Why The So Called Great Religions Of Mankind Will Never Bring You Any Peace Of Mind!

Too many times in our lives we go through the motions of what others deem proper when life seems to be down on us in the worst way and it appears that there is no way out from the stresses of this world.

We go to our worship services seeking out some measure of relief yet to be honest deep down inside many of us don’t feel any better at all because the Hollywood style presentation of many (Not all!) carnal based churches will do absolutely nothing to fill the deep voids that we secretly carry within away from the eyes of the world.

To make matters worse, we can tend to go on auto-pilot mode to symbolically beat the dead horse by never changing our approach to healing and doing the same repetitious actions all over again thinking and hoping that the result will be different each time around.

This thing called religion has been taught to us from birth and we’ve never questioned it because we were told that this is the right way to go but if it truly is then why is the world as messed up as it is and why are our inner voids never really filled and banished because of it?


The problem is that the REAL has been taken out of RE-ligion as it has been left as is and open for mans narrow minded interpretation to become gospel.

What we have been taught to absorb as truth has made the world sick from a spiritual indigestion that has comes from the consumption of too many strange ingredients that weren’t meant to be ingested in the first place.

We will never be nourished properly in this madness as it is until we wake up and realize that the power of God is not in the physical church in its brick and mortar manifestation…!

It will never be found in the steeple, the pew, the parking lot after the service or the pulpit!

You will spend a lifetime waiting and searching as so many have to no avail only to discover that the power of REAL-ligion is in the children of God themselves!

Its in the love shared between His flock as they love their neighbor as they love themselves.

Its in the respect that they have for the lives of their brethren by resisting the urge to kill because of a mere disagreement that could have been settled with a few calm and intelligent choice words.

Its in the overwhelming togetherness that they will feel for each other on a community level that they want whats good for each and every one therefore banishing the need for anyone to  covet the belongings of another.

It’s in the kind and loving manner in which people speak truth that’s uplifting in the absence of their always committing to never bearing false witness because they know that to do so is a direct attack on the divine unity and positive cohesiveness necessary to building Heaven on earth.

Its in the manner in which we refuse to misuse Gods name for our own gain abusing the blind trust given to us because we’ve cloaked the spirit of greed under the covering of His righteousness. While some believe that using the name of our Lord in vain is merely using it in a profane manner, there are so many methods that are far worse and many of us support it with our tithes and offerings and believe that because our mouths are not foul that we are just fine.

But are we really?

Now do I really have to go down the list of every commandment for you to get the picture.

We are to reflect the love of God to each other by our submission to the commandments and beyond.

Too many of us concoct our own standards and interpretations of God’s will and come up with all types of jacked up philosophies that have nothing to do with what He desired for us in the first place, hence the messed up world that doesn’t resemble the glorious experience that He intended.

So let us make a point of shining God’s light on each other abundantly no matter what the earthly denominations that WE’VE chosen. God does NOT show any preference to any man made categories and titles claimed as He is TOO BIG for any framework constructed be man. We are just too limited to comprehend Him so how in the heck can we put Him in a box?

So whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Episcopalian, Baptist, Pentecostal, Adventist or any one of the ever growing schisms that we in our limited mentalities have created out of a need to feel better than the rest just remember this one important thing:

Complete and total submission to His will is the ONLY thing that He requires of us to do, anything else is just a ceremonious waste of time that doesn’t get us one step closer to the pearly gates than when we were out in the world raising hell!

If He said don’t do it, then DON’T do it! If He said to do it, then by all means DO IT! It doesn’t get any simpler than that! We need to stop complicating a thing that is ridiculously simple to understand…….

Total submission to His will is the ONLY religion that God acknowledges BAR NONE!

Never forget that.





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