You Can Never Get Broken Down On The Roadside Of Life Once You’ve Received A Divine Tuneup In The Shop Of Your Creator!

The world that we currently live in is the world of grin and bear it. A world of Photoshopped perfection. No one, according to the doctored Facebook status reports of their lives, is under any duress.

We are all (Not all, but most of us who are not enlightened and empowered with the divine light) pressure cookers about explode at the slightest perception of discomfort yet we feign an existence of total bliss and synchronization with God universe…..but please tell me how can we when we do not follow His instructions over our lives?

After most suicides, as the police investigate the last individuals to see the deceased, they always seem to come up with an answer from those people that they were doing just fine and nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary when they saw them.

Isn’t that something? Here we have many who are planning to take their own lives and are under a type of fraudulent impression that things will get better for them if they take away something that they couldn’t ever have given to themselves as the gift that it is! The
seen and unseen negative forces of this world love it when this happens because now they have another lost soul to devour for

Why is it that so many of us appear to have it all together and can even look cool under stress up to a certain level but crumble when
things really get tough and quit the struggle altogether and sometimes NEVER come back to their previous form?

It’s because we are not as connected as we pretend to be! It’s like these newfangled vehicles that look so good parked next to the curb
but fail miserably when asked to perform the most menial of tasks out on the open road.

But maybe we should take a hint from those really fast high priced exotic sports cars and utilize the principles that are used in building them to be the exceptional pieces of dynamic machinery that we are supposed to be!

Wait a minute!

Did we hear you say Scurv “dynamic machinery that WE are supposed to be?”

Yes you did.

Do you think that the people over at Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini know more than God does? Those creators of great vehicles PALE in comparison to what is in the divine planning board of the Almighty when comparing this thing called creation and a damn car!

What are you nuts?

The difference between the two, meaning the sports car and us as human beings, is that we respect the vehicle more than we respect our vast potential and the divinity within each other! When we see each other, I could imagine what thoughts go through our collective minds and it truly shows that while we may profess a love for God and all of His creations (Which includes that gossiping church sister who thinks she can sing but can’t and always leaves the microphone warm and stinkin’ when it is time for you to sing!), our hearts are not where they should be if we are truly honest with ourselves.

But we almost stop in our tracks when a sports car drives down the street! In awe we will stand until it leaves our view as it appears
that we are giving it some type of “silent salute” by our inaction while it drove by.

But let one of you downtrodden Brothers or Sisters walk by you and if they appear to be down and out on their luck you won’t even pay them any mind at all and if truth be told you won’t even hardly speak as though you feel that to do so would be a complete burden!

Why are we so full of ourselves? Why do we take ourselves so seriously? Imagine, most of us can’t even balance our own checkbook
successfully or maintain a healthy happy relationship yet we have our pompous asses up on our shoulders as though we are the author of all God’s creation!

But back to the point of being that divine dynamic machinery…….

Have you ever noticed how sports cars are made to handle the high speeds that they were built for and to be able to really show how they can perform in those challenging rough roads that possess those unexpected twists and turns? They will leave the “cookie cutter” mediocre vehicles that weren’t built for such performance far behind when those moments of truth arrive.

These rare machines will not only reach high speeds but maintain stability around the sharp turns seemingly gripping the road as they make the turns. Their suspension drops and takes a lower stance and center of gravity that guarantees that it won’t rollover out of control or spin out.

Well what makes them so much more different than any other four wheeled driving machine? Isn’t it the same rubber on the tires, fuel in the tank, glass in the windshield and engine under the hood? Granted, a high end vehicle is more powerful and tuned finer in the principles of efficiency but is that all there is to it?

The key word in the prior sentence is “principles”.

While a sports car has the principles that make it an exceptional driving machine over and above what the majority of us drive, we need to get back to the principles that have at one time made us the best of all of Gods creations and not the major disappoints that we have become with the poor performance that has given the world absolutely no indication of the vast potential that has been planted so very deep inside of us.

Like that sports car hugging the ground during the rough turns, we need to remember how to “get low” during the rough challenging times in our lives and get down on our knees to pray to our God. It’s the only foolproof method to NOT losing the control of our sanity, senses and perceptions to not being swept off of the track of life.

Our rough turns may be in the form of a stressed relationship, a bit of bad news after a regular medical checkup, the pain that a disobedient child can bring or the pressure to maintain our increasing financial obligations while watching our earnings diminish.

Getting on our knees and praying to our God is the ONLY pit stop that will be effective in our lives! Trust me, anything else is a waste of time!

We need to follow the instructions in our divine owners manual and acknowledge that we are also very much a spiritual being that needs the maintenance that we have overlooked so terribly in the pursuit of crossing those carnal worldly finish lines.

If we followed through regularly with those mandatory tuneups of soul, we wouldn’t have to feel that the only way through a problem would be to commit suicide, we would never lose that feeling of hope and faith because our spirit would be constantly refilled with the high octane fuel that would power us through any situation large or small that crosses our path!

In this world as it is we need to truly rewire ourselves and change our entire outlook on what we consider success and what we strive for with the little time that we have available to us in this life. If not, the sweetness that we thought we would have once we made it to a particular financial status will always elude us until we recalibrate our lives according to the specifications set forth by our Lord and God.

This is why these inevitable breakdowns will continue to occur in our midst so do make sure that the next one doesn’t involve you!

The only guarantee is to follow the Word of God down to the last letter and your life will run smoothly even through the rough times.

……..and if truth be told, that’s a warranty that is backed by the mighty hand of God Himself!!!!!


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