You Are Doing Something Wrong If You Live Your Life Fearing Death!

In my observation, too many people are so preoccupied with the fear of death that they forget that they are on this earth to live!

As far as I’m concerned, if you do things right on this level of existence, then everything else in the afterlife will take care of itself properly. So why sweat it?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are many lessons in the physical that point to how things in the spiritual work. Why many of us cannot understand the spiritual plane is because we are trying to mentally encompass something in the limited physical mind.

While there are watered down lessons in the physical of the spiritual plane for us all to learn from, it will take you to jump start your spiritual being in order to truly understand it completely.

This world was made perfect and in a precise order by our Creator yet it was us who’ve allowed sin to get between us and a good thing. So because of our misdeeds we are living in a world that has become so tainted with all things false that we’ve become confused as to what is real and what is not!

Have I lost you yet?

Well, because of our sinful indulgences, we have turned our back on that righteous voice that speaks to us from within that tells us right from wrong and gives us the upper hand on anything in our midst that doesn’t have our best interests in mind.

We have become disconnected from the God source and are wandering about the face of the earth without our spiritual GPS system connected and are running into some very bad situations in life because of this.

In turn, since we have opted to live in sin we are in the wilderness traveling aimlessly and know that there is a price to pay for our transgressions and this is one of the reasons why we fear death so much.

Angel Of Death

The divine system is still perfect yet we as sinners know this and fear the consequences long before our time has come instead of turning away from sin and walking the straight and narrow path.

Think not? Well let me prove it…….

Have you ever experienced being in the presence of someone who has truly lived a Godly life and has strived to walk in obedience to divine law?

Now I’m not speaking about that hypocritical weekend holy roller for which they come a dime a dozen.

…….I’m speaking about that one person who lives with an unwavering faith.

…….that person who still maintains a true smile on their face after facing some of the most terrifying life experiences that would put most individuals in the crazy house.

……that type of person who is not only the bedrock of strength for their family but who is also cherished by the community around them regardless as to what faith they possess or how diligent they are in THEIR personal walk with God.

…….you see, even a straight up worldly sinner who ain’t even looking for God will respect the light of God that reflects off of this type of person when they cross paths with them. Even people full of the devil must and will bow down!

It’s THIS kind of person that NEVER fears death!

You show me a person that truly believes in God and I will show you a person that doesn’t fear death!

Maybe they feared death in their foolish sinful periods in life or maybe they feared it in their spiritual infancy but NEVER with a full fledged certified person of the spirit ever fear making that transition because they know that their spiritual bags are paced and ready for that sweet trip home!

Yet, because of the calm and centeredness that comes from the peace of mind which is a by product of knowing that one is ready for the divine transition, they can now truly enjoy the gift of life without living in transgression and retreating to the shadows because they know that they are washed clean of sin and possess a set of clean mental, physical and mental filters that are unclogged and allow them to truly absorb the goodness of life!

This is the type of life that I want! This is the kind of mentality and outlook that I personally crave and you just can’t purchase it in the mall! You can’t get it from a pill and you damn sure can’t possess it by giving all of your money to that false teacher to whom you call pastor!

This state of being only comes from the awareness that comes after diligently comes from seeking the symbolic face of God in every endeavor that we execute.

It has nothing to do with your worldly status, it has nothing to do with what you may now do for a living. Whether you are a high paid financial investor or a so called peasant of a toilet scrubber we all have an equal chance of getting this gift that will allow us to erase the fear of death if we only release the desire for the inferior pleasures of the flesh to go higher into something everlasting that can never perish like the passing things we seem to honor so much.

Eternal Life

I’m not here to preach to anyone, I’m only attempting to share a level of existence that I’m seeing clearer more than before as I, like anyone else am a work in progress and am flawed in my present state.

Lets all try to realize that life is precious and time is limited so that we can seek to enjoy and learn from the lessons of life to gain a high level of understanding to know that what goes down on this earth determines what happens with is for an eternity!

You have no reason to get uptight when the police are driving close behind you if your license is clear and you’re not driving dirty just the same way you don’t have ro fear death when you know that you’ve come to a point in your life when you have banished your desire for the sinful “amenities” in life!

Love. Live. Learn. Lead.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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