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I go by the name of Zeki (SUH-KA-i) Adir (ah-DEER) Sabalie (suh-BA-lee). I consider myself a Kojin Healing Artist. In Japanese the word Kojin means: Individual, Person, Private or Private Person. I prudently teach (guide) others on how to restore balance to their life by helping them master the true art of self love. You can also consider me as a iHerbalist, Pathologist & Naturalist.

I intensely studied and personally observed herbs/nutrition and I have developed a unique approach to healing with herbs/foods that is firmly rooted in much practical experience.

I was born on May 30th, at St. Joseph Hospital in Tampa Florida. I grew up in Tampa Florida and always had a passion for doing what I felt was absolutely correct for my life while helping other. As a child my mother used to tell me I could be whatever I set my mind to and sometimes I believed that to be fiction. Little did I know that this was more true than my mother actually believed it to be.

Around the time I felt like College wasn’t for me (when I left college) I met a man by the name of Epoch Hotep. This man showed me what true love of self truly is. I look up to this man with a passion and although he may not actually know it I adore him deeply. At times Epoch can and does challenge me.

The challenges used to make me a bit frustrated but overtime I realized that with his guidance, I became a very good version of myself. Epoch showed me growth and still does to this day. Regardless of the circumstance, as long as I am growing Epoch is there and has yet to turn his back on me.

Epoch and his team member Mali Wae have taught me a great amount useful of values. Their teachings are foundational for me and my teachings. You can say they are pretty awesome people.

I studied personally and virtually from Self, Epoch Hotep, Mali Wae, Taylor Budd, Bruce Lee, Dr. Sebi, Professor Arnold Ehret, Dr Llaila Afrika, Ra Un Nefer Amen, Confucius, Will Smith, & more.
After all of this growth I changed a business that used to provide internet marketing into a Kojin Healing Artistic team; Team Sabalie.

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