With All Of The Gadgetry, Cellphones & Computers The Idiots Now Have As Far As We Can See, How Did The Older Generation Get So Smart When We Didn’t Even Have Caller I.D?

Here is another long awaited non directional Lance Scurv RANT!

Drum roll PLEASE…….

Do enjoy the intellectual meltdown, maybe some of it will make some sense and justify my extreme case of insomnia this morning!

Now it hit me why no one has ever enjoyed sleeping with me. No. Let me rephrase that, it didn’t sound right…….

Here is the better version:

Now it hit me why no one liked to sleep with me AFTER the calisthenics and aerobics because of my deep in slumber psycho babble was enough to keep them up and unable to even GET a good night’s sleep! But if you enjoy my blogs than me not being able to sleep is a good thing because if I were one to turn in early, there might not have ever been a “” to even read every now and then. So things do work out for the better…….


Have you ever noticed recently how more and more dumbed down the programing has become on the various television channels? Back in the day we had channels 2,4,5,7,9,11 and 13. There were a few more above that but they were not anything of note but the fact of the matter we made due with that and as far as I am concerned it seemed as though we enjoyed those few channels even more!

We couldn’t record the action so we HAD to stay glued to the screen and if we had to run to the restroom we had better do it quickly during the commercials or we would just miss out!

Saturday and Sunday afternoons were chock full of any kind of sport in season that one could imagine. While channel 2 and 4 had their own in house competitors to channels 7’s Wide World Of Sports, hands down they just couldn’t shake a stick and had to suffer the agony of defeat each and every weekend. Heck, it was worth it every week just to even hear the Wide World Intro song even if you were not interested in what they offered as far as content.

Saturday nights were reserved for being the designated “horror night” were as kids we would argue how many fingers did that hand have when the “Chiller Theater” would come on and that spooky hand grabbed up the letters of the show! Television in those days made for some great socializing and some great times.

How about the cartoons that we would watch after school before we would do our homework and were such a great motivation to do the right thing as to NOT see them everyday felt like punishment and our parents knew this and would do just THAT! No cartoons for a week felt like DEATH! We didn’t have the option of recording them to watch another time or even watching ANYTIME whenever we want like the youngsters of today!

Mothers who were home in the afternoons would be heard on the phone with their friends or neighbors discussing the shocking twist of the day of the story on the Soap Operas that they were following. And not to get off topic, yes, there WERE more stay at home mothers at that time back in the seventies because it wasn’t mandatory for a household to have two incomes because the dollar stretched that much further than it does today! It was truly a different world!

We as children had such a FULL and EXCITING life in those days and I am NOT speaking from envy or sour grapes as many of my younger blog readers have suggested I do.


Nothing could be as further from the truth!

I am just hurt by the deterioration of social skills that I am witnessing in our youth and most of all the erosion of good old fashion proper manners!

You see, I am not jealous of the fact that our youth today have cell phones that can be carried around in their pocket and have the capability to send text messages where I had to write a note in the back of the classroom only to get it intercepted by an eagle-eyed and very keen substitute teacher who would get me in trouble time and time again for giving the answers away to that pretty young lady that I had a serious crush on!

No I am not jealous at all!

You know why? There is no thrill in sending a text message today.

You don’t have to be creative and use your imagination to do the simplest things like I did back in the day.

I don’t envy the younger folks who can record any television program at home via their I phone today. Why should I? I wouldn’t trade in the special feeling of coming home from school to find something nice waiting on me and my friends on the table to eat while we would make just in time to hear our favorite cartoon jingle that would give us that rush of adrenalin letting us know how good it was to be home with our family and friends.

Amenities such as today were few and far between if there were any of them at all! We made due and we came out the better for it!

What could be more sweeter than stretching that phone cord to the limit to speak to that potential girlfriend (For me a girlfriend at least and a boyfriend for you ladies! Now Gay folks, please don’t get mad at me, stuff was a lot more simpler back then and I am not going to go through ALL of the potential combination’s and pairings that they have today because you KNOW that there wasn’t “no” (Ebonics y’all) flaming dude telling his Daddy that he was waiting on a phone call that he did NOT want to miss from this hot new guy that he wants to date at school! It wasn’t happening! At least not in MY neighborhood! That’s a whole different blog people!) while whispering sweet nothings in her ear just LOW enough NOT to be heard by your parents?

And while it was always that family friend who would come over to visit with your parents that would expose the frequency of your phone activity to your folks because of their inability to get a call through on your home line because it was ALWAYS BUSY! “I can NEVER get through on a call when I try to call here because your line is ALWAYS busy!” They say it while looking you DEAD in the eye because they knew it was you on the phone! LOL!

I wouldn’t trade those times in for the world! And yes, there was NO call waiting or caller I.D. on that big black clunky house phone that sat in your living room and would wake up the entire neighborhood if it rang in the middle of the night!

As youngsters we never got into what they now call “phone sex” even though we were probably even more horny but the institution of a good home, parents and community kept our actions in check for the most part even though there were a few situations in the neighborhood that slipped through the cracks it wasn’t the norm at all!

Now the technology has turned itself against all decency and in my book has accelerated the act of sin because it is so easy to share what is hidden in the deepest darkest recesses of ones mind!

That my friends is an aspect of living in these modern times that I do not envy!


It has robbed our children of THEIR childhoods to the point that almost everyone is contaminated with a knowledge that they are not yet ready to handle. We as parents fight so very hard to watch out for the threats to our children’s upbringing not even realizing that the computer and phone that YOU purchased for them is doing more harm than that outfit that you refused your daughter that was a “bit” to revealing for her age! Here you are worried about an outfit and half of young men in her class have nude pictures of HER in their phone and know every single inch of your daughter’s body better than you OR her gynecologist!

Do you think I envy the slow burning issues of this day that will even become more amplified years from know as the seeds planted will be out in full bloom?

I KNOW what a childhood is! I praise my Mother and my Father for disciplining me and WHIPPING me into being a good kid even when I didn’t understand and may have thought I hated them for doing so at the time! Thank you Mommy! Thank you Daddy! I think back now and am so thankful beyond measure!

Looking back at those days I cringe when I compare them to what I see now. Young children failing in high school but proficient in the art of advanced sexuality, walking about the urban terrain as though it is an accomplishment to mix crotch sauce and get pregnant from a random boy in heat who she happened to be “talking” to that week and has no clue as to what the word commitment means and couldn’t even follow through with a pledge of support because he can’t even support his own unschooled animalistic self!

Getting pregnant and having a baby before even getting a high school diploma? Hell! It was a shame back in the day just to even not finish high school much less get knocked up! What gets me with these young girls who get pregnant is the attitude of entitlement that they have as though their mothers HAVE to take another two decades and raise THEIR child!

Just when the newly ordained grandmother gets to the point where her last child is so very close to getting out of high school here comes another life and another mouth to feed! Many of these arrogant little breeders even have the nerve to curse out their mothers when their mother did not do their bidding! I have PERSONALLY witnessed one of the slimiest evil demonic possessed children, after not getting their way in the household (Because their plan of getting pregnant to sit at home, watch TV and hang out didn’t work out!) actually SET UP her mothers house to be burglarized, telling her cohorts where the valuables were in the house, what TIME to be there and even giving the future thieves the security pass codes for an quick easy entry!

But this arrogant foul mouth and very illiterate young whore thought she was just too smart for the world and in telling those ten cent thieves the time to execute the heist she FORGOT TO TELL THEM if this was to take place in the A.M. or P.M!

If they were told that no one was home in the P.M. they “might” have gotten through…….

How STUPID can one be?

So here come the wanna be criminals banging down the doors and windows on the perimeter of the property to make sure no one was home before they came in from the back to realize that SOMEONE WAS HOME and quickly ran out for their lives right into the hands of the police who were leisurely notified while relaxing over a cup of hot tea as the occupant watched it all play out like one of those Lifetime programs that you can’t turn away from until you see the ending.


And the funny part is that she actually did not think anyone would find out that it was her all along although it was suspected from the very first day! But God sure moves in mysterious ways and the confirmation on her unforgivable act come through from many various sources because people SURE DO love to run their mouth!

(That’s why the TV was left unplugged all of the time without explanation! Hmmmmmm!)


And I thought I saw it all in this life!

What are these kids feeling now that they can brazenly break the rules and feel as though you are wrong for reprimanding them? It HAS to be true when the Bible speaks of demons running across the face of the earth in the lasts days devouring and seducing everyone that they can! You don’t see it?

And so many of us are scared of this thing called “withcraft!” Why? The witchcraft of today is in that computer at home that has an online connection! The witchcraft of today are the phones that you provide for your children that have them addicted to the point where they would rather spend time on their phones locked up in their rooms exhibiting antisocial behavior than going outside to get some physical exercise with their friends while socializing at the same time!

It’s harder to get these same youngsters to bow their heads in prayer at the dinner table than it is when they are looking down all damn day and night into their phones sending text messages to these other kids speaking much about NOTHING!

Throw in some junk food into the equation and you now have the answer to all of these obesity running amok amongst our youth! Sitting down gorging these calorie laden foods while stuck in front of the computer like a deer bedazzled by the headlights of an oncoming speeding Mack truck! That deer has a better chance to live than that kid who is literally destined to have accrued major health problems before turning thirty!

Just the other day before leaving to go to work to drive my bus route here in Orlando I caught a few moments of a program on CNN that featured a guest named Randi Weingarten who is the President of the American Federation of Teachers. She shared some very startling information with the world that day that stop me in my tracks and almost made me late for work! LOL!

Correct me if I am wrong but I do believe I memorized these few statistics correctly but she said that the young students here in the United States Of America were ranked 14th in the world in Reading, 17th in the world in Science and 25th in the world in Math!!!!!!!

Who were the top countries leading the way in education across the board? On the top of the list was Shanghai, China – Hong Kong, China – Singapore and Finland!

Looks like we will be in debt to China for a VERY long time as we do not respect education or even invest in it as we should! Our young children are more interested in PURCHASING that new cellphone that was made in China more so than outperforming that “corny little Chinese person” in academics while feeling superior to them because of a damn hair style that costs lots of money that was spent in a KOREAN Beauty supply store!

And they say that we should ban the “N-word!”

Again I say that if some people love ignorance and buffoonery more than true culture, education and carrying oneself in a dignified manner than why should “THEY” have a problem with being called a damn NIGGER because that’s what they are!

And the “THEY” that I am referring to are those who fit the description of the clowns who are the living breathing stereotypes of those who revel and aspire into all things Niggerish! (With a capital N!)

You all know who you are and I am not afraid to say it!

And I have a bone to pick with those who may NOT fit into this category but will defend the illiterate buffoons to NOT be called the “N-word” as though they didn’t EARN the right to be looked at that way! You are wasting your time in their defense because for every person out of the Black race who calls them that, there are hundreds of our OWN Black people who will just as quickly call them that in the blink of an eye! So stop it!

Trying to stop that word being used in our community is like trying to dry off you freshly washed car while standing in the middle of a category five hurricane with a paper towel. It AIN’T happening!

Now I WILL defend someone from being called that word when they uphold a dignified existence every single time tooth and nail! And while it still hurts me deep inside to hear it used on those of us who enjoy an existence just a step above that of a tap dancing minstrel man, I just don’t see how it would be effective to defend someone who does not even understand the history of it and how we should rise above the examples put in front of us and celebrated on these filthy brain numbing Youtube videos and BET (Black Enslavement Television) programs!

We especially as Black people, who by many estimates are between 11 and 13 per cent of the population, are the majority of those filling the prisons! And while these facts have been pretty much written in stone for so very long much longer than I could remember, there are so many people who just can’t register the fact that this HAS to be by design!

They will say it’s the “White Man” who put me here but there is no White man on the face of this earth who told your dumb Black ass to hold up the neighborhood Liquor store for that couple of hundred dollars that couldn’t even bail you out of jail or make a down payment to your lawyer!

So here you are stuck in lock-down depending on a public defender who couldn’t care less about you as he scrapes the donut crumbs and dabs the coffee stains off of your court papers and mispronounces your name every time he sees you after calling you by a DIFFERENT name every time he comes to court before you correct him! Now THAT’S some sad stuff!

So the trappings of this world do not make me feel the LEAST BIT that I am missing out on something because if the truth be told, it is US who were born long ago who had the last of what would be considered a good childhood! Sure, there were issues and obstacles back then parallel to what they have now in a way but nowhere near the epidemic proportions that are in vogue presently!

All of my friends growing up knew my parents as well as THEIR parents knowing my parents and vise-versa. We had a great feel of community and that keep us in check because you dare not disrespect any elder whether you knew them personally or not or there would be repercussions to deal with indeed! These days you can live next door to someone for YEARS and not even know what they even look like! Heck, many daughters are getting pregnant and the parents of that child won’t even KNOW who the boy who impregnated was!

These are truly different times that we are living in and I will gladly trade these days in for the good old days and all of the gadgetry that we DIDN’T have!

Pass me the Polaroid Camera PLEASE!

Let me get that wire coat hanger to get a better reception on the television!

Would somebody please pass me a quarter to tape to the top of the needle to stop the record from skipping!

Pass me another piece of paper because I misspelled only ONE WORD on my homework assignment and have to write the entire paper over again!

Give me the days where there were only three types of sneakers to choose from: Pro-Keds, Converse All-Stars and SKIPS!

Shall I go on?

You get the picture. Thank you from the bottom of my soul for enduring to the end of this rant, it’s just that I can’t afford those expensive therapy sessions and YOU are a far better listener for free!

Feedback please! And don’t forget to hit that like button in the widget box on the right side of my blog if you have Facebook. It kinda makes me feel loved when the numbers go up.


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