why are our young ladies seemingly forced by innuendo to thinking that they have to alter themselves physically in order to have a shot in making waves really in ANY industry or area of expertise? Heck. Why should that secretary at the local doctors office feel compelled to show a little more cleavage and have the thought in the back of her mind that showing more of her “breastmeat” has just as much of an impact in keeping a secure means of employment as her actual office skills?

Our outlook as a society has become twisted indeed and many of us don’t even realize it!

Not once in my online searches of young Jackie Evancho did I hear her singing about anything sexual or anything that a young Lady in training shouldn’t be concerning herself with. But when I drive my bus through the various ‘hoods and even what is considered a “non-hood” am hearing more and more of our pre-teens lip synching the words of these songs that for all purposes have become a cancer to the moral fiber of our world as a type of mental indoctrination into the fraternity of the next generation of bimbos, hoochies and whores!

She didn’t sing about how good her “loving” was. She didn’t sing about how much money she had. She didn’t sing about how many haters that she has accumulated. No. She didn’t have to, nor will she ever in my humble opinion. She is a stand alone talent. One of those once in a lifetime visitations from the Heavens that will force the masses to stop and reevaluate their tastes. She will force her jonre and musical artform into areas once before resistant to its beauty. Yes, she will change the entire dynamic.

Whether you know it or not, this is the purpose of the arts in all of its forms but we have been lulled to sleep as the negative factions of this world have taken that realization away for their wicked purposes…….because if the truth be told we need to know how powerful the arts are in influencing the psyche of society and we also need to know that it is one of the last vestiges that the common man and woman have to communicate dissatisfaction with the powers that be in a way that is raw and unadulterated without censorship. To become a talented artist who is connected with the masses makes one just as important to a society as its ruling class…….and in actuality upon further speculation you will have more power and influence than that ruling class because the adoration that is received from the people in that case is given out of love and not coercion or being duped in the smoke and mirrors of politricks.

Mothers. Fathers. Caretakers and guardians. Whoever it may be who is raising that talented child it is your duty to instill a sense of character to match their talents and if you refuse to honor this simple request you will be setting that child up for disaster for this world will come after them with all types of intoxicants to suck them down into nothingness before moving on to the next victim if they are not spiritually grounded and possess that strong will and divine understanding of where that talent came from and the purpose that the talent is supposed to be used for. If not, we will have submitted another great gift from God to Satan because we didn’t have the wisdom to understand how to cultivate something that is really not ours in the first place. And that my friend is a sin just a huge as the squandering of that talent for carnal purposes!

So if you have been blessed to have an exceptional talent coming up in your midst it is your responsibility to do all that you can to facilitate their growth not only as an artist but as a person also.
You are to give freely all that you can knowing that they will carry these qualities out into the world as the planet reveres their gifts and also soaks in the good that they hold dearly inside of them that has been instilled by you.

As powerful and influential as Michael Jackson was, imagine him having an evil agenda?

Even the negative factions in high places knew of the power that he possessed through his music and didn’t hesitate to have his life snuffed because he was deemed a threat.

So never take your talents lightly because they can move mountains!

Let’s just hope and pray that the other up and coming little Jackie Evanchos are made to understand this as this very fact alone will give many who have given up a sense of hope…….and that is the dominant emotion that I felt as this young lady flooded my ears with a sound straight from the Heavens.

If the truth be told there is no politician that could spin his words in an attempt to make me feel as though there is hope and change more so than seeing our youth raised in a manner that will change the world than we live in for the better. So as the upcoming election year rolls around once again instead of us all getting bent out of shape splitting the hairs of our own political ideology we need to understand that it all means nothing if we have neglected to cultivate and unearth the abilities great and small within our children.

That’s an investment that can never go wrong as the returns are guaranteed!

We need to try it sometimes. Ms. Evancho’s family did and just look at the results!

Oh! I almost forgot to answer the question as to why Jackie Evancho doesn’t have to whip her hair.

Isn’t it obvious?

…….she’s got TALENT!

The Official Jackie Evancho Website

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November 22, 2013 12:14 AM

I’m in a chatroom devoted to Jackie and one of our members posted your site link. She is singing in Thousand Oaks Calif. tonight so there are lots of us in chat!

It’s great that you like Jackie and her Classical Crossover genre(not opera. She doesn’t sing opera except three arias. She has never sung in an opera.) Jackie is 13 years old now and has morphed into quite the more mature, beautiful young lady. She has said she doesn’t want to be an opera singer, that she wants to stay in CC.

BTW I see your pic of Zendaya Coleman, another freaky talented girl like Jackie. I watched her DWTS performances and I love her! Like Jackie’s parents, Z’s parents have reared her with morality and values.

July 20, 2011 12:39 PM

Preach brotha. Except what do we do about the fact that there are many, many little girls just like this one in Black, Asian, Hispanic communities who don't get the time of day if they aren't whipping something. When do we as a people wake up and demand better. And say to the record execs, we want you to produce a child of color without the crap attached. Right now it's supply and demand man. We are demanding it and they are supplying it.

Also, it is deeper than this. Take it to another level. We as adults say one thing and do another. How many times have we heard our friends or ourselves if we are honest, say it's what is inside that counts and not just outside, but then go for the man/woman with the banging body and flashy clothes. Not withstanding the biological urge to find the best mate to procreate with, we talk out the sides of our necks.

So why are we mad at these kids for sagging pants, low shirts, and high skirts when we are the ones who allow sex to be the marketing driver for everything from shampoo to sweatpants.

UncleMike Davis
UncleMike Davis
July 14, 2011 10:58 AM

Excellent commentary Lance, and indeed she does have talent. That GOD-given talent is a breath of fresh air in a world which despairs for something good to focus upon.

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