And You Wonder Why You’re Not Blessed!

It is so easy to get full of oneself in this world to feel as though we’ve made it to where we are without total dependence on a higher being.

Some of us can move about the earth as though we were the ones who breathed the breath of life into every living organism on the planet and that they owe something back to that pompous person.

People like this literally stink to me and I can’t stay around them for very long as it won’t be too long before they say or do something to irk me to receive my unbridled wrath.

So when I see this anal retentive condescending narcissistic attitude in someone I simply get in the wind very fast.

Bad Luck 2 - Blessed

This way, I can maintain my mentality “in the zone” and they can continue to live their illusion of an elevated existence until life smacks them down for a lesson of the worst kind.

But I always seem to walk away wondering to myself “what makes a person feel so superior over others in this manner and why do they choose to treat others in this manner?”

I really believe that the actions of these types of individuals are based in a deeply embedded sense of insecurity. This is why they must project an air of superiority and usually will strike at anyone when they are at their most vulnerable.

They are truly the weak ones when you really examine their character because in nature the organisms with the hardest toughest shells possess the softest insides.

Think about it.

So pity them if you can if you can’t resist the urge to beat them down to nothingness but understand that these kinds of creatures never really ever receive any blessings in this life because their attitude actually blocks them.

Yes. Their blessings are on lock as long as they look down on humankind in the same manner that one does the dung left in the bowl the morning after indulging in an all you can eat buffet.

It doesn’t matter if they are your boss and seem to have lots of money and a grand old life because of the grownup toys that they possess.

That matters not.

You know why? Because there is truly more to life than having great riches and status over another human being.

Not that having a higher positioning on the totem pole in life is a bad thing, it’s actually not at all.

But what’s so bad about it is when one doesn’t also temper their power and status with being humble and down to earth with it.

Bad Luck 3 - Blessed

When you can keep life in perspective and remain unscathed no matter how much you accrue in this world you will always be open to receive blessing beyond your wildest dreams.

You will also be found worthy of being promoted to levels that you never knew existed that had your name on it even before you held the position.

But you can never be placed in that realm as long as you have a bad attitude toward life where you think that everyone owes you something and that they are below you.

You have to understand that life is a gift and all gifts can be snatched away at a moments noticed by the one who blessed you with it.

So do not take it for granted and never feel that you are above anyone because the same supreme entity that created you created THEM TOO!

Some people never seem to understand how this life works and how the supreme divine laws operate.

There is so much more to this existence than spending ones entire day catering to their bodily functions.

There is so much more to life than acting like a fiend for the next meal when you’re not hungry!

…….or sleeping the day away when you never earned it with a hard days work.

…….or feeling horny for the intimacies of a woman that you’ve never earned it from.

We get so caught up in the trappings of the human body that we never begin to see the true meaning of life because it’s hidden away like that bright shining sun behind the storm clouds.

Many of us have lost our way because of the distractions of this world and have forgotten how to listen in to that inner voice that never guides us wrong.

When truly connected to that inner voice that most will call the Holy Spirit, a person can never treat their fellow human beings as though they are something inferior. This is a great litmus test to see if someone is really the good person that they portray themselves to be.

When a person can treat the least of us with respect, kindness and dignity, then they open the door for a higher elevation in this life in the form of greater blessings.

Know that those blessing are not always in the form of material goods and riches, they can also be in the form of better health, happiness and a peace of mind.

Arrogant condescending individuals who spend their time trying to destroy someone elses equilibrium and joy often end up in a state of poor health and unhappy because the venom that they’ve spewed over the years at others has now turned on them in a very toxic manner.

Bad Luck - Blessed

I’ve seen these types have strokes, go blind and have all kinds of complications and while they might think it’s because of their physical health (And of course that has something to do with it!), they never realized that it was their own attitude toward life sneaking up on them to bite them in the ass.

So the word to the wise is to always keep yourself in check as far as how you treat the people around you in this world because in actuality we’re supposed to have the mind of a servant for our fellow man and if we could remain selfless in this manner constantly the world would be a better place almost instantly!

Even though it is a challenge to do so, never forget that this level of existence doesn’t last forever and that all we do while here will definitely have a bearing on where we end up for eternity. So never allow these narrow minded and spiritually dead people cause you to lose the blessings that most of THEM will NEVER receive!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Humble Brother,







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