Would Jesus Encourage His Disciples To Carry A Gun?

Ask any N.R.A. member about the title of this blog and they will twist up some sad excuse for an answer to support why Jesus would encourage his disciples to carry a gun.

The National Rifle Association is smoking hot mad at President Obama’s recent moves at more secure gun control laws. It’s almost like watching a kid cry after having their candy taken away!

Why is it that their tough talking members seem to rate their “strength” by the amount of guns and assault rifles that they have in their possession when they know good and damn well that they would NOT be talking so brazenly if they didn’t have their “little dildos for the ego” stacked away safely at home.

Guns & Christ

It’s all not based on power but fear, these guys are some of the most timid and easily frightened men and women to walk the face of the earth! How could I say this? Well put them to the test if they deny what I say and tell them to shun their guns and walk just as boldly ON the face of that same earth!

Can’t do it? Sure they can’t! Because their guns are their backbones and once their pseudo source of strength is removed, you will see them for the insecure cowards that they really are. Don’t tell anybody but I believe that the majority of the most fervent gun hoarders also suffer from erectile dysfunction and this is another way other than Viagra for them to get that rush of power and control back that they lost long ago during their mid-life crisis if they ever had it in the first place.

But it just seems to fit the profile and insecurities that I believe lurk abundantly in their soul.

Viagra Pill

Another point that I wanted to address is that these clowns even had the nerve to place an ad over the airwaves stating that President Obama is an Elitist and that his children are no better than yours yet THEY go to school with armed guards for protection!

Well let me ask those delusional self serving fools this…….What do you think the position of President of the United States entails when so many crazy people want him dead merely because he is a Black man in power? Don’t you think that with such a high visibility worldwide that someone might look to do harm to him and his family?

No one would have a problem with ANYONE having armed protection for the children going to school and beyond when they are the kids of the President and how DARE anyone even raise the question about it or make such a foolish statement about it also.

President Obama and his Daughters

The bottom line is that the N.R.A. and many who profit off of the sale of guns stand to lose lots of money if things become strict when it comes to the mandatory background checks and improved gun registration procedures. Now it may not change everything overnight but it’s a positive much needed start that will save lives over the long haul. But WHO can deny the landslide statistics that makes it obvious that America has a big problem when it comes to owning guns.

This is the problem that I have with most who blindly reject that we have a problem, how can you NOT see that there is something terribly wrong here?

Would it take an unfortunate incident to transpire in their inner circle or even worse possibly a family member for them to see the other side of the coin from which they refuse to acknowledge

Probably so, but these gun freaks are so far gone up the pike that maybe nothing can wake them up from the blood-lust to have the one up on their imaginary enemies until death visits them at their door in the most intimate of ways.

The segment of the media that is in bed with the N.R.A. is so quick to drum up the mass fear mongering needed for someone to get caught up in feeling scared that they haven’t a chance if they don’t stock up on their guns to feel safe. What’s ironic to me is that some of these same people will be more concerned that they are “strapped” at all times and not be more aware of the red light that they might run when highly intoxicated.

There are so many other major issues that we have in this country that are looming over our heads in the worst way in addition to our gross abuse in the way we handle firearms. Not to minimize it but what if drugs were legalized in this country, how would THAT affect the so called “War On Drugs in our inner cities where gun violence is an everyday occurrence and business as usual?


There are so many other things that we have to call out in this country that are interrelated with gun violence and it just doesn’t seem as though the people who profit the most from it don’t care. Just keep on believing the fear inducing broadcasts and buy up as many weapons as you could possibly afford. When you kill each other do know that you are on your own because NO ONE in the N.R.A. will know you then because they only wanted your dollar in the first place.

…….and this is what it’s all about people. M-O-N-E-Y.

Love your neighbor. Don’t fear them.

Treat everyone as you want to be treated.

Love everyone as you would love yourself.

Be a giver and do not steal.

Never alienate a human being because they might look different but reach out to them as you would a family member because they ARE!

Look for the similarities in one another instead of harping on the differences.

Don’t believe everything that is told to you in print and in the broadcast media.

…….now I can go on and on with these words but I believe you get the flavor of what I’m trying to say here. But if we all lived in a manner that reflected those few words that I wrote in the prior paragraph then the world would be a better happier place and The National Rifle association would literally dry up overnight!Guns & Christianity

Why? Because you do not need guns to embrace the love of God for your fellow man and the presence of weaponry suggests that another spirit is present. So for all of those who claim to be Christian then what do you say to that?

…….and let me ask you another question if you don’t mind:

Would Jesus encourage and condone his faithful followers and disciples to carry a gun if they truly believed that God’s Almighty protection was more than enough?

Feel free to passionate curse me out in the comment box below.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your “Armed With The Truth” Brother,


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