Why Pope Francis Just Won’t Talk About St. Pedophilia!

So much has been made of the visit to the United States by Pope Francis and the things that he had to say.

While I watched briefly how many Americans were bedazzled by the opportunity to shake hands with this man I had to wonder to myself “did they get any blood on their hand after shaking his?”

Now I’m not here to bash anyone because I feel that everyone has the right to worship in any manner that they feel is right for them but I wonder if those who serve God through the lens of Catholicism realize that Pope Francis is merely a man and not God?

Too many times – no matter what the religion – humans tend to view the living breathing figurehead of that religion as a god beside God or as God Himself.

Well sorry to burst your bubble but it simply doesn’t work that way because the man we know as Pope Francis has to stand before God in judgment just like everyone else.

While respect is due anyone who has such a monumental task of leading the direction of an entire religion, I simply don’t feel that a person has the right to speak on the conditions here onthe planet in the dealings of humankind until they get their own house in order, wouldn’t you agree?

So while it sounds good that Pope Francis has used his very powerful platform to speak on issues such as the wealth of the world as opposed to the coexisting poverty in it and strong statements on illegal immigration here in America, might there be something else that he could have spoken that would have been a groundbreaking subject to cover?


To be honest with you, the issue that happens to be the most prominent on the lips of the people that I’ve come across is how the Catholic Church seems to take a stance of silence when it comes to child molestation.

While I cannot demonize an entire slice of a religion and doom them to the sins of a few, I have to ask why has there been such an overwhelming silence when so many have come forward worldwide with their stories of how they were abused by the clergy and nothing was done about it except to move the alleged predator to another position “out of sight and out of mind” without any justice brought to the victim?

I think that I would have a whole lot more respect for Pope France or any other Pope before or after him if this brand of house cleaning were done publicly.

It hurts me when I really think about it because here in the United States a poor Black man selling drugs just to get by with his bills could possibly get decades in prison under the right circumstances, yet a monster of a priest who takes advantage of an innocent child to get them to suck his dick will get a transfer to another part of the planet and never have his actions questioned enabling him to have a clean slate to repeat the crime all over again.

In this world we often find out that justice doesn’t get distributed evenly across the diaspora and as long as we go through this ritual of religious bull-crap then we will never be any better in God’s eyes no matter how many hands we shake or how many people we fraudulently “bless” under the title of being the Pope or the neighborhood elementary school janitor.

Catholic Priests Molesting Children

You see, as a man who moves about this planet in the demonized outer wrapping called Black skin – which actually is something that goes far deeper than being skin deep – I am already guilty of whatever the twisted minds of those sick with the disease of White Supremacy can conjure up.

Yet, I could never even think of committing such a sick violation of a minor but some of those who cover themselves in the cloth will run through our children for decades untold while the Catholic Church has full knowledge of what is happening and punk out to not do anything about it.

But when those molesters show up for a meeting with the public for an afternoon of holy posturing for the camera while shaking hands with the deceived, no one says a damn thing to them while some kid out there has been destroyed from within and doomed to a life of pain because of another man’s twisted demonic lust.

But me? There’s not a moment in this country where I’m not watched, questioned, doubted and vilified by those who will always see me as less then human and a savage in the raw.

So I will continue to watch their Pope gallivant around while the Pope of my world – and all who have experienced living under the daily shadow of death can sign off on in America – go to Washington D.C. this October 10th 2015 to hear a man with a divine word and calling, who will not beat around the bush on the real issues in my community, instruct us on how to deal with the very same issue of White Supremacy that the Pope Francis would never ever touch!

…….not even with his bloody hands. #Denial #Dysfunction #Delusional

See you there on October 10th.

…….because the only blood on our hands will be the blood of all who are determined to oppress us. #JusticeOrElse

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



St. Pedophilia

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