“You Have A Facebook Friend Request From: The Devil!” Are Social Networks A Gift From God Or A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?

You have GOT to living on a different planet or literally LOCKED UP if you haven’t joined some type of social networking site! BlackPlanet, MySpace, Twitter or Facebook are a few of the many dozens of networking sites that have captured the imaginations of young and old alike, crossing cultural lines and lifestyles. If you DON’T get down with one of these cyber addictions then someone close to you does! This goes for text messaging too!

Wait! I didn’t really mean to call it a cyber addiction, although it can possibly become that for some, but that TOO depends on the person.

Try to imagine describing this phenomenon to someone if you could go back in time 20 years ago! Try to tell them about this Facebook thing (I’m just using Facebook as an example but YOU can fill in whichever site you fancy! For the sake of simplicity in this Scurvblog, I will use Facebook as the poster boy for ALL social networking websites.) and how it has gotten into the minds of the population as intensely as the crack epidemic did back in the early 1980’s! Try to make them imagine how powerful this need is to be connected has them actually taking their eyes OFF of the road while driving at brisk speeds to look down at their mobile phones to see who sent them a note on Facebook or a text message directly on their phone!

Must be sweet because they are risking their lives LITERALLY to do this!


It MUST be better than the things a playful “in love” (Or in lust, take your pick!) couple might do while driving slowly down the road listening to some romantic love song and very much “in the mood”, yessss, it MUST be! You know why I say this? Because MORE people are killed using their mobile phones to text while driving and access the internet than any rolling session of oral sex EVER has!

And THAT’S being REAL!

Not to get off of the subject, but you don’t hear the Reporter on the Eleven O’clock Nightly Local News stating that “Today, Eight Lovers Were Killed In Various States Across The Country Due To Intense Blowjobs Experienced While Driving, It’s An Epidemic That Has Federal Authorities Considering Major Action To Negate This Abuse Within The Next Few Days!”

You just do not hear of anything like that! LOL!

So what IS it that has changed the face of interpersonal communication for what seems a phenomenon with NO end in sight? How has it grabbed the minds of not only the young but the older more mature individuals of the world who should be a bit more grounded that their younger more impressionable peers?

Well to get the answer to those questions and all questions related to this subject lets look at the erosion that has been caused on the human psyche first and then try to trace back what the problem REALLY is!

Are you with me? Then buckle up and let’s investigate!

In my humble opinion, the only way something like this can sweep the world by storm is if there was some type of void in the human makeup that was already hungry and a sitting duck to take to something so strongly! Now it may feel good and it for some may BE a very good thing (I will explain THAT point later!) but for the most part, once you take it PAST a certain point in your world, it just cannot be a good thing when you begin to sacrifice the other areas that need work in your life.

You see, this is comparable to the human body. When you are in need of nutrition you begin to consume food in the hopes of satisfying your nutritional needs. Well nine times out of ten, we miss the mark in our ignorance in WHAT we need. Our bodies may be deficient in protein and here we go throwing down an entire box of ice cream! Yes, saying that we will definitely get full is gross understatement, but look at how not only that our protein requirement did NOT get satisfied, but look at all of the unnecessary calories consumed in your lack of control and knowledge of how your body functions! Now when you have health problems down the road it can be traced right back to your irresponsible and very unbalanced eating habits which in actuality, point to other more invisible issues that are more of a challenge to see with the naked eye like that distended gut that accompanies the constant gorging of calories!


Why did I say all of this? Well, just like the human body, we, as human beings are made by the Creator to be social beings. Social beings that have a need to relate with each other and not be separated for any long period of time from each other or we will begin to feel lonely, lonely for human companionship. When we are in need of TRUE human companionship we begin sometimes out of convenience of having such an imbalanced and hectic schedule to depend on the modern devices to substitute NOT being there with our friends, family and loved ones. Like that box of ice cream sitting in the refrigerator, the pangs of social hunger help us to find ourselves on our computers or on our mobile phones more than we should be because in this world although its population has never been bigger in quantity, the overwhelming level of loneliness is here in immeasurable amounts as we STILL hunger for true human contact!

As I’ve said before on many occasions, look at all of the vast methods and means of communication that we have at our disposal in the form of computers, cellphones and Facebook, yet we are some of the most lonely souls during ANY period of time in recorded history!

Why is this? It’s because we do NOT have true human contact and until we can understand that no man is an island in this world and put away these petty grievances that we hold against each other that in actuality makes us emotionally constipated, we will DIE and PERISH without EVER experiencing the beauty of our humanity because of the artificially spliced digital manifestations that are constantly pumped into our brain on the television/computer/music and phone that controls our thinking and alters our reality to become ineffective well dressed well versed puppets in this world producing NOTHING except to fiend to play damned Farmville or Mafia Wars on Facebook!

Yes I said damned!

And there are no other combination of words from the English language dignified OR crude that could have driven the point home like it did! Yes! It’s spicy talk but even a little bit of the hottest spices make a meal the most memorable culinary experience that one will remember for a long long time!

Remember whose blog you are on!

Imagine! A grown big strappin’ 250 pound man sitting up on a damn computer high up in the day when he should be producing something of worth playing some imaginary game when the grass needs to be cut outside or the dishes in the sink are piling up needing to be washed!

Look at the human potential for greatness that we possess and look how we have been reduced to nothing more than someone comparable to that little old lady at the casino slot machine pulling that lever in the hopes of hitting it big the NEXT time because she feels it deep down in her soul that it is coming! After the next trip to the ATM of course to draw out more money!

We ain’t no better (Yes I KNOW that I am speaking Ebonics but I am talking to YOU!), pulling that “lever” of a mouse to click on Facebook profiles because you are looking for a man, now ladies, do NOT get angry at me for saying this because I do know that these are the modern days and we can increase our chances of finding a suitable mate faster than if we utilized the old fashioned method of scoping everyone in our limited immediate physical path but there are STILL things that must be done face to face after a time and that human contact can NOT be avoided! To avoid the feedback that comes to you from a face to face perspective and just going on what someone tells you on their “info” page is a sure way to romantic disaster at the least!

Why? Because EVERY shyster ALWAYS puts his best foot forward online to increase HIS (Or hers! There are plenty of female predators out here too! I got some STORIES for YOU! LOL!) chances of finding a VICTIM! Everything that looks good AIN’T good! You remember that old saying that our Elders said that was in existence LONG before the word “computer” EVER came into the English language!

But we will continue to get suckered into the trap each and every time because of the HUNGER that resides in us from a false system that does NOT feed our soul!

Whatever happened to going to church? Yeah! I said it and yes, I have been HIGHLY critical of the modern day cash machine narcissistic platform that our churches across the land have now become but at LEAST one can sift through the fake people with hidden motivations and secret agendas to find at least a FEW kindred spirits who can embrace you in a Godly loving manner as you would do them! But the church these days are not as attractive to the instant blast and stimulation of the “crackpipe-like” effects of Facebook!

Relationships can be so superficial these days and WE have to take the blame for that! Ladies AND gentlemen, be honest, unless your Facebook picture is scanned from an old Polaroid picture from way back in the seventies when you were sporting bell bottom pants and marsh-mellow shoes, then it was probably taken with a digital camera or digital camera phone, am I right?


Since you agree with me on this point let me ask you something……..

Did YOU use the FIRST picture that you snapped or did you use the eighty-ninth picture that you snapped? And that was probably compared to MANY others that were put up before you changed your mind to put up that one that you have now in your profile!

Don’t laugh! You KNOW it’s true! Lol!

Now I wouldn’t expect you to choose the most UN-flattering photo of yourself to post up on your page to represent your current look but SOME individuals out here in the cyber world with the help of Photoshop are just downright guilty of lying about their appearance after they turn their original photo into something completely different from what they truly look like!

Untruthful men who are passive predators can now withhold crucial bits of revealing information while they Photoshop an image of a very expensive rare exotic foreign car behind him. He will then state that his “interests” are collecting many rare collectible vehicles……YOU in turn hear that sound (Cha-CHING!) in your mind as you feel as though you’ve hit the jackpot! After he accepts your friends request and the both of you graduate from sending e-mail to instant messages to text messages to actual phone calls you have then figured out that his ONLY transportation source is a pawn shop purchased girls pink bicycle that has an annoying squeak in it and that he lives with his drug addicted sister who has seven kids by seven different low level drug dealers and barely subsists off of public assistance! A totally different look from that dream man that you thought you found on Facebook now isn’t it?

But wait!

I didn’t mean to make anyone think that this technology is all bad and couldn’t be the greatest thing to come along in ages! No! I am not against it! I am against the continual perpetration of doing the very same games online that we do in person!

If we can approach this huge leap in the ability to communicate with each other without losing the most important elements of human contact then I am all for it! But it at BEST can only ENHANCE and not REPLACE the full range and spectrum of the human experience. To think otherwise shows me that there is a severe lack of sense in that way of thinking.

That being said, isn’t it wonderful how we can finally have an answer to that age old question of “whatever happened to my old friend _____ _____?” You see, before one was powerless to even think of receiving an answer but now because of advances, we can go online and do a search and usually come up with an answer in MINUTES!

Think of the many people who are ailing or elderly and cant get out without a huge effort and struggle who utilize the social networks to their advantage to communicate and keep up with their family and friends up to the minute while keeping their spirits up! It can have such an impact on their lives that it can really be considered an emotional lifeline, even more so when you add the video capabilities!

Look at how couples who have found each other righteously this way have thrived, as long as the intentions are pure and the process of getting to know one another is methodical and gradual with a transparency and honesty that gets proven every step of the way before advancing to the next, it can and will be a wonderful thing! A God ordained thing and a blessing directly from Him in this cyber medium.

Remember, the negative forces in this universe have infected and corrupted ALL things for a time so NO ONE can ever look down on you if you approach meeting someone here online with a pure heart and worthy intentions, all I am saying in this blog is to be careful of the intentions of those who profess to have the same good heart as you do.

If you come online to learn, communicate, to share, to spread love and understanding I give you my blessings to submerge yourself in it wholeheartedly, but if YOUR intentions morph into something completely different from that then I would say you should really give yourself a gut check and back off because anything that is not done that can represent the righteous spirit of our Creator is NOT something that you want to indulge in at all! Let THAT be your guide in everything that you say and do in this gift called life!

Lance Scurvin

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