You Are A Threat

You are a threat when you do not partake in the filth of your oppressor. When all you speak of is how many “hoes” you have laid with the night before or how many drugs and liquor you have consumed, they don’t have a problem with it because in their twisted condescending mind that is your place! And you never EVER disappoint their low expectations of you!

You don’t threaten their stronghold on your life because you have foolish small insignificant things on your mind!

You are not the mover and a shaker that you were created to be! We are doing a great job multiplying but most of us are not doing a damn thing about subduing it!

Speak of NOT committing those petty crimes to shut down the system that profits from us being locked down. Speak of creating a Heaven on earth by respecting your community and not tearing it down by selling drugs to your Sisters and Brothers. Speak of defending yourself, your family and community from any and all attempts on your well being by any means necessary.

Speak of consuming the best for your wonderfully made body by growing your own food food free, straight out of the earth with all of the known and unknown nutrients that your body needs for a pristine life! Who knows better than the one true God who made you on what substances to fuel your physical essence with? ( Your oppressor fools you with a colorful pretty package of toxic chemicals and a seemingly harmless catchy jingle to steer you to his wicked fast food establishments made to appear as though it is good for you! GOOD FOR YOU? NO! Good for HIS bank account and nothing else! )

Speak of finally OWNING the store instead of always being the disrespected customer that fuels the lavish lifestyle of those who care not about your condition! Speak of NOT consuming these substances that have us out of our true righteous mind and set us up to perceive reality other than what it is to “act a fool” and get locked up!

Speak of STAYING with your family that GOD has blessed you to create and NEVER leaving because of some trivial misunderstanding, falling victim to the evil seducing snakes and whispering spirits who wait on the sidelines ready to help tear a family apart. Those covertly jealous girlfriends of yours with “sincere advice” who could never get their own lives together and those shadowy acquaintances of your man/husband who possess inviting cleavages and secret agendas.

Speak of taking your time to build a solid foundation over a prolonged period of time and not going for the fast returns just because this is blasted into your subconscious mind day in and day out within the images and destructive messages of their media!

Speak in THAT manner and you WILL be targeted because you break THEIR hustle of US! Most of us sadly are a slave to something that the oppressor benefits from! Whether it be food, liquor, drugs, or the laziness that comes from a check in the mail that we didn’t work for! That list can continue on to infinity!

Do you truly understand what it means to be in the world and not a part of it? Discipline and TRUE purging of their world will truly set you free from their relentless grip!

Come Out Of Her My People……..


Lance Scurvin

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