Will The Next Christopher Jordan Dorner Please Stand Up!

This is the story that has been gripping America like no other in recent memory.

It resonates the dirty innards of the crooked tenets of the backside of America to the core.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s about one Christopher Jordan Dorner who was the suspect in two murders and the shooting of three police officers one of whom died. Now there was a massive manhunt for him in the Los Angeles area and beyond that has been reported to be over as the man to whom they believed to be Dorner burned up in a remote cabin in Big Bear, California in which even another deputy died during the melee.

If you feel you’ve been disenfranchised and shut out of a system that controls you as most of us do, then you will probably not believe that Christopher Jordan Dorner is as guilty as the mainstream American media had painted him to be.

Christopher Jordan Dorner

Enough is enough!

We know that this country is not the pristine utopia for most that some would want you to believe it is and those who fell for the lies are waking up now to the game.

Not too long ago, I woke up one morning to find that my blog statistics at had blown up through the roof and the reason why is that a particular article that I wrote went viral. It was a piece that I wrote comparing young Willow Smith and Opera Singer Jackie Evancho and the amount of hard work that it took to be a 10 year old singing prodigy as opposed to what I felt was a Pop music gimmick from Willow Smith.

Well, these massive amounts of hits came from a London area message board and they got into an intense debate over the words that I said which favored Ms. Jackie Evancho who happened to be White while Willow Smith is Black. Someone who read my post thought by my favoring Ms. Evancho that I was White but was in shock when they found out otherwise. This caused them to explore the rest of my blog and when they did they found other things that perplexed and bedazzled them about my upfront yet complex personality.

Jackie Evancho

The main thing that caught their eyes was the avatar that I used displaying a partial face shot of me in front of an American Flag that had a noose hanging in front of it. These viewers who loved my article were shocked to see such an emotionally charged visual of an angry looking Black man who moments earlier titillated their minds to cerebral limits in such a kind and introspective way.

So the conversation on this message board went from the article over to me and what kind of person I might have been. On the one hand they found an article that they agreed with totally and on the other the “radical” (By their standards) picture threw them for a curve.

Some of these message board contributors even contacted me to ask me how I felt about certain issues but the main thing they wanted clarification on was the disturbing photo that I had up with the flag and the noose.

I responded quickly as I love to seize any opportunity to explain myself in order to offset any wrong words being put in my mouth over my true perspectives.

I told them that I do things in a manner to be thought provoking and I use whatever means I have to follow through with that credo. I like to push the limits and I don’t waste time attempting to convince anyone that their opinion of me is wrong other than not putting words in my mouth.

I explained that while the noose is a terrible reminder of the path we’ve walked down as a country (America) through the sands of time and in history, it no longer remains as a symbol of death to African-Americans only. As a country, society and culture with so many varied races and lifestyles calling the United States home, the noose is around ALL of our necks in this present day.

Noose 1

The lack of jobs, healthcare, rising home foreclosures, crime, fear, poverty, disease, mental health issues, stress as well as an ever rising sense of uncertainty and hopelessness makes everyone feel a specific type of noose around their necks like never before. Sure, it can’t compare to what we as Blacks felt when we knew that we could be lynched or killed in so many ways pretty much without any justice being served in something that was so common place and the unwritten law of the land but many Whites are now living with this tension where at one time they never had no idea of what it was like to live with the specter of instability hanging over their heads like we have and had to keep on stepping.

I said all of that to say this, one really shouldn’t be shocked at the Christopher Jordan Dorner situation and the support that he is getting because this country has swept to much of its dirty deeds under the rug and people are fed up with being fed the bull crap and hearing lies through the media. Now I am not merely speaking of American Blacks, I am speaking about all others who witness the discrimination and partial treatment that we seem to always get and are now sympathizing with us because THEY now know the power of that accursed noose around their necks!

So those who had no reason to NOT believe the deceptive media, crooked law enforcement tactics and a compromised judicial system are now seeing the light and are not closing the book on Christopher Jordan Dorner just because the Television News said so!

So for many Blacks and others who have felt the sting of injustice in the workplace and beyond, they see someone in Christopher Jordan Dorner that could have been them. You lose a job and have your name smeared and character questioned in order to cover up the bigger picture of the dirt that YOU have been doing as a Police Agency that already has a spotty history of brutality with the very people to whom they are supposed to protect.

So the stage has been set for the world to truly see what happens in the dark streets and hidden alleyways of the Compton ghetto as well as the compromising positions that many officers have found themselves in yet miraculously got off Scott free after a little political maneuvering.

LAPD Harassment

The people of this country have questions and they demand answers, social media has leveled the playing field and taken away the upper handed advantages that the compromised news agencies once had and they are mad about it. The law enforcement agencies and the politicians now have to be reactive to what WE receive as the shared unbridled realities as opposed to them constructing an illusion constructed to manipulate our minds to believe what THEY want. Those days are over and this situation is only the beginning of a new dawn of more spontaneous reactions when someone is not done right.

Am I condoning the fact that Christopher Jordan Dorner killed in his rampage?


But at the same token I can’t say what I would do because I do not know exactly what he is feeling or what he knows to have done something like that so with me the jury is still out. But I will ask this, if Christopher Jordan Dorner is a cold hearted killer then why should that be so much of a surprise when he was trained in the military to be just that? Is it okay to kill innocent people overseas for a corporate agenda yet not right to kill here on these shores for a personal one?

I’m not taking any stances but I just thought I’d pose the question…….

And if he IS a cold blooded murderer didn’t the combined training of the Military and Los Angeles Police Department afford him the knowledge to BE that? What about all of the faceless innocent people who have been unjustifiably killed collectively by the LAPD and the Armed Forces? I guess you are considered a hero when you kill with the backing of your country but are labeled a murderer when you stand up to defend your own personal agenda. Both result in deaths but one doesn’t have the blessings of the powers that be!

So here we have a well decorated and experienced Black man who has snatched the sword from his former employer’s grip to literally embarrass them by publicly beheading them to cause them to appear to be inept. I don’t believe that they want him so bad because of his danger but I believe that there is so much that the LAPD is afraid would get out because of the factor of credibility that comes from him once being an insider.

Now some will reject that notion to claim that all credibility was lost once he killed and made the threat that he would continue to kill more police officers and their families if he finds them but I believe that he knows that he is a dead man walking and knows that the verbal rhetoric will drive them into an intensity that will cause them to work very sloppily. Which, when you see the reports and updates you can see the tensions and frustrations written across the faces of the LAPD brass.

Trust me, there has GOT to be more to this story than meets the eye and no matter what happens from this point on what is out there to be revealed will come out so even if he is killed the thorn will remain in their side and questions will still have to be answered.

But the effect of this story on the so called “mainstream American citizen” must be terrifying!

Imagine, not only was this an armed Black man killing off innocent people after targeting them, but he had the training and resolve to do this! This has never been a reality or possibility to many in this country before who are used to treating their Black neighbors, co-workers and general strangers with the condescending attitudes of superiority that made them feel as though they can do anything or say whatever they wish to them without any repercussion. So now they will have to adjust their thinking to the possibility of being held accountable for the racist crap they’ve pulled on us without a second thought.

White Racism

I am merely trying to paint a picture of what many will take from this story. Many who possess the racist mentality will now have to reevaluate the movements that have long gone unchecked because no one has ever stood up to them. By seeing a Christopher Jordan Dorner in this day and age is like seeing the modern day Boogey-man that they feared would one day manifest after knowing all of the dirt that they have unfairly dished out. This is not all Whites, but it’s far more than what you could imagine.

The fear here is that what Christopher Jordan Dorner has done will empower a new breed of Black retaliation by any means necessary as there are trained Black men and women in EVERY area of expertise and skill level working in the United states in sensitive positions. To bring a feeling of unfairness to them on these jobs as has been the norm in this country over countless years might not result in a favorable situation at all.

Imagine, we are in all sectors of employment from the corporate, to the private and on the government level. With the amount of discrimination that’s swept up under the rug in America on a regular basis, would it be long before we see another manifestation of Christopher Jordan Dorner arrive whether they be male or female?

As Air Traffic controllers planes would begin to fall out of the sky…….

As a trusted doctor who has the responsibility for the treatment of the affluent patients that depend on him after he snapped…….

As highly ranked bank employees and managers, financial systems could be shut down easily…….

As military men and women, bombs might be launched and dropped on American soil without an order issued all because someone pissed a person off and took their job to change their lives forever.

You just don’t know what is on a person’s mind these days so you have to be careful but expect more scenarios like this because there are countless Christopher Jordan Dorner’s out here who are merely one insult or firing away from losing it and becoming your worst nightmare because we ALL are not stupid at all! Just look at how the LAPD was left scratching their heads until they caught up with him, and they were supposed to be such a powerful force and they STILL could’t get to Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner as swiftly as they thought?

Press Conference LAPD Dorner

Too many of us have been brought to the edge by the unique circumstances on our stressful jobs, Mr. Dorner is the one who took it to the next level, and even though I say that he is wrong for taking those innocent lives, on the other hand I can see where he gets the big support that he does because he has done something that maybe all of us have wanted to at one point or another but didn’t have the nerve to carry it out.

Here is a warning to all racist Americans who treat other humans badly who don’t look like them: There is a little Christopher Jordan Dorner in all of us, do NOT push the buttons to find out like the LAPD did, the consequences just might even worse because you really just don’t know!

If we treat people as Brothers and Sisters who have been blessed to be here in this life under One Father God, then we wouldn’t have to deal with these chickens coming home to roost. But the fact of the matter is on a spiritual level this place called “The United States Of America” has too much blood on its hands to not have to deal with the blow back that is guaranteed to happen because of the way that the moral scales have been tipped against those of us who are different than those who live in what many refer to as the mainstream culture.

God made His beautiful universe perfectly balanced, whatever you’ve chosen to throw out there will eventually come back to you increased with interest, so get ready to receive whatever it is that you put out there and if you seem to be sweating then YOU know that you’ve done some dirt that right now you wished that you didn’t. So keep on harboring the evil in your heart towards those who you despise……

…….you are in actuality, creating the next Christopher Jordan Dorner as we speak!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

The Man Who Isn’t Afraid To Speak His Mind,



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