Why Some Of Us Won’t Ever Make It “There!”

In my travels I’ve noticed that many people – because of the consistency in my work here online – mention when they haven’t seen me or my work in a span of time that I am almost “there”.

Well one day I decided to figure out where this “there” is, and for the life of me I just could never locate it. While everyone seems to know when you are getting closer to being “there”, they could never tell you where “there” is. When they seem to think that you are already “there”, they then want to befriend you because they feel that they can get “there” also.

Not to say that everyone is an opportunistic snake or that an individual will only make a point of reaching out to you on a friendly level only because they have a sinister self serving motive. No. I could never believe that wholeheartedly. But I will say that so many people have a huge misconception on what making it is and what being “there” is all about.

I’ve learned through my own observations and actual experiences that there is no “there” and that the masses of individuals that dwell on this earth who are so hellbent on getting “there” are barking up the wrong tree and running a rat race in a maze that actually runs them around in circles. Every now and then they may score some type of perceived “victory” that makes them feel as though they are getting closer, but that feeling of gain is fleeting and only lasts but for so long before they are feeling out of the loop and in need of that upwardly mobile fix of a feel once again.

How sad.

Because many of us waste precious energy trying to get to a place that doesn’t exist but we never find this out until it’s just too late. We find out long after our ability to truly be effective in creating a long and prosperous legacy has dissipated and then the feelings of regret manifest as we look back on the years of time spent trying to live a dream that was conjured up in someone else’s head.

How foolish we are to not understand how precious life on the simplest levels are and that the getting “there” is not some external destination but one that resided all along within us to enjoy as we make ourselves better versions of ourselves as we walk down this long wonderful road called life.

That’s it.

Getting “there” is having the ability to shed oneself of all the superficial crap that is thrown on us in this illusion of a world through the media control over our minds. The television, the radio, the internet and social media as well as every commercial and magazine ad that hits your brain in rapid fire succession to make you feel as though you have to live up to some illusion of a standard to feel as though they have made it.

But please don’t get angry with me as I burst your bubble but let me share a little something with you that might be a bit painful but will bring you down to earth.

For the sake of brevity, let us just agree that across the board most people think that making it or being “there” is about having lots of money. The amounts that would satisfy the various tastes of the many people that we would poll on this issue would vary but if the truth be told they would most likely feel that having much more money than they do have now would make them successful. Okay.

Now I believe that most of you reading this article would also agree that there are levels above and levels below you where you stand in the success/money department, I mean, there are folks who have more money and status and people that have less in those areas than you. Agreed? Of course, it’s only logical.

So with this understanding, there are those who enjoy more success, status, amenities in luxury and a general higher quality existence than you and I…….even those who have more will want to go higher in what they perceive as success and getting “there”- again, the “there” is a place that even they have no clue about 9 times out of 10 because although they live with more abundance in the material items, they are still trapped in the same rat race of a maze that most are in, they just have more stuff to lose.

When you venture out into the world in your personal path, if you are utilizing a well tuned third eye you will see the people around you as energy instead of the false facades that they construct in order to fool you about the spiritually ugly person that they may be lurking just behind the mask.

They search the dead dry used up terrain around them like sharks feverishly looking to leech any modicum of positive energy that seems to be on a trajectory to TRULY making it “there. You see,they have given up on the divine search to develop themselves from within and do not want to see anyone in their midst find their true calling from WITHIN!

If you play the game of faking it then that is a plane that they can compete with you on because all it takes is for them to make a purchase that might be a bit much for you to do financially and in their mind they “won.”

But when you are sincerely praying to God to bring you up NOT in the ways of the world of material possessions, but to manifest all of the divine goodness that He has planted deep inside of you for a purpose to enlighten the world then THAT is a state of being that these fraudulent entities cannot compete with and they will hate you for it because you are free of the rat race of a maze and you are exempt from the pressures of having to keep up with the Joneses.

They will envy you for your true freedom and some will even equate the fact that you are not a kindred spirit of a shark like them that you indeed do have lots of money and affluence.

But let me tell you this, when you truly discover from within what your designated purpose is on this earth then the world will open up to you in mysteriously synchronized manner to make sure that you will never suffer from a lack of means ever again in this life.

The birds of the air and the animals of the field worry not about their next meal because they are on the level of existence that God made them for in the total ecosystem of this world. The problem with many of us is that we are out of our calling and have literally sold out to the illusion of Satan’s world and have therefore taken ourselves out of the grace and “hook-ups” that God had waiting for us all along.

We have left the definitely blessings that are seeded deep within us only to chase an illusion of getting to a “there” that will escort us all the way through this life and into our graves without many of us even knowing it!

Once again how sad.

I truly have to say that while I do not have all of the answers to this life and probably never will, I do know that more so than ever before I am on the road that God had for me ever since I was called into existence that I foolishly stepped off of and now that I am back in the groove that comes from within, I can never exude the levels of frustration that I see the majority of the people around me in the world display because of their need to make it big in a carnal world that cares not how many houses or cars that one might have their name attached to until they leave this earth. No!

The peace.

The calm.

That “knowing” persona that I radiate out to the world around me is not some haphazardly manufactured paper thin persona that I came up with in order to appear as though I have my act together when in fact I do not. No!

The truth of the matter is that what I have is the REAL thing because when it is all said and done whether you know it or not – “I AM THERE!”

Yes! I made it! I am there! I got it all! I lack for nothing! My inner calm comes from knowing that I am hitched up to the creator of this universe and that I am in total synchronization with Him and He runs it all!

I can’t fail because I am in direct order to do what I do from the One True Boss of all creation!

So understand to all who are reading this that you should NEVER flinch when circumstances around may not appear to be going in your favor no matter how hard you’ve tried to make it right.

Know that it is not for you to even try to change things with your might alone because you by yourself are not strong enough.

It is the power of God that will make your reality shine brightly to you as it has for me because he has given you divine laws that you must submit to that will leverage that all consuming power in your favor to move MOUNTAINS!

The Creators law will always take you “there!”

It’s not in how many trips to the beauty salon that will do it.

It’s not in the raise that your job that will gain it for you.

It’s not in making that first million that will bring it to you.

It’s not even in how many lovers you have that brings you the many notches on your belt that will do it.

You can know every rich and famous person in the world and have their numbers locked into your smartphone on a first name basis, it will never take you “there” unless it is ordain by the one who gave you life to BE “there!”

So know that while others will play the status games of the world and attempt to draw you off of the path that was given to you a walk by your Heavenly Father, know that anything that they deem as being the thing to do or the place to be PALES in comparison to that powerful force that will only ignite when you acknowledge its power by submitting to God’s law.

And if it is not for you to be somewhere that is NOT ordained by Him, then know that NOTHING there can bring you the peace of mind and satisfaction that those lost souls in the rat race and maze of this carnal world crave so much and envy you for possessing.

So while the carnal minded opportunistic entities that swirl around my world like a vulture waiting for the perfect moment to sweep down on me like I’m helpless prey spend their time trying to calculate what is in my bank accounts, where my stashes are and how much my net worth really is because of the calm reassured demeanor that I always have, let it be known that no matter what I have materialistically, my strength is rooted in something that most of you haven’t the vastness of mind to calculate because I am beyond your elementary comprehensions.

I am “there” and have made the commitment to remain “there” because I refuse to have my mind polluted with the prospect of such low pursuits and escapades that at best are really fleeting.

…….and for that know you and I will probably never EVER connect because we are in two very distinct trajectories. Thank God I have been blessed to know the difference between chasing an illusion and finding the “there” that you all want and need.


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Dbrachoney Love
June 10, 2012 3:06 PM

🙂 as useual the deep truth.

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