Will Congress Let The Patriot Act Expire; Or Is It Here To Stay? – The Red Carpet

Dr.Ramona Brockett explains why The Patriot Act isn’t in jeopardy of expiring and why it was always in effect long before that fateful day in 2001 when those two airplanes crashed into The World Trade Center.

Once again, Dr. Brockett spotlights many points that are often overlooked but very much related.

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  • Ick Icky says:

    I believe Obama was a Trojan Horse for the trumping up of white supremacy
    and the targeting of black Americans. So much of what’s going on reminds me
    of Germany before Hitler made his move on the Jewish community. Its been
    said before and honestly I believe that our government has been
    compromised(if it ever wasn’t) . With all the Hitler references that can be
    found in damn near everything in the past few years, I cant help but think
    the shadow gov has been Nazis all along who have locked in so many of their
    plans that they aren’t being as discreet anymore.

  • DAVIDO17able says:

    Love the intro

  • Spoken Poet says:

    Just watched this tonight and found so many amazing facts that I will share
    with my people who would consider Dr. Brockett a remarkable, educated
    black woman, and your conversation with her was so enlightening to hear and
    allowed me to know things that the general public does not always have
    privy to know. Thanks again Lance Love Ya….

  • Eva Johnson says:

    So far: Rand Paul is forcing three Patriot Act powers to expire. Here’s
    what that means.

  • >