“Some Of Y’all Nukka’s Want To Blame Everything On Slavery!” – Jazzilla Kong RAW & UNCUT!

Jazzilla Kong speaks what many are afraid to face and today it’s no different as our own Kween Jazzy exposes those lazy entities in the Black Community who insist that the reason why they have never achieved anything in this life is all because of Slavery.

Now don’t get it twisted, Kween Kong is not dismissing the effects of the terrible Holocaust of Black people and the effects that are going strong from it in our community today, she is specifically going in on those who are using it as an excuse when they know that they could good and damn well get up off of their backsides to accomplish something of note if only to maintain an independent existence without freeloading off of the next man or woman who has found a way to overcome against all odds!

THESE are the individuals who Jazzy despises and exposes because they are the people who make the entire Black community look bad because of their slothful ways.

At what point does the “Slavery Pass” end?

We know that we have been placed in an economical disadvantage after being used for free to build this stolen land for another so Kween Jazzilla does NOT agree with those who aggressively say that we as a people should “just get over it!”

While we will never allow the oppressor and the present day beneficiaries of our Holocaust to get away with what has been done to us by being silent, we will also weed out those who that very same oppressor loves to showcase in his media as constantly claiming that they cannot be productive human beings because of Slavery to cover for their lazy ways!

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