You Have The Right To Remain Silent & You Have The Right To Retain Your Peace Of Mind!

Do you really think that you can linger for very long in an environment of confusion and disarray in and maintain your focus and peace of mind?

It seems as though many do, yet when they feel drained in their spirit the think that the way to replenish the spiritual fuel that was burned up so haphazardly and carelessly they will attempt  to gain it back by chugging down an energy drink or even worse an alcoholic beverage to “calm down their nerves!”

Isn’t it foolish how we can think sometimes?

Would you pour gasoline on a raging fire in your home thinking that it would douse the flames merely because it is a liquid?

Would you wear a heavy winter coat thinking that it will keep you cool merely because it will shield your body away from the sun?

Why is it that we run to the very thing that will amplify an already dire situation because in our foolish reasoning we think that it will make things better?

When the things our life get rough, why is it that we have forgotten how to be still? Remember the words “peace be still?”

Look around you and observe how many people are missing out on absorbing the true joys of this life because they are running hard from the pain that they feel inside that dominates every fiber of their being.

What is it that one gets when they run to the club several times a week as though it’s a well paying job?

How many drinks does it take to find inner peace?

As many sex partners as I see some of you have I haven’t seen anyone in this lifestyle say that they are content with the six women that they have as they are always trying to get more!

If you think that you can maintain any peace of mind by indulging in a lifestyle of unrighteousness then you are highly delusional.

You will learn how far off of the mark you were in time if you just keep on living and doing the things that you choose to do. Life will definitely teach you well and when you come to your senses you will be very upset with yourself because of all of the time that you wasted that could have been used for something constructive for your life.

Let’s just help that you don’t learn these lessons when it’s just too late and pray that you won’t become a nervous wreck from being so totally drained from the wild times that you thought would bring you the peace that never came.

Time waits on no one. We all have the opportunity to enjoy true peace of mind and a God centered joy. The choice is ours in which road we choose venture down on. The consequences are stiff indeed for making an unwise choice. Know that every decision that you make in your personal life sends a ripple/wave of energy into your future that will come back to meet you eventually down the road.

Good life choices begets a prosperous life and poor choices only rob those same treasures without the guarantee of them ever being available to you again.

Don’t throw your peace of mind away by engaging in the minuscule buffoonery of the masses, it will only dilute your purpose. Separate yourself at every opportunity in order to maintain a strong connection to the source of your inner peace……your Heavenly Father. Only engage with others who are on the same productive peaceful wavelength otherwise you will find yourself in a constant state of being drained.

Share your peace only when those who have formerly taken the foolish path seek to change their personal trajectory and crave to ascend to the divine. This will help you to sharpen your personal blades of awareness and it will also help to replenish the spiritual atmosphere in your midst with a heightened sense of progression. You will be blessed for being a guiding light for the poor in spirit.

In this life you will find that your peace of mind is only a right if you do the right things to cultivate it, to throw it away purposely or through ignorance is entirely up to you.

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