You Might Worship Your God Everyday But Is It Your Creator?

There are many “gods” in this world but there is only one Creator. Don’t get it twisted! We who are of the various factions of race,  national origin, religion, lifestyle and cultures need to really wake up from the foolishness and understand that we were created by one divine entity!

With all of our so called advances the sciences and technology, with all of the progress into the inner workings of the human body and the new found abilities to conquer sicknesses in this same wonderfully made body, we still can’t seem to realize the common thread that exists between all of us.

Not only do we refuse to see that in essence we are all sisters and brothers, we have compounded our sad dilemma by not even acknowledging that there is a God!

Sure, we go to the mosque, the church, the synagogue or the temple and claim that we are worshiping God but if you really look deeper into it what those same individuals are doing is really about working off the guilt of the transgressions indulged in with more passion and drive than they give to their heavenly Father to begin with!

But it appears to me to be a vicious cycle of a spiritual/emotional “binge-purge” that most of us are locked into in our lives with our
many vices. We get high, fornicate, lie, cheat, steal, gossip, kill, covet, fight and deceitfully use people for our own selfish
achievements and then once we hit our personal saturation points (Some of us have more of a craving for decadence than others!) we then feel this false sense of divine intervention and will temporarily do an about face and plunge ourselves into a Spartan monk-like existence pledging never to indulge in such unGodly behavior ever again!

To their twisted judgment and perceptions, once enough time in this so called cleansing period has transpired enough to feel as though they have been “cleansed” from their sins, the devilishly pseudo-sweet vapors of sinful indulgences begin to intoxicate their every thought and then the cleansed one feels as though they can now afford to “taste” a little pleasure without falling off of the mark too bad yet they find themselves even deeper into their vice with the addition of seven more demons attached to them to help them take an even deeper plunge!

…….and the cycle continues.

What an abuse to the divine system of cleansing that our God has afforded us! We enter into sin knowingly with the knowledge that at some point we will back off to cleanse ourselves and rid our beings of the stench of sin! But haven’t you ever questioned that the cleansing completed while possessing such a devious heart is really even working at all?

It’s not!

That’s like attending alcohol anonymous meetings while keeping a bottle of liquor stashed behind the couch at home “just in case…….”

Or even swearing off of a porn addiction but also refusing to permanently delete those naked pictures that those lady friends have been sending you of them…….

Or maybe like never missing the opportunity to pay your tithes on time but always making sure that after the service is over to stop by the number spot to play your combination just in case you get lucky and hit…….

Or publicly proclaiming that you KNOW God is your divine protection but keeping an unlicensed firearm under your pillow at night along with various rifles, baseball bats and knives hidden under your bed. Some faith YOU have if you have to do all of that!

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we just let all of the foolishness go? This is why I have so much respect for those who just do what they do and don’t waste the time to put up a facade of being someone that they are not. Because really who are we fooling anyway? No matter how many ways we seek to cover our tracks in the sands of sin there is always someone in our midst who doesn’t even have to see us taste our vice as they will already know what we are all about anyway because the Holy Spirit will tell them immediately! So why waste your time? Be real.

If we would truly detoxify ourselves from the false Gods that we worship day in and day out we would find this life to be truly rewarding as we could live with a transparency that will never stress us from maintaining a cloak of secrecy because there would be no double life to hide. We would be rejoicing down to the very root of our soul because we wouldn’t be putting any other god besides God. You see, when you are in the right you do not have to live in the fear of being discovered or caught. When the police are driving behind you, you only have to fear them pulling you over if your license is suspended. When you are down at the health clinic getting tested for the H.I.V. virus, you can tell those who have been indulging in unprotected sex by the nervous looks and sweaty brows possessed by those awaiting their results. So therefore, when you live a clean life without the vices or false gods, you walk with an assurance that very few possess because most of us in the diaspora have some cross to bear or struggle to deal with inwardly.

But besides having those crosses to bear or those struggles to deal with, the good news is that we ALL have the chance and opportunity to shed those unwanted non beneficial alliances with sin to embrace the wholesome life that our true God has for each and every one of us! All we must do is realize that those false gods that we have put before our Creator can NEVER bring us the satisfaction that they are made to appear to bring! It is a classic case of diminishing returns that we seem to always be the last to realize.

Let’s hope that we don’t understand this too late because we will have an eternity in torment to realize our mistakes……..


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