You Don’t Have To Apologize To Anyone For Your Plans Of Success!

Success is not some far off distant dream or world that you speak on but may never realize. It is not a gamble nor is it by chance. Success and the realization of your dreams pass you by everyday and are within your grasp and are actually begging for you to come to it and make it happen.

Mtume – So You Wanna Be A Star

Why are many of us not successful in our chosen fields of endeavor? Because we really deep down do not believe that we can attain them, we do not really want them bad enough and have lost the divine connection to the righteous principles that will bring us there.

Notice I said righteous principles, I didn’t say righteous people because those out here in the world who are enjoying the overwhelming abundance of financial blessings couldn’t tell you the last time they even SAW the inside of a church! That leaves many of the religious feeling as that it must be holier to be poor because their practices are damn sure not giving them anything in this world.

You don’t have to be a church wallflower to work the divine laws of financial independence in your life. No matter what the small town cult like hijacked “True (False when you begin to investigate their intentions and changing of God’s word)) Teachings of Christ” spinmasters and “Pastor Pimps” tell you about the exclusive benefits of submitting to “their doctrine only” and keeping your ears open only to them success on this earth is here for everyone!

It is a very big world out here and how dare you think you can execute the same old tired actions around the same old draining losers you call friends and expect completely different results?

The point in this writing that I want to stress is keeping your mouth shut when visualizing a goal. It takes time to get a vision developed in your mind in graphic detail.  It takes deep meditation and prayer to get the “A OKAY” from your Creator to move forward with HIS permission.

You do not go out and “blabber” your vision to those who are not trying to run down a vision of their own. Even when they are motivating toward something higher than the space they are in now, it is an insult to your God to “run the idea by them” first before consulting through prayer your desire first with God. By going to another human being no matter WHO they are first, you are setting yourself back big time because when all is said and done, you have to start the process with the Divine One first.  I mean, what could anyone else tell you that God can’t? To consult with anyone other than our Divine Father is comparable to attempting to fill a bucket with water that is full of holes and has no bottom! It never had a chance to fill up no matter how much water is put in it.

There is a time in the process once you have the thumbs up from God in your life to move forward in consulting with others about what your vision is in a general manner. NOT SPECIFIC, but in a roundabout way. You must reach out to those who are doing the damn thing! You must seek out those who have the wisdom who already possess a proven track record in their field whether it is the field that you have chosen to embark on or whether it is something totally different from your vision.

Why would you go to someone who is in a different field you say?

I say this because wisdom is not relegated to any one avenue in business. It is based on principles and many of us think that if we wanted to open up a shoe store that we must only speak with those who have a shoe store in business already.

That is a big mistake!

Now yes, there is a time for you to get specific and target other businesses that are similar to yours but when approaching ANY NEW TASK  your must emulate the flight of a hawk who spots his prey undetected from high above but doesn’t swoop down too quickly without circling the general area and getting acquainted with the many factors that exist in the area he intends to get its next meal from.

What if there was a natural enemy in the vicinity of its target?

Then it would be wise to move on to a different prospect. But if greed and narrow mindedness drove that hawk to ignore all other signs of danger to itself in that area, then the prey that it would swoop down and eventually devour would be its last meal indeed. So research and take your time before moving down on the next step in your plan.

Also realize that common sense never came with a degree.

You never had to go to school to get a common sense degree did you? It is something learned from the “hands on” lessons in life. So many of us are hung up on a degree that we never take the initiative to MAKE things happen with the sense of urgency that many who come here as immigrants (legal & so called illegal!) do and make tens of millions of dollars within a few years while you sit down a brag about a retirement that will divvy out pennies to the dollar for the many decades you gave in dedicated servitude to a corporate, private or governmental plantation fraudulently masking itself as a well paid job that was never really meant to serve you properly in the first place!

So wisdom can come from the most humble of sources indeed.

This brings to mind the little old toothless Black man who sold ice cream from his truck but only had a third grade education. Many felt sorry for him as he ventured out into the neighborhoods day after long day, month after month and year after year to make a humble living for himself. What many never realized was that this man had three houses that were paid for. Purchased the necessities for his family with ease and gave back more to the community than you or I could in a whole year! He would travel when HE WANTED and never had to ask anyone’s permission, not when a boss tells you that you could have a mere week with taxed pay.

What perks!

But many wouldn’t believe that those few dollars he would get from every household in the neighborhood would add up to a fortune for him! Many of us who are cut from the envious cloth of Black people would have probably stop buying from him altogether if they knew how nicely he was living from the few ice cream cones we would buy from him after feeling sorry for this toothless old dude!

He once shared with me that leaving his teeth out was part of the image he wanted to project!


Many who saw him in another city dressed down and looking sharp as a tack in a luxury vehicle (That he NEVER drove in the neighborhoods that he sold ice cream in!) swore up and down that it couldn’t be the old ice cream man, especially when he wore his teeth that day! LOL!

Understand that while many will smile with you as you advance your plan and rise up to a new and improved reality, some smiles will turn to grimaces when they witness your success in front of their very eyes. It is not a negative thing to speak on but a proactive way of preparing for the inevitability of human nature. By being prepared you will not have to go through the waste of time that experiencing a major shock will bring once the ugly trait of jealously rears its head through a trusted confidante that you would have never thought would feel that way.

Write it off as the price of advancement.

When you look deep down as to who this person was after all it may not shock you because they may have lived content in a stagnant life so why do you think they want to see you rise up? Get rid of them like a used diaper! Better is waiting for you! You don’t have to “stay back” to satisfy anyone and if they make you feel uncomfortable with the burning ambition that you hold inside then it is time to make a decision.

Either you decide to utilize the gifts God has given to you to work your way to a new destiny or relegate yourself to a miserable life of mediocrity that will surely take a downward spiral to nothingness. What kind of year you look back on this time NEXT year is up to you!

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