You Have The Right To Remain Mediocre!

Remaining mediocre takes absolutely no special effort to stay in such a sad state from the one content in their mediocrity.

The bearer of the mediocre label simply has to go with the flow of the atmosphere in which they exist and nothing extra is required of them.

Mediocre people make up the majority of those who choose to be the mere spectators of life with no plans of any extraordinary participation or record achievements from them expected from them whatsoever.

Mediocrity is having your time at bat and instead of gunning for a home run to bring home all of the runners because the bases are loaded, you instead settle for bunting and hoping beyond hope that no one else gets tagged out.

Mediocrity is having a great opportunity stare you in the face beckoning you to step forward to seize the moment and forever change your existence only to cower and clutch hard onto the predictable world that you know that brings nothing new to your life other than the “coulda woulda shoulda” chant that most mediocre people grunt.

But the funny thing is that mediocrity is not a crime.

No one ever got locked up and sentenced to serve time because of their mediocre choice.

But do know that mediocrity in itself is the worst form of personal incarceration because your will to achieve will always be in its custody as a detainee in life.

…….and to tell you the truth, mediocrity for me has never been an option.

It’s not in my D.N.A.

Sorry folks, I’m built for greatness.

I want to run hard toward manifesting the seeds of greatness that my Creator placed inside of me and I have no time to waste doubting how great a God He is by dwelling in the slow lane of mediocrity.

Mediocrity to God is an insult!

To embrace being mediocre is to relegate oneself to being nothing more than a placeholder in life who will leave no proof behind that they’ve ever existed above executing the bodily functions that even the lowest form of life on this planet will do.

So in my way of thinking since mediocrity is an insult to God then I want nothing to do with anyone who is content with mediocre lifestyle.

But for the record, I am not throwing off on anyone who hasn’t achieve anything great by the superficial world standards. I would never do such a thing because that to me would make me someone who is borderline arrogant and condescending to say the least.

It doesn’t mean that you are great because you may have accrued more money than the next person or a mansion or fame.

Those passing things do not make you great at all because any old fool can make a purchase simply because they have the money to do so but one thing you must remember is that you can never purchase greatness.

So what is greatness as opposed to that comatose state of being called mediocrity?

Mediocre Graphic

Greatness is when you are willing to take life by the horns and make something out of nothing.

Greatness is dealing with the deck that life has handed you and elevating yourself regardless because of the belief in yourself to raise up above and beyond the limitations put on most because of their mediocre mentality.

There are so many great people that I know that are not rich financially but are rich where it counts.

These great individuals have accepted the challenges that were placed in their path and instead of taking the mediocre route of being passive they moved forward to surmount it successfully to develop their character beyond that of the one who copped out.

That’s the difference between greatness and mediocrity!

It’s not about possessions, status or power, but about developing those internal characteristics that will enable you to conquer whatever life throws in your path!

A car, a mansion, a huge bank account or having great power over other human beings in a work scenario will not help you when you have no other choice but to dig deep for the motivation to face your previous fears to reduce them to nothingness.

So now that you understand this, you DO have the right to remain mediocre but in your execution of this right PLEASE do not get mad at me for embracing my right to pursue making the highest levels of my potential into reality!

Don’t get upset with me because I dared to be great!

I will always verbalize that I worship a mighty God just like the majority of the masses do. But the big difference between most who merely talk and myself personally is that I really believe this and as a child of the most high I have no other choice but to be the best in whatever God gave me the talent to do.

There is no room for doubt in the presence of God just as there is no room for mediocrity in His presence also.

God didn’t make anyone to be mediocre and if you embrace taking the road that won’t bring out the best in you then don’t waste your time praying to Him to get there because He won’t answer!

But to believe and KNOW that the seeds of greatness reside in you and to take the so called difficult road to bringing them to fruition is the greatest form of praise that we can give to our God and His universe because we are living in faith for what we know will come in time.

Mediocrity is doubt.

Mediocrity is procrastination.

Mediocrity is excuses.

Mediocrity is having nothing to show for your time on this earth except the pursuit of all thing hedonistic.

Mediocrity is a choice and a POOR CHOICE at that.

So if you haven’t heard from me in a long time and see how far I’ve gone since we’ve last spoken, it’s not personal, it’s simply because the garb of mediocrity is not a good fit on a mighty frame that was created to wear the cloak of achievement.

I choose greatness.

So maybe I’ll see you at the crossroads one day.

Until then, know that I’m working hard to the glory of God.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Motivated Brother,



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