You Are The Greatest Miracle To Happen To You In Your Entire Life!

You are the greatest miracle to happen to you in your entire life…….

God made you in a unique and special way that has not, is not and WILL not ever be duplicated by anyone because no one else has the power to create anything as compelling and as special as you.

In this life we have encountered situations and scenarios that has chipped away at our ability to believe this fact and too many of us have forgotten how great of a creation that we really are.

This is not narcissism to speak this way, this is fact. And if anyone tries to tell you any different they are either hellbent on controlling you for their purposes or are trying to keep you in a place where you will never spread your wings and fly into the magnificent destiny promised and guaranteed to you by your Creator if you would only believe in the seeds of greatness that lurk eagerly within every fiber of your being.

Know that it is a battle everyday for your mind as satan wants you NOT to shine because for you to exude your greatness to the world is a direct compliment to the Mighty God who made you!

So it is YOUR MISSION to shine and shine without apology!

I will say it again, YOU are the greatest miracle to happen to you in your entire life!

Yes, it is difficult sometimes in our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional infancy to embrace this thought but believe me when I tell you, once the beautiful rays of self acceptance and self love shine through all of the gloom that this world constantly tries to put on us as though we are not worthy, NOTHING could ever stop you from becoming that ultimate model of yourself that outshines all previous versions that were ever in existence!

We are to know that we as human being are NOT the only ones to shed tears of joy because when you manifest all that God put inside of you and have made the commitment to walk in the path of obedience that He has planned for us, even God Almighty HIMSELF will weep feverishly tears of overwhelming happiness at your divine ascension just like that single mother who struggled for years with her several fatherless children only to watch them graduate high school, college and move on to a life of what every righteous Mother desires for her children.

God feels the same way about us too just like that Mother.

Of COURSE He does! He MADE us! So to come into the knowledge of how great of creation we are after being uniquely fashion by HIS hands is our way of saying “Thank you Daddy for making me as you have and forming me into the image that was made after you!

We ALL know that God is the greatest but you have to understand is that God is all UP in your D.N.A!

This world is also a wonderful launching pad FOR that greatness to manifest, but because God so loved us and did NOT want us to feel as though we are being railroaded by Him in this life as we move about it encountering the crossroads and valleys of decision, He gave us the ability of free will to make our own decisions in our lives even when it may not have been what HE desired for us in His infinite understanding of us more so than what WE know of ourselves!

LanceScurv Pool

Isn’t that something? God knows us more than we know ourselves, He knows all about those secrets that we hide from the world yet at the same time He has never and will never turn His back on us even when all others have rejected us.

But at the same time if we take a step in this life utilizing our ability of free will then we must face the consequences and need not to ask our Father to take away the penalty for our stupidity and foolish choices. We should understand that when we venture off into a decision to where we refused to ask His approval then we have walked away from the covering of His protection into a free for all where anything can happen to us.

It is in those times that we should come “running back home” to our Father and it is in those times that we forget how precious we are to Him even when He allows us to take a fall.

You must know that even though we are the greatest miracle to ever happen in our lives that we can also become the worst nightmare to ourselves and when this is the case the only way to rectify this situation is to totally submit to God’s will and the sad trajectory over our lives that WE chose through free will will immediately and abruptly change as the Master Captain has taken control of the ship that has become our lives and would have surely capsized if not for this wonderful thing called divine intervention!

So what does this tell you?

It tells you that your true and ultimate potential will NEVER be realized unless it is under the direct order of God Himself. Sure, you can become great in the worlds eyes and attain mind boggling achievements according to THIS world and THEIR shallow standards but it will NEVER compare to the heights that you will rise to when backed by the same God who created the moon, stars, earth and every living thing within HIS universe as well as the universe itself!

Understand that the difference in being successful in man’s world as opposed to being successful in God’s will is that your success when obedient will not DIE at your passing from this earth as it will continue to flow into the hereafter with a momentum that one on this plane of existence could never comprehend!

So understand that as long as you are obedient to His will, you will always be the greatest miracle to happen to you in your entire life!

Am I saying that you are a greater miracle than the salvation given to us by being saved? NO!

I am merely saying that for us to even EMBRACE the act of being saved we have to know that God resides IN us and when we reach out to Him we automatically start the process of cleansing ourselves from the iniquities of this world and begin to move closer to what He desires for us in this life without partaking in the abundance of filth that is in our midst every single day of our life!

If we understood that God resides inside of us then maybe we wouldn’t do some of the things that we do.

If we understood that God resides inside of us then we wouldn’t allow our mates to beat up on us and take it because we would know that the holiest of spirits has taken residence inside of us and we are BETTER than that to allow anyone to abuse us in ANY manner!

If we understood that God resides within us we would never beat ourselves up for not looking like those “chopped up through plastic surgery” “altered through liposuction” “airbrushed” “photshopped” images that are broadcast out to the universe by the media mind control machine and into our subconscious minds to profit off our insecurities in a way that will keep them rich for a very very long time!

So no matter HOW much gray has gotten into your hair or how much weight has accumulated around your waistline or how far away you look now from back in the days when you were at your physical best in your younger years understand that when you submit to God’s will over your life that you will eventually be the BEST version of you to EVER walk the face of the earth and the shine that comes from you will NEVER make you feel as though your best days are behind you because THAT in itself is a lie from the pits of hell!

Do me a favor and go into the bathroom, take off ALL of your clothes and look at yourself no matter WHAT you look like and TELL yourself that through God, you are the greatest miracle to happen to you in your life and you claim your new life by submitting to HIS law and guidance over your life because you are sick and tired of doing it YOUR WAY!

For most of us, having free will only allowed us to come running back “home” bruised up, busted up and beat down with a precious lesson in our hearts that our father’s way is the best way!

But know that too many weren’t as blessed as you to realize and understand this as some of the same people that you used to run with NEVER had the opportunity to “come back home” because they are six feet under!

But as long as you have the gift of life you can RISE! As long as you can see the mountain you can CONQUER the mountain not because you on your own possesses the raw might to do so but because the ONE standing behind you backing you up has EMPOWERED you to conquer that mountain because HE is the one who is allowing it to make YOU stronger by rising above it!


God did not wake you up this morning because you are useless, you got that mess from someone else and internalized it on your OWN!

God did not tell you that you are not good enough, you laid with losers and woke up with a mindset of negativity that could not be found in anything God-like and was not intended to even infiltrate your thought patterns!

God did not make you a bum, and no matter how many people tell you that you are through direct words or an inference it has only permeated your psyche because you signed off on it from being away from the one that has always made you feel as though the impossible is possible!

So understand that within YOU are the seeds of greatness just waiting to be fed righteously and to grow into your unique and wonderful destiny but it is up to YOU to embrace this to cultivate that garden of vast potential by weeding out the bad elements and feeding/watering your soul until the world sees what was always inside of you dormant when you lived that life that branded you as whatever people use to throw up in your face when they see you rising above!

Know that these same people who are trying so hard to discourage you and keep you feeling down about yourself are the same ones that have nothing positive to do in theirs!

When you have fallen they will treat you so nicely because your downtrodden state of mind only gives them the insurance that you will always stay DOWN with them and never make them look bad by rising to your destiny. But know that they are NOT your true friends because your true friends only want for you the best just as they want the best for them!

So if you have the mindset of negativity that is fighting you down from making those first few steps toward the obedience to God’s laws that will bring you up immediately, understand that THAT mindset is not part of you but a spiritual infection that MUST be treated immediately before proceeding to the next steps of attaining your success!

But never forget that even in your infected state that you are STILL the greatest miracle to happen to you in your entire life. Why? Well, aside from your Creator who loves you dearly, YOU will never leave you and YOU will never hurt yourself willingly and YOU will always love yourself and if anything tries to get between you knowing these basic truths about yourself then you need to banish it immediately!

No one is saying that it will be easy but understand that the effort to get to that place is worth it more than you can imagine because it takes absolutely NOTHING to stay in that place of doubt basking in the gravy of defeat while laying down in that plate of self pity.

So since you now know that you will always love you more than anyone else other than God than why must you place so much weight on that abusive relationship that YOU chose to get tangled up in?

And since you now know that you will never hurt you then WHY do you continue to allow others to put yourself down when your loving God wants you to become this year the latest greatest version of yourself that has ever walked the earth? You can NEVER get there by holding on to those who pull left when you are pulling right – who pull you down when you are trying to push yourself up – who sit back and attempt to arrest and bind up your positive thoughts when you are desiring to activate that gift of positive thought!

How can you look at yourself in that same mirror everyday and tell yourself that you are “fat” when you possess such a beauty that runs deeper than the sight of any superficial person that will echo those same negative words in order to keep you from going higher.

Your physical dimensions can and will always be corrected and altered with a healthy diet, hard work and time, but you are here on this earth and was gently awakened by your God because you have a purpose and a great worth to Him in this wonderful place and life that you have been gifted with. So let NO ONE tell you ANYTHING different than what YOUR Might God promised you!

Shouldn’t He know this thing better than anyone? If God said it, consider it law!

You can NEVER be the greatest miracle to happen to yourself if you leave HIM out of the equation…….

Let me hear from you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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August 18, 2015 2:18 AM

Good stuff I love positive ppl

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