You Don’t Fit The Profile Young Man Because You Don’t Look Like “One Of Them”, So Just Take A Verbal Warning And Go Shoot A Congresswoman In The Head, Take Care!


Whenever we have to endure a horrific event such as the one that took place in Tucson Arizona with the attempted killing of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, so many compelling angles begin to surface as the true origins that lead up to that fateful point unfurl.

It is always accepted as fact that hindsight is 20/20 but when we observe the various news programs that have been digging deep into this story it is obvious that this young man named Jared Lee Loughner definitely had major issues that those who crossed his path either had to ignore or were just in plain denial about!

I mean really now!

Look at the bizarre behavior that he exhibited while he was in the classroom, why went he referred to some type of mental health program to evaluate why he was acting the way he did?

When he returned home acting as antisocial as he did always wearing a hood over his head (When before this behavior was not common for him) then why didn’t his parents look into what was bothering him or what may have been on his mind?

Why are the supposed checkpoints that are in place to passively observe the masses at first before taking positive action to prevent such travesties failing us so badly?

I am quite sure that many of you have seen the CNN coverage of the Arizona bloodbath as repetitiously as I did but did any of you notice the dude with the fuchsia plum hair color who was commenting on some of the previous bizarre behavior of Mr. Loughner?

Who said that this “guy” was an authority on what was bizarre or not?

Here HE was speaking about what was peculiar in another man’s behavior yet he was sitting up there on national television in front of the cameras with some freaked out hairstyle looking like something walking down the street on Halloween! They needed to take HIM in to see what in the hell was wrong with HIM! Please don’t sell him a gun! He might be the next one to go out on a rampage and shooting spree! Lol! I know many were afraid to say it but I’m not!

But this is another reason the United States of America gets no respect on a world scale, because we encourage, house and showcase every foul and wicked spirit as though it is quite alright in the eyes of our Maker to do so!

They could have found someone better than THAT to comment on Jared Loughner’s behavior but they knew GOOD and damn well what they were doing!

See? There goes CNN pushing their covert agenda again at every opportunity to make perversion fair seeming in the eyes of our children but NO! I better stop before I am labeled a bully!

But now to get to the meat and potatoes of what I have to share, if Jared Lee Loughner were a Black man those shootings would have NEVER taken place!


Because it was revealed that approximately two hours before the shootings took place that Jared Loughner ran a red light and was
actually pulled over by the authorities and merely issued a verbal warning for his traffic violation.



Not only would I have been ticketed (Rightfully so if I had ran the red light! I can accept being wrong and righteously reprimanded by the law for any wrong doing), but I would most likely have been asked to have my vehicle searched and if I refused I know the cops would have found a way to detain me until a search warrant to eventually find absolutely NOTHING suspicious or illegal.

But just think of how much energy is spent on profiling the innocent Black men here in this country while “others” who don’t fit my
“profile” go through undetected to cause death and bloodshed because of a predetermined set of sick twisted standards that serve NO ONE except those that suffer through an unfounded paranoia whose consequences cost people their life’s and affect entire families!

And Im NOT saying to not pull over a Black man who truly may be suspicious or really fit a “legitimate” profile for a crime that has
recently taken place. But dang! Spread the love to everyone Mr. Police Officer because these days ANYONE can be capable of being a cold blooded killer White OR Black!

America, it’s TIME to grow up and move beyond the “ratings driven rhetoric” that keeps these politicians who in actuality are wanna be celebrities whose only concerns are the never ending tsunami of cash that they can receive from the sale of their books and the cult like Tea Party speaking engagements by keeping their “irrelevant to the real issues” names in the headlines!

But as long as we as a people continue in this deadly trajectory of death, expect this year and the rest of our time here in this melting pot of confusion to witness even more senseless acts of murder “brought to you by” the country that wants to take God and prayer out of our schools!

This is the result of our refusal to STAND UP for what we know to be a REAL MORALITY and not be made afraid and impotent to speaking out as individuals of divine character and substance for this foolishness that we KNOW that the folks who rasied up back in the day wouldn’t tolerate!

Remember when they told us how this world would be according to Biblical prophesy? Well comrades, IT’S HERE!

The question that remains is, will YOU be afraid to to have the BALLS to be men and women like they were and speak truth from the mountaintops?

Only you can answer that later on when you look in the mirror…….

As always, the pleasure is mine.

Let me hear from you.

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