Why Mr. T Says: “God Is NOT My Co-Pilot!”

Orlando Florida’s all around good guy “Mr. T” drops some wisdom and clarification on an often used term that he feels many misunderstand. He is definitely an old school character and a throwback to a distant time and place with a way and personal manner that would remind one of a Vaudeville character.

I’ve spent many hours with this man who rides my bus and I would have to say that you would be hard pressed to find another individual with such a huge loving heart. He truly goes out of his way to help people without as much of an expectation of receiving something of worth or value in return, a rare trait indeed that I felt needed to be celebrated by showing him to the cyber-world.

So if you ever see “Mr. T” when you are casually strolling down an Orlando Florida neighborhood, reach out to him and say hello because I guarantee then that you will receive a kind word, a joke or the directions that you need to get to your destination with a BIG SMILE on his face!

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