Why Would You Take A Half Baked Chicken Out Of The Oven To Eat & Expect It To Not Still Be Raw?


Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done

Relationships these days more than ever can be very challenging. Challenging is not even the word, let’s just say damn near impossible! Divorce rates in the current marriage statistics are so high its a wonder why people still even attempt what seems to be an “impossible” task anymore.

Cheating in ones marriage is out in the open and actually something to be expected. I’ll go one even further than that and say that it almost seems to be these days the stylish thing to do.

I’m not one for watching television that much as I hate to be subjected to its mind numbing effects, but while preparing a meal in the kitchen I couldn’t believe what I saw on the screen as I dished my brown rice out on the plate.

It was actually a commercial that I’ve seen before in passing without really paying attention to what it was truly advertising. When it hit me that it was an exclusive dating service for married individuals seeking an affair just the thought alone realizing this was on prime time national television blew my mind away!


What will our kids think when they see material such as this? Our young REALLY won’t have a healthy respect for the divine joining of two people, female with male, in this union called marriage.

Our young are already subjected to the morally twisted propaganda from the Illuminati controlled Hollywood filth peddlers that have already made it seem quite alright to parade these same sex so called marriages around as though this is something that our Creator intended and actually desires. But that’s another subject in itself that I will tackle soon…….

But you can still feel free to send me the hate mail for what I just said in the previous paragraph and other blogs of mine, I love being amused.

But to go deeper on the subject the television commercial advertising the dating service for cheating spouses one thing stood out in my mind as the shock of it all wore away, for them to spend the massive sums of money on those prime time commercials means that there must be a huge demand for their services and some serious money to be made in return for their investment!

And if there is such a big demand for that service then what does that say about our society as a whole? If we need something like this and are obviously digging deep into our pockets for something of such low importance to our survival at such a critical time in this countries economy then this shows our marriages on a whole are not what they are supposed to be!

Then what is it about us that makes us get married when in fact we obviously aren’t ready for this divine institution in the first place? We spend so much money on these grand ceremonies literally putting ourselves in debt for years on end only to turn around and end up in divorce court even BEFORE that huge wedding is completely paid for in most cases.

Is it that we get connected with one another because it “feels” good at the time but neglected to take the time and really see if it made good practical sense? Why do we go ahead with the marriage vows anyway knowing deep down inside that we are not prepared at all?

The breakdown in the family structure over the previous decades has a lot to do with what is transpiring right in front of us today. And although this may not be everyone’s experience, many of us who have put our time in on Gods green earth can remember a time not too long ago when you had to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage.

……..and who did the potential groom have to ask?

He had to ask the potential bride’s FATHER & MOTHER! He was required on the spot to answer questions on how he was going to take car of their cherished and beloved daughter as well as his employment and money making potential. Spiritual beliefs and religious upbringing/background was another huge issue as well as getting to meet the potential groom’s parents.

Back in those days there may not have been computers like there are now or even the advanced technology that is so commonly taken for granted now but I will tell you this; marriages back in the day were much more successful and lasted until “death do you part!”

You see, you had elders with wisdom who could tell if you were ready for marriage and if it were deemed that you even might be a very nice person but if you didn’t have what it took then your request for a young woman’s hand in marriage was immediately shot down! And when this was done it was public knowledge!

If you couldn’t hold a job, you wouldn’t dare think of moving your mouth to say that you wanted to get married. As a matter of fact, how you earned your money was one of the first questions asked of the hopeful groom when he had that very intense first “sit down” with his love interests parents! I can hear it now: “Young man, where are you employed?”

Don’t think that you would get an answer right away as the process of evaluation could take weeks or even  months as your credentials were confirmed and character references were carefully considered.

Back in the good old days folks knew that it wasn’t just two people “hooking up”, it was more than that as it was an unbreakable union of two families! You as a newlywed were under the microscope 24/7 and you better not have any appearance of wrong doing in any aspect of your life. Your intentions in everything you did had to be obviously noble without any doubts and would be immediately questioned if anything appeared “suspicious” in your actions.

Accountability was king!

Nowadays, there isn’t the moral fiber in our communities if we even have a sense of community at all! What do I mean by this? Well not to get off topic, but for the most part, these days we only have neighborhoods. In neighborhoods you might know your next door neighbor or the people across the street if you are lucky. In neighborhoods, you find out about any major changes going on there as they are happening without any say so in the planning stages of those changes. Its almost as though you are a guest were you live.

In communities, there is participation in every aspect of any factor that will affect your life there. You control the fire department, you control the police department, you attend community meetings and are a crucial factor in any decisions or changes that are made there. No plans for anything are discussed without your input and nothing happens without your seal of approval. Your roots run deep there and your family name is synonymous with the very community in which you are established.

So as you can see, strong communities were a base from which strong families were built. Strong lasting families supported marriages that at one time did last forever. No one factor stood on its own, every part needed to be honored and respected and fed into, fortified with strong morals to keep things righteously intact for the generations to come!

Now allow me to bring my point on home………

How in the world do you expect to maintain a lifelong union with someone that you JUST met at the club last week? Is the club any place to meet a spouse? Your decision to get involved deeper with this person wasn’t kept in check by the practicality of logic but based on how good they looked or how good they did what they did to you in the bedroom!

No WONDER you are crying and complaining to your friends about how bad things are between you and how its a living nightmare!

You live in a mere “neighborhood” where no one cares about anything or anyone. You had absolutely no elders that you had to go to in order to approve the union in the first place and if you did you probably wouldn’t tell them “jack” until after you got that quick city hall marriage completed!

Not that anything is wrong with the inexpensive simple way to take your vows downtown but some treat this sacred ceremony as something that could be quickly squeezed in a “to do” list with all of their other routine chores for the day!


I’ve actually heard people talk like this!

“Well darling I was thinking that tomorrow we could do our grocery shopping first, wash the car, rotate the tires, pick up the clothes from the cleaners and maybe get married afterward if we have anytime left over…………”

So why should it be a surprise that our relationships and marriages do not work when the processes that help to keep us in check are so devalued? Back in the day, any lust driven union was quickly snuffed out and put in its place because it wasn’t allowed to spread into our lives like a fire out of control!

Servicemen were well known for drinking and cavorting with the women whose countries they were based in, but do you think that they married those women based on the freakish sex that they indulged them in? If they did marry one of those foreign born young ladies it was because of their adherence to the basic principles of running a clean home that honors the Godly principles first in any and everything they did.

Now these days, a dude will marry a chick because of the shape of her “a-s-s” or how well she could perform an act on him that requires the use of knee pads! Not knowing that half of the men in the club where you met your wife know quite well the pleasurable treatment that the newlywed fool is getting when he gets home. Heck, most of them are STILL getting the newlywed treatment that should be his exclusively from her when HE is not at home!

And you wonder why your baby was born looking like the mailman…………

You based your criteria for marriage on the temporary superficial foolishness that is comparable to these reality television shows that reinforce us to go with our lower thoughts and desires when choosing someone to live our life with on a whim……..

The bottom line is that we are so vast and have so much hidden deep within ourselves that we have yet to discover, so how in the world can we take on the responsibility of a whole new individual who possesses that same vastness of uncharted territory within that is untested into our lives when we haven’t even learned what we are all about ourselves?

The truth is that MOST of us are not ready to embrace anyone else into our lives on the level of marriage until we have been put through the character building fires of life for a time an proven our mettle not only to ourselves but the world so that we know we have something to offer someone else more than just a McDonald’s Happy Meal and a quick romp in the sack!

Learn yourself. Love yourself. Take your time and realize that true love takes time. Prepare yourself for that one person and do not sell out because of the lust in your heart that may tempt you from time to time. Lust comes and vanishes just as fast. Masturbate and let off the steam if you have to but don’t make any long term commitments based on lust. You know deep down if you are doing this and are only setting yourself up for disaster if you find yourself lying to yourself. A bad relationship is so easy to get involved in and so hard to get out of. So many regrets. So much wasted time. Don’t do it to yourself until you are READY………..

……why would you take a half baked chicken out of the oven to eat and expect it to not still be raw?

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