What Will Make Us Feel That Overwhelming Sense Of Happiness Once Again?

I had to ask myself this question recently during one of more intense meditations that left me stunned because of what I found out about myself.

I feel that most of us in this modern society have traded our core selves for a cheap projection that is so far off and away from what we truly are.

I can remember when I was in single digit ages that the world was a much more simpler place but when I look back on that pristine time period in my life I realize that we pretty much had some of the same issues and challenges even though they were wrapped in a different packaging of the era.

So was it that the world was much more simpler and pure or was it that my radar was underdeveloped and couldn’t grasp the magnitude and total scope of what was hanging over the heads of mankind?

I believe that there was a “sweet spot” where my consciousness grew just enough to understand the complicated world around me while still maintaining the innocence that kept the sparkles alive that made each day such a wonderful adventure.

As I look back at my life now I can see that many of my peers lost that special something that buffered them from the depressing realities of this world which allowed their joy to be swallowed up to never see the happiness that once resided in their hearts oh so long ago.

So there, my mission was placed in front of me because of my new realization.

My task is to go back to that perfect balance of dealing with the raw realities around me while keeping the childlike wonderment and enthusiasm for life!

…….easier said than done!

But if anyone was going to accomplish this daunting task it was going to be ME!

It’s almost like the times when your computer opens up with that dreaded black screen giving you the choice to open it up using the last good method to open up everything before it crashed.

It works everytime for your computer so why can’t WE go back to the last time in our lives when everything was functioning just fine?

For some of us sadly there may not be that overwhelming time of childhood bliss to lose ourselves in, so in that case I would say escape into your dreams which were the safe havens which buffered you from the bad times.

…….whatever it takes!

I’m listening to the song “Dr. Love” by the group named “First Choice” and hearing this song puts me right back in the year 1977 as my extreme budding libidos hit me so hard.

It was a wonderful time for me and I must say that it was merely one of countless other times that I look back on with a special glow that takes me away from any uncomfortable situation that I may a break from in the present.


At least I was in my own mind as I was a clueless bumbling adolescent who thought I knew it all because of the few experiences that I had with several willing victims who sampled my amateur-like attempts at Advanced Sensuality 101.

As a 14 year old boy I truly wanted to know what it was that grown men did that would make a grown woman sing like THIS!

We’ll save those stories for another day because little did I realize it, but I found the freaky little secret and it caused me a great deal of drama as I was like that bull in a China shop!

…….how do you spell: C-A-T-A-S-T-R-O-P-H-E?

Ooooh the sweet memories!

There’s another fond memory that floods my brain every now and then, I think back to an older retired Black couple named “Nettie and Tim Nixon” that used to rent the upstairs apartment in my parents house – in Richmond Hill, Queens New York – while growing up there. Actually Tim was a retired transit worker and a comical guy without even trying, he had to be in his late sixties and was legally blind. In other words, he could see just enough when he wanted to! LOL!

Well, he was home upstairs all day long because he never really got out until his wife Nettie was ready to take a stroll with him. I remember being in my room late in the morning in the summertime and I would go through my usual ritual of blasting me music before I lifted weights. There was this one particular song that I played that would always get “Mr. Tim” to find himself downstairs all by himself to the hallway just outside of the door to my room!

There he was snapping his fingers at the part of the song – “New York” by “The Nuggets” – that had the horns blaring as I realized that big band sound must have brought him back to a happy time in his life and God knows what else. LOL!

But Mr. Tim knew that I played that song for him as we would chat it up for a little while before he went back upstairs so I could focus on my workout. His wife Nettie was a character and a nice lady when she wasn’t drunk out of her mind with a mouth full of gossip! LOL!

Sometimes you don’t realize how far up in life that you’ll carry those passing memories that are the everlasting gifts from people that seem to vaporize too fast without even a moment’s notice or warning. These special people will surely go into their destiny so make sure to hold on to the memories and the joy that their presence in your life gifted you forever…….

See? All it takes is a little quiet time to escape from the tensions of the day and into one’s own world of meditation to replenish that glow of joy to your heart.

It’s not always the big memories but also the little things that can clean your filters of sadness, stress and depression with boundless laughter.

It works for me everytime and I want us to discuss and share all of the natural techniques that we execute personally to take us to that special place.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Joyous Brother,


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