I think that it is a valid question that Malcolm X asked his audience in Oakland in the early 60s when he stated why would you let your enemy educate your children?

When you really look at it like people are the only race of people overall who readily bring their children to be educated by the very people who benefit from the oppression of us.

Mr. Political while being very charismatic and entertaining in his delivery of his message drives home the point and forces you to see that in this modern time we have not changed always as far as who educates our children.

It makes no sense when you think about the repercussions that will happen when you allow your children into the schools of indoctrination and obvious propaganda.

We just don’t understand that the enemy is investing in their future by ensuring that our children think the way that they want us to think.

While many of us can be considered genius, scholars and brilliant, we have to understand that we were not programmed and trained in their system to be brilliant, genius, and scholarly for ourselves.

If we were properly educated many of us would have a burning desire to change our situation as a people and uplift ourselves from within.

But most of us seek to it here ourselves to a system that truly does nothing for us overall because those of us who are brilliant, genius and scholarly were never taught to put our own people first.

On cold all other races seek to uplift their people and maintain the position of superiority over all others and it is looked at as being a good thing when it comes to them.

But when we seek to pull ourselves up to build our own communities, to have our own schools, to have our own hospitals, to have our own banking systems is viewed as being what they would say racist.

We because of our positioning in the oppressive society could never be racist because we hold no power in this hierarchy to be able to inflict an imbalanced and unfair treatment on anyone else only when we aid that system to help keep black people down to be rewarded greatly for our own self hate.

Make sure to share your perspectives in the comments section below whether you agree or disagree with the points that Mr. Political has shared. Thank you for sharing your precious time here with us and if you enjoyed this presentation I urge you to return as much as you want. Thank you so much.

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