You Must Be Careful Of What You Choose To Ride In The Amusement Park Of Life!

I simply love when I wake up in the morning and hear these gentle words touch my soul and tell me what to share for the day on this blog. It’s never forced or strained as it comes effortlessly. Not to be lewd or anything but it comes the same way when you wake up and are half asleep but find that you have to urinate, while you are doing it you think to yourself how much you can’t wait to get back into that bed because of how warm and comforting it is even though it may soon be time for you to wake up.

Was that a weird analogy or maybe to much information?

Well you already know by now that when I flow with my expressions I do not hold back anything in an attempt to sound “proper” because if I am truly being real with myself then I cannot allow any preconceived standards of worldly “filtering” to force me to censor my feelings, thoughts and emotions.

You are going to get it as is as it comes.

As it comes? HA!

That sentence was full of sexual undertones……. not really, it’s actually full of life force! A life force for which I will never hold back on.

I have been blessed to always have an enormous amount of energy in my life to the point where even the neighborhood undercover cocaine users (I used to always catch these guys in the men’s restroom toilet stalls sniffing lines of coke with a chick on her knees giving brain in the Wall Street nightclubs that I worked in illegally as an underage bouncer when I was a sixteen and a half year old muscle-boy with a penciled in mustache to make me appear older than I really was!) that I’ve known swore up and down that
I was using something and wanted dearly to find out what I did naturally to surpass their very expensive chemically induced high! LOL!

The only thing that I could tell them is that I am wired in a special way that in actuality anyone can do in the same manner. I didn’t do it on my own but I was taught by some very wise parents and Elders on how I am to navigate through this world from such a young age although in my personal life I have been known to make some very foolish choices and take some very risky chances.

Sometimes those of us who should know better don’t really do better. Sometimes the one who is expected to shine in life because of the possession of certain extraordinary qualities are not the ones who will reach their expected pinnacle. This is what I love about this life – the unexpected – you just never know what your new day will bring! This keeps my juices flowing and it keeps every moment being a delicious morsel that just might be a prequel to a massive breakthrough!

Isn’t that so exciting?

But many of us from what I can see live their life as though it is an old boring textbook in a class in school that they just couldn’t stand. They don’t see that there is an open element that they actually have a hand in. Sure, while I believe things are preordained and written in stone it is for God to know and for us to find out.

Life is like one big amusement park that God brought us to, but it is us who choose the rides that we get on by our personal choices good and bad.


Some theme park rides give you shallow thrills and others will scare the feces out of you. Life is just the same. But the difference between life and an amusement park is that life will leave some permanent scars on you that you might just never get over if you are not careful. We see it everyday around us when you just look at the faces around you in public.

The stressed out public reactions, the behind closed door relationship tensions, the permanent facial grimaces that we see as we go about our day all indicate the slow burn of stress that comes from the tragic circumstances experienced from getting on a bad ride in the amusement park of life. We have to be careful of the choices that we make on all levels because they can take us into an unpleasant reality. And unlike that amusement park ride that scares the last meal out of you, the unsavory situations in life are not that easy to walk away from like that roller coaster ride that you swore you would never get on again.

In the end we have to know that while God is control of all of our affairs, we also have to bear the responsibility of our own choices that come from the gift of free will. Again I say that while He has brought us to the amusement park of life, we are free to choose the rides that we get on. Whether it’s a good experience or bad, in the end the choices were made by us and we cannot get angry at anyone else for the situations that we put ourselves in.

Human nature being what it is, many of us never seem to embrace the fact that we must be accountable for our actions until the end, and sadly so in a few cases, we will never learn. We race through life jumping from one bad ride to the other while never really taking the time to center ourselves on a deeper level in order to get over the after effects of the prior experience. It’s a reactionary existence that never truly allows us to absorb the beautiful life experience as our Creator desired for us, we, because of our ignorance, carnality and reprobate mind have messed up an awesome gift that is otherwise so beautiful and sweet.

But know that no one is exempt and protected to the point where they will not have a bad experience, life would be as great as it is if you didn’t taste the negativity that lurks around the corner potentially for all of us. My personal saying is that one can never appreciate what is sweet unless they know what is sour. Think about it, if everything was running perfectly smooth then you would not be able to gain experience and strength. You need the adversarial forces in your path to surmount so that you can manifest into the ultimate you.

I feel that the moment that we fall to strive for the higher levels or to conquer the challenges (Notice that I didn’t say problems, you should never say that you have problems, but rather claim them as challenges – losers have problems, champions have challenges! – That’s an original Scurv quote!) is the exact moment that we begin to die. Yes, there are too many of us who move about the earth with a bad case of spiritual gangrene and don’t even know it.

Choose your life’s ride carefully and dare to be different, dare to overcome every single obstacle with an intelligent, well thought out and logical plan of attack. Know that every plan may not always work out as it did on paper and for that you must have a Plan “B” and a Plan “C”. Learn from your miscalculations and immediately recalibrate when you find that your aim is off. Stay on top of every facet of your life and keep every category moving up to a higher level.

These few pointers will ensure that once you arrive to that time in life when it’s time to “go home”, that you did everything possible to maximize your experience effectively which will bring you into an inner joy that cannot be bought, borrowed or stolen. It will be yours to revel in joyously until your divine transition. Old age can be the sweetest time of ones life when they did everything that they possibly could correctly and have that feeling of accomplishment when they know that they executed a job well done.

Is it really any surprise that there are so many miserable senior citizens running around here or individuals who have reached their retirement age who are very comfortable financially yet don’t have that inner joy that I spoke of earlier?

It’s because they chose the wrong endeavors to indulge in while in the amusement park of life.

The bottom line? Life is what you make it. Take your time before taking any plunge and truly know yourself and what you really want before signing the dotted line.

A great dream can always be changed but a bad memory will haunt you forever.

Choose you rides carefully…….




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