You Must Clean Your Spiritual Filters In Order To Truly Absorb The Goodness Of Life!

We strive for the excesses in this world and get so caught up in the pursuit of attaining more that we lose the ability to absorb the beauty and gift of life.

Our “filters” get clogged with the lust for material goods, status, power and attention. For those who are actually “blessed” enough to live through a major crisis, they usually realize that they were way off of the mark about what life was all about and now see how they’ve boxed themselves into a narrow corner from their old ways and never really tasted the simple sweetness of the true gift of living.

I’ve found that in order to really enjoy the material trappings of this world one must strike a balance between indulgence and giving freely. It’s the giving heart that can enjoy the smallest things in life that the gluttons usually always overlook. The act of sharing ones resources within reason, or giving a little time to those who need a helping hand along with a listening ear and merely being there for someone as they go through a major loss will all bless the giver with a renewed sense of life as they will be able to appreciate the small things that they never saw before.

Giving keeps ones personal “filters” cleansed and gives one the ability to absorb even more of the goodness of life that our lust for excess clogs that up!


But most who are on that spiritual ride of death never really understand what they are doing to themselves much like the fat man who refuses to stop listening to common sense and stuff himself with unhealthy food even though he knows that food doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Common sense would make anyone back up to think about the long term consequences of such actions but we want the thrill of going higher(?) into our decadence which, to get a similar rush like the previous indulgences, would take a greater gain in the greed department to receive that temporary blast of pseudo-satisfaction.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not against anyone working hard to get nice things as long as those items don’t become ones God or ones world. It’s the imbalance that I am speaking about that for the most part we are unaware of.

It’s okay to have a goal, but if you are someone who is trying hard to attain items that you just cannot afford on your present rate of earnings, whether you are on someone else’s job or are self employed,you are living a life that will not bring you the satisfaction that you thought taking possession of that new car or home would.

You will work lots of overtime and become sleep deprived, you will risk your health by eating bad food because you don’t have the time that you used to to prepare those healthy meals at home so you grab just anything on the go because you are in a rush to run haphazardly form job to job.

…….and as I mentioned before, it is not merely running down more material possessions that will kill you, it’s the addiction to power as an intoxicant! Power doesn’t mean that you plan to take over the world but for the most part you are trying to take over YOUR WORLD and everything in it! You are cut throat on your job because you want that promotion or you want a position to open up that already has someone in it doing well, so you do whatever it takes to get them fired even though you’ve made a point to get close to him/her in order to find their weak points so that you can exploit them.

This is true and it happens far more frequently than one could imagine!

But can they really enjoy a balanced life after doing such a thing and could they really be at peace with this type of venom saturated in their heart?

Attention is another thing to speak on from the vast list of mental/emotional/spiritual malfunctions that have most of us walking about the earth as well dressed head cases.

While it’s nice to receive a wonderful compliment on our character or on something nice that we have done for someone else, no one these days seem to enjoy a compliment on their character or righteous attributes anymore, we seem to want to be stars and celebrities because we have the best Facebook profile page or the most “likes” on a particular photo!

It’s really not about substance anymore as our humanity has been slowly “leeched” from our consciousness and we have settled for the cheap watered down trickle of a compliment on our external selves because of a mass epidemic of narcissistic cravings that is sweeping across the land in epidemic proportions!


The internal characteristics are not valued anymore because they to many people are too hard to attain, it’s so much easier to throw on a short tight skirt that leaves half of your ass hanging out as you decide to talk an “innocent” walk to the store on the busy boulevard.  What happened to us and why are we so out of our minds?

Now I am not picking on our women alone as that was merely an example of what I see on a daily in my job working with the public but the real meaningful core of our lives have been traded in for the illusion of status, power, attention and material goods and we have become the walking dead and don’t even know it!

Let us get back to that true love that we had for all things obedient to God and to maintain and increase the fruits of the spirit and we would banish immediately that collective stress that is a stronghold over the world as love would rule and melt all walls of isolation away and we would get into each other more as Sisters and Brothers and not even care what we have in the bank or as our possessions at home!

I believe that we can do it but it is going to take a massive cleanup of the heart and when we truly see what has been lurking in us to keep us away from the true beauty of this gift of a life then I believe that we will all be totally disgusted.

Sure, I am not telling you that we all are going to change overnight but I merely want you to instead of seeking out that next sex partner or higher status in the world, to please look within and truly access what you see and get to work on making yourself a better person who is not constipated with the lusts of this world because at the point of your transition those same worldly desires will keep you from making it to that glorious afterlife and drag you down into the hell pit from which it came!

Think about it really hard because your eternal salvation weighs in the balance as well as your ability to see what it truly like to live life to the fullest. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Clean Filter Having Brother,



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