There has been a revival of hate directed at Actress Jada Pinkett Smith, following the events of this past weekend’s Oscar awards ceremony…….

often not capitalized: an impudent, shameless, or morally unrestrained woman
a:one that bears the blame for others
b: one that is the object of irrational hostility
(in the Bible) a goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it (Lev. 16).

Mrs. Smith has been the target of a lot of hate in the past few years, and I believe it is undeserved. Some say that, the Smith’s are the ones that chose to open up about their relationship, so it’s fair game. I don’t agree. They went public because singer August Alsina outed them, not because they wanted to. Sure they could have chosen to remain silent after the information was already out, but speaking about it on Red Table Talks is what they thought was best at that time.

Then the Red Table Talks episode. People didn’t like to see, hero on the big screen, Will Smith, emotional, that meme that followed made the once loved man — now a laughing stock.
We originally were introduced to the famous Hollywood power couple’s infidelity a few years ago. It was revealed by the spiteful r&b singer, in what seemed to be, a heart broken lover lashing out. There was some controversy surrounding the nature of their relationship and whether or not she was predatory.
Ask yourself this, how often do you hear men being called predators for dating someone in their 20’s?


Will and Jada are rumored to have an open relationship. Although they have never actually confirmed it. According to August — Will knew about him and Jada’s relationship — and even gave his blessings. I believe they probably do have an open relationship. If they do, Jada did nothing wrong, she’s not the one that loosened her lips about it. If they don’t. and they have a traditional marriage. That is still his wife, and if he chooses to give her another chance — there is nothing wrong with that. The man loves his wife. They also decided early on that divorce wasn’t an option for them.

I bet Will Smith has other women, regularly and consistently.
It is just an example of the double standards that women face on a daily basis. The woman gets crucified for having an “affair.” Men are outraged that she cheated and publicly humiliated her husband.

Men everywhere are saying things like, he should of divorced her a long time ago, and she will be the downfall of him. Women take back cheating husbands everyday. It clearly is much more triggering for some people, to see a woman have an “affair.” Apparently women can not be forgiven for stepping out of a marriage.

There is this narrative that Will Smith is a pathetic, sorry man. Who is being controlled by his arrogant self centered wife. I don’t think that this is true. Like I said, I’m leaning towards the idea that he has other women, besides the admitted affairs of the past. He is probably just paying them off, or treating them well enough that they are not tempted to speak.

The recent “incident” has ignited a resurgence of the anti Jada movement. People are saying things like Jada doesn’t deserve him defending her . . . the man is falling apart and its her fault. Kevin Samuels made a video entitled emasculated entanglement syndrome, (I didn’t bother clicking on his garbage video).
They call him submissive, they call him a cuck, they say that his wife wears the pants and that is why he responded immediately after seeing the look in her eyes. The poor man is being controlled (they say).

She did not get up and punch the man, but it is somehow her fault?
She is blamed for having an affair, even though her husband has admitted to having multiple affairs himself,
She is blamed for publicly humiliating Will, even though she was not the one that made it public
She is blamed for the Oscar smack, even though it wasn’t her fist that came into contact with Chris Rock’s mouth.
It is amazing how hated this woman is, especially amongst black men. Misogynoir anyone? It pairs nicely with your pasta bolognese.

Men are interesting, at least to me. A man can identify so closely to another man and his relationship problems — that he will get angry for him. This can be a man he has never met, will never meet, might not even know his name. He can empathize so much with another man, to the point that it’s almost like the horrible thing that woman did — happened to him. He feels that other mans pain.

Black men see themselves in Will, and they see Jada as the nasty arrogant beautiful woman who wanted them to bend at her every wish, and play them at the same time.
It infuriates them and it’s personal.
They both made an agreement, that they would never get divorced — that it is not an option for them. I really don’t think Jada is as bad as y’all are making her out to be. Definitely not so bad that she deserves the amount of ridicule and hostility that is thrown in her direction. If her husband isn’t complaining, why are you?


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