You Can’t Serve Two Masters But So Many Damn Sure Try In Cyberspace!

So many of you need to make up your mind as to what master you’re going to serve!

To say that many are confused is the understatement of the year!

Growing up in New York City many years ago as a young teenager, I was exposed to many things that most grown folks in the present day have only heard about.

What did I mean by that?

While I was raised in a clean peaceful home with only the most edifying influences constantly at my fingertips, I took it upon my curious self to slip off into the Manhattan to get lost in its glorious nightlife to observe first hand the destructive vices that many wayward adults indulge in under the cover of night.


So after many decades of “knowing” of certain particular activities and the types of entities that are addicted to them, you can definitely spot those who have deceived the world around them but not one like myself who has a trained eye.

It was always easy for me to see the men who were not faithful to their wives.

It was never an issue to understand when someone constantly craved my presence because of some selfish ulterior motive that would bring them some type of advancement at my expense.

My radar was sharp enough to know when to get in the wind when I knew a woman smothered me with the promise of providing a never ending sexual bliss only to get herself into a strategic position to get her hands on my checkbook.


That being said, now that I’ve gotten heavier into the online experience because of my artistic endeavors, I can’t help but notice the same characters that I’ve been trained to spot because of my life experiences growing up in the big city.

Cyberspace has given these deceptive entities an even deeper cover from which to operate their schemes on the psyches of the unsuspecting gullible sheep of the masses.

But they don’t fool me, I call them out as I see them in my mind and chuckle when they attempt to pass themselves off as something that they’re not.

Never before have I seen so many Authors, Playwrights, Entrepreneurs, Writers, Prophetesses, Preachers, Perpetual Pimps and self proclaimed Revolutionaries come out of the woodwork so brazenly as I have on the internet.

Attention Whore

The systems of checks and balances that exist in the face to face dealings of people in civilized society to keep them from claiming such lofty statuses are simply not there when no one is present except for a computer, a keyboard and a huge imagination that contains illusions of grandeur.

Now this is where it gets hot! You can be whatever you want to be and to exist on this cyber-plane is more powerful than any drug known to man when your self esteem is not where it should be.

That aging fat woman can recapture the attention that she once enjoyed in her youth.

That toothless broke old man who can barely pay the rent for the roach infested single room in a ghetto flophouse can try his luck using the slick lines that gained him the entry into the many pocketbooks of the naive women who have supported him all of his life.

You instantly become the celebrity mega-preacher that you’ve always dreamed of being, all you need is an internet connection and an online radio show filled with a captive audience to whom you can inflict your ego driven rambling rants on.

Joel Osteen

So now in the present world you can live a dual existence without your various worlds ever knowing each other…..this makes it easy for a person to find themselves in a state of denial about who they really are.

…….a dangerous place to find oneself indeed.

So because of this self induced state of schizophrenia, a person can be anyone who you want to be without any shame about it.

You have so many women out here proclaiming to be staunch Christians yet they get up on the internet at night using their physical charms to seek the same monetary gains from the men of power in her world that a street corner hooker tries to secure on a more visible and less lucrative level.

The internet breeds the men who put the name of Jesus first in their carnal filibusters in order to get that free pass to scoop up the countless women with great credit scores, deep pockets and moist coochies.

Serve Two Masters

All in the name of the Lord!

Why is it that we hide our dirt in God’s name and pretend that He has signed off on our mess as though we won’t have a price to pay?

The very word that you pimp to the people and don’t practice yourself is the same word that you’ll have to answer to. Make up your mind as to who your master is and stop drawing the gullible into your web of confusion! For their blood will be on your hands when the time of judgment arrives.

You all know who you are, and trust me, I know the frauds around me in my world too. You would get more respect if you would do what you do and not trying to pass your ass off as an honorable person.

Like I love to say and I’ll say it again, I’ve see more respect in the whorehouse or the crack-spot than I’ve ever seen in the church house or the political realm over and above!

So if you think I’m talking out of my head, then go and live life for another few years and you just might agree with my words because all you see is not all that they try to make it to be!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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