You Must Banish Those Proven Products Of Deception In Your Life That Masquerade As Friends!

You sometimes have to really try to understand the motivation behind those who call themselves your friends.

I’ve learned the rough way that in this life there is no magic bond that exists that is supposed to keep you in the energy fields of these people who prostitute a position in your world in order to have exclusive access to manipulate your life because of that trusted position.

Allow me to say that this doesn’t mean everyone who calls themselves a friend in your life but for the most part it could very well may be the majority.

How can someone who is toxic and no good to themselves ever be good for you and a positive addition in your life?

Why would you waste precious time in an attempt to recapture those lost so called good old days that really were a lie once you found out what was lurking in the heart of that so called friend after the calculating actions that were executed by them would qualify on the same level as shooting someone in cold blood at point blank range?

People do make mistakes and bad choices can affect the trust and bond between friends but once they’ve maintained a sustained attack on your peace of mind it’s so much more than a bad decision on their part, it’s outright HATE!


Only a fool would invite such energy into their world and by the looks of things around me when I observe the forgiving actions of these people who believe that you also have to forget, it tells me that they are merely setting themselves up for more disappointment down the road with that proven product of deception called a friend.

People can go through their entire lifetime denying their own dysfunctions and expecting their friends to bear the weight of their own personal neglect.

When that dysfunctional entity is left alone to deal with their inadequacies themselves with no external aid from their so called friends, then they will rage against that one who has decided to be true to themselves as though THEY were the reason for the baggage that they’ve carried in their psyche from the very beginning.

When discovering that someone in your camp has harbored those negative feelings toward you enough to do something so destructive and conniving from afar thinking that the act would never be discovered, the best revenge is to allow them to stew in their own negative juices without bothering with them anymore.

Negative energy begets negative energy, so for you to get caught up in bringing up the wrong doings of this now revealed and formerly covert nemesis will only bring your positive storehouse of energy into being in an overdraft mode.

Growing and maintaining your motivation for life is a priority and you cannot allow the dysfunctional demons of your past formerly called “friends” take you out of the glorious future that you were promised by God Himself that will contain the REAL FRIENDS that were meant for you to have in your life all along!

Hood Friends

A true friend will never allow their negativity to spill over into the shared arena of the time that you spend together.

A true friends will never attempt to break up the peace of mind and joy that you have in your home because of some insecurity that THEY possess because they didn’t make the RIGHT CHOICES in their lives to have what YOU now have!

A true friend will always quickly regroup and come to their senses in realizing their transgressions toward you and seek a true apology immediately and not after years.

There are definitely some guidelines to evaluating if a so called friend is STILL a friend because friends can lose their honest intentions in your life and become your worst nightmare.

Like a championship level prizefighter who has a title that he puts on the line to defend for a particular fight, he in essence is NOT the champ when he steps in that ring because he has to prove all over again that he is the better man. He cannot take for granted that he is the champion that and must realize that his title is not his unless he defeats his opponent to retain that title.

Sugar Ray Leonard -Marvelous Marvin Hagler

So as you can see that boxing champion has to maintain a high level of performance in order to be assured of keeping his title and your friends are no different.

Your friends are in the same position, if they are to maintain that special position in your life, they must always respect you, honor you and never disgrace you for the favor of another because when you are a friend you will defend them when they are down and do whatever you need to do to help them maintain their dignity.

So the bottom line is that when a Benedict Arnold is discovered in your inner circle, banish them and never look back! Think of the wonderful times that you shared and don’t get caught up in wondering if they were always true because this is a question that you might not ever have answered.

Just take the good and move forward but do not ever allow anyone into your life as a friend unless they’ve earned it and constantly maintain it by the things mentioned above that friends are supposed to do.

The worst feeling in the world for you is to allow someone back into your life where that particular person hasn’t been true and now you’re wondering if they are honest with you and you have to second guess everything that they do around you.

That’s no way to live your life so instead of settling for such a stressful social existence, count your blessings and understand that to say goodbye to this entity is to say hello to a brand new life!

The mere opportunities that now await you are boundless as you will have more of yourself to yourself and can accomplish those achievements easier without the negativity of one whose energy wasn’t in your corner at all!

Consider a new day and know that living good is truly the best revenge.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother With A Diminishing Entourage & Happy About It,



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