Work Hard, Play Hard, Cry Broke & Save Your Money!

Money is not the root of all evil!

People who want to skim off of the top of your hard earned resources while you don’t realize it are!

Money is a good thing.

It’s not your God but when utilized in balance it is the reward for your output, hard work and sacrifice.

But the covert leeches who may be in your midst definitely want you to think that it’s an evil thing all the while being the first people to try to relieve you of yours!

This is the way it works, and it’s not always about money per se’, but it’s also about your resources, something that can save THEM from having to spend the little money that THEY have!

I got into a friendly debate earlier today after it was mentioned in our conversation that God inspires people to help others in time of need.

I countered by adding that Satan inspires the resource leeches to pretend that they are in a time of need in order to trigger your God centered heart to give them something for nothing.

Loaning Money

Then they responded by saying that “it didn’t matter if they were truly in need or not, that if they were getting over on me, then God still knows my heart!”

Then I asked her, “would God be so foolish as to place it on your heart to give to someone who had the intentions of using you?”

So basically it was the mind of this individual to put themselves out there to be used and NOT the voice of God telling them that they should part with their resources.

We’ve got to stop putting God in our own desire to enable the users and leeches because we don’t get any credit in the afterlife for being a fool!

Now let me say that I do believe that God will inspire someone to be that angel who can make a difference for someone else who is going through a rough time in their life.

I know that this is the truth because literally out of nowhere in some very tight spots, help has come from total strangers when my closest so called friends wouldn’t budge to even think of extending and help to me in a true time of need.

So it’s a tricky position to be placed in when deciding to help someone or not. But I lean toward being suspicious when a person stops short of asking for help yet starts singing the pity party song in an attempt to make my heart melt in order to make me dig deep in my pockets to sponsor their damn laziness.

The number one and only rule that I go by when in doubt is I ask myself: “is this person in need truly going after something of relevance in their life?

Hard Work - Money

Are they striving for something and have a track record of discipline, hard work and sacrifice?

If those questions cannot be answered quickly in the deepest recesses of my mind then I cannot move forward with aiding them.

You see, in this game of hard work, supreme sacrifice and discipline, unless you are in that Brotherhood I refuse to throw my money, resources, time or any form of energy that I harness into their lost cause of a life.

Sound cruel?

Hopefully it does.

So many will blindly throw around their funds “doing God’s work” but never take the time to think that maybe God WANTS them to learn a hard lesson by taking the hard path as a way to teach them the consequences of their foolish choices.

So in essence your desire to help them is interfering with God’s work as He is using that hard path to bring that person to their knees to finally acknowledge Him!

In my daily employ driving the bus here in Orlando, you will encounter many who see you as a meal ticket – because they feel as though you make lots of money – and attempt to buddy up to you in order to create “an open account” that can be used at a later date.

They might be a friendly drunk who has spent his last dollar earned from begging knowing that he can hitch a free ride with you if he is cool with you.

“Hey buddy! It’s great to see you, I always have some very interesting conversations with you. Do you think you can help a friend with a free ride home because I think I spent my last two dollars mistakenly.”

Now after smelling the liquor on his breath after seeing him begging for money ALL DAY LONG just to fund his habit, I see no reason to help him when he felt that he can spend all of his money and then manipulate me to indirectly fund his drinking habit with a ride home!

…….I guess he learned a hard lesson after the six hour walk that he had no choice to take after not boarding my bus which was the last one. LOL!

My motto?

Work hard, play hard, cry broke and save your money!

Empty Pockets - No Money

But understand that the more shrewd and seasoned leeches know how to get stuff out of you by placing themselves in a real bad situation assuming that you’ll have no choice to help them.

Case and point:

There was a woman that was a few years older than me who lived in my neighborhood who happened to be very close to my family in the years that we lived there.

After some rough times that she went through in her life, unbeknownst to most in our community, she had developed a vicious Crack habit that was taking her down slowly right before our very eyes.

She was a very attractive woman and I will admit that I had a small crush on her when I was a young boy coming up.

So when she came to me to ask for a few dollars to fill her pantry and refrigerator, I did it without a second thought because of our lifelong connection in the community.

I actually took her to the supermarket and purchased about four huge shopping carts of groceries and personal items for her because I thought I was doing God’s work.

At this point I wasn’t aware of her drug habit and when she inquired again about getting more help from me I did it even faster because she was like family to me.

But after witnessing a few things as far as the types of people that were at her home that were know drug abusers and petty thieves, the handwriting was on the wall about what she was all about.

So when she came to me a third time about taking her food shopping, I had to kindly decline.

When she pushed me for an answer as to why, I had no choice but to tell her that I could only help her if SHE would make the effort to get help for her issue.


She knew exactly what I was speaking about and began to curse me out at the top of her lungs as though I never did a thing for her in my entire life!

Packed Refigerator - Money

So it didn’t matter that the two times that I did take her food shopping that I might have spend a combined amount of a little over one thousand dollars on her, what mattered now was the present and since I couldn’t do anything more to indirectly subsidize her crack habit, I had no value in her life!

So to avoid this very frustrating scenario again in my life I’ve vowed to leave the leeches alone once I discover who they are and simply: “Work Hard, Play Hard, Cry Broke & Save My Money!”

Now I have long peaceful evenings and weekends with my bills always paid on time while being able to save or a rainy day and a “not too far away” retirement.”

…….when these freshly banished leeches have an severe attitude with you, it truly lets you know that you’re doing something right!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Broke Brother,



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