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Woman Walks Around NYC Getting Catcalled Over 100 Times!

Actually, I thought that number was quite low knowing the streets of New York City as I do.

But being a man who works with the public everyday driving the public transportation bus here in Orlando Florida, I can sympathize with the frustrations that many women feel after being harassed all day long by the carnal minded men who approach these women with lustful intentions.

While I’m not saying that there aren’t the countless women out here in existence who purposely seek out this type of attention for personal gain, I am specifically speaking about those women who are decently dressed and obviously on their way in their day to get something of note accomplished.

Shoshana Roberts YouTube

Men can tell the difference between a woman who has nothing else but games on her mind as opposed to one who really has no time to waste that is really trying to get somewhere in life.

It is these women that I feel for who have to deal with the constant advances from men who really have nothing to offer to their lives except a whole lot of drama, frustration, pain and regrets.

I often see it day in and day out as I drive through the city of Orlando, but this behavior is not new and not only happening here as it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

Most men who do not see the world from the positioning that I have will never understand, this is why I was so overjoyed and somewhat tickled to see this video showing a very attractive woman walking through the streets of New York City for 10 hours showing what too many women have to go through in the course of a day.

The woman in this particular video – actress Shoshana Roberts – braved the NYC jungle as a man walked a few feet in front of her with a backpack that contained the hidden camera that recorded these men acting out in rare form.

Many of these guys approached Shoshana in a very polite manner but in my judgment pretty much had one thing on their minds.

This video went viral as I believe that it struck a nerve with the general public and verifies what many women have been saying out loud all along.

What we’ve got to do as men is take a step back and reevaluate how we approach women who are basically strangers and what is our true motivation for doing so.

I share my in depth responses and anecdotes in my video response to this much needed project.

Your thoughts, opinions and comments will be much appreciated as I would love for the discussion on this age old topic to continue!

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October 30, 2014 10:27 PM

I watched that video and I wouldn’t agree to call that harassment.I do agree that approximately 3 or 4 times, the actions of the men towards the actress were not appropriate but as a whole it was tolerable, in my opinion. However, why are you saying that we should rethink our motive for approaching women? Let’s say a man sees a woman he finds attractive and with who he would like to have sex. If he approaches her without being rude or calling her names, get rejected because she’s not interested and move on, did he wronged anyone? .The woman might be irritated, if the was the 100th times she was approached on that particular day but, as far as the individual man is concerned, I cannot blame his manners nor his motives. I believe that rather than trying to hide their motives, men should embrace and fully understand them. I think that to many men are lying to themselves and to women on that particular subject. Then, they end up in the so called “friend zone” and they feel frustrated, when in fact they never made themselves be seen as potential love partner. My point is, I don’t think a man should try to hide his motives. Even if he just wants sex, he should talk to women in a respectful manner and more importantly he should be honest with her regarding what she can expect from him.

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