Would You Support Joe Paterno As A Great Man Of Character If He Caught Someone Screwing Your Child And Stayed Silent About It?

I have to admit that I really haven’t been following the story which centers on Pennsylvania State Head Football Coach Joe Paterno’s lack of effective and immediate action after Mike McQueary told him what he witnessed when he allegedly walked in on the former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky molesting a little 10 year old boy in the Penn State locker room back in 2002.

I watch the news clips of the public outrage that followed after Joe Paterno was fired from his job as Head Coach by the school. It made me wonder to myself how screwed up we are here in the United States of America and how our priorities are totally off if the love of mere sport and play can take precedence over the welfare of a child. Now wonder the country is going to hell in the express lane.

I also thought to myself if one of THEIR children or brothers were being molested by Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno caught wind of it and didn’t go immediately to the police would they still think he was such a wonderful guy?

I think not.

But while we as Americans tend to not care about the next person’s pain, it has sunk down to a new low with the rioting in favor of a man who shows that he is not morally upright at all!

Maybe Joe Paterno needs to go into politics, but then again judging from his despicable failure to take action in this case I guess he is already there.

Wow. Imagine how the reporting would have went if it were an angry group of Black Americans standing up for one who they supported? But then again I can’t say that, because most Black people who I know wouldn’t support ANYONE who failed to rescue a child from getting screwed in his ass.

…….as a matter of fact, you would be hard pressed to find any Black person who wouldn’t be out there ripping the place up to get at those responsible for such a travesty no matter WHAT the color of the victim! If it were a White child, an Asian child, Latino or Indian it wouldn’t matter to us, we wouldn’t go for that crap! But even in a righteous rage we would be painted by the media completely different than the majority Caucasian crowd who protested the firing of Joe Paterno.

It was amazing to see those who supported Joe Paterno come out in force, but imagine if those same sports crazed fanatics turned out to combat hunger, disease and poverty? The repetitive talking heads of the media tell us daily how this country has no money for the aforementioned causes yet we have untold BILLIONS to spend to indulge in the fairy tale world of high profile sports.

So don’t merely point the fingers at the Penn State University administration and all of the players involved who made the worst call in their entire career there, point the fingers at all of us who will allow this flawed system to continue on in “business as usual” fashion because we are so hell bent on worshiping these sports “icons” as though they are gods beside God!


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