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Women Finding Love At Middle Age: The Impossible Dream?

This life for most of us has NOT been pretty much what we’ve anticipated or have been led to believe.

As a matter of fact, no one could have prepared us for the roller coaster ride that this life has been. I’m quite sure most who hear these words will agree.

For the most part, many have endured hardships untold to live to tell about it. In this life we have raised children, gone through breakups and divorce and have fought through health issues.

But in the back of our minds all we ever wanted at the end of all of our trials and tribulations was to have was someone to love us unconditionally for who we are and to shower them right back in return forever!


Yes forever.

But the sad realization that forever doesn’t always last forever creates a sense of urgency within us as we watch the years tick on by without finding that one mate that will make every second last an eternity.

And after all we’ve been through, we feel a whole lot more comfortable in our skin but for some reason can’t seem to find that special someone after finding ourselves in a place of maturity and possessing a remarkable depth of character.

We have our homes, many of us are retired or about to soon and have raised our children to adulthood and if not have one left who is about to make that leap.

So we are comfortable. Comfortable enough to consider ourselves as happy as we can be while checking that dreaded “single” box on our health assessment questionnaires at the doctors office.

But for all our war stories, peaks, valleys, victories and defeats, it’s beginning to feel a little lonely out here and while it was so easy to explain away to ourselves and reason that a mate wasn’t necessary when we were younger, at every turn there is a reminder that what we formerly thought was an exercise in denial.

So while we have accomplished a multitude of personal achievements on our own, we’ve now come to the understanding that it would be even more enjoyable if we had someone of our own to experience it with for the rest of our lives.


But now the well appears to be dry. The dating scene seems to be infested with hooligans who wasted decades on buffoonery who are pretty much looking for a woman to use or someone to settle down with after a life of partying. If you met them years ago before they saw their own mortality, they probably wouldn’t have paid you any attention!

Any woman who settles for this type of arrangement – of which there are many – is officially desperate!

But can you really come down on anyone whose twilight years are coming up on them swiftly as they took a shot in the dark to make their romantic fantasies come true?

At show time we’ll focus on those who are still hoping that they will find love at middle age and beyond and that is isn’t the impossible dream that many have internalized to accept their remaining years of loneliness.

We want to speak specifically about the difficulties of finding someone at this junction point in life and what challenges are unique at that time over the younger years.

Step kids, health concerns, financial stability for one while as opposed to the irresponsible debt laden love interest, ex-wives and their drama and legal issues.

For young love there is so much ahead of a couple as the forge forward with their hopes and dreams. But when you are older there can be so much red tape because of the years behind you that left its scars on you as well as the tainted psyches that can make it tough for two people to join together as one.

“Women Finding Love At Middle Age: The Impossible Dream?”

We will find out in depth on this episode of the LanceScurv Show!

Older Love Affairs

Time: Friday August 23, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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