You Must Lose Your Mind In Order To Regain Your Sanity!

God always provides a way to bring you back into balance when you feel the need to regain your sanity!

Earlier this evening I was caught by surprise when the television began to play old songs from the fifties and sixties that I grew up listening to. It was one of those Time/Life paid commercials that last for about thirty minutes but lure you into purchasing a set of Compact Discs that seems to be a good deal and actually is.

Now anyone who truly knows me knows that I do not give my conscious and subconscious mind to the television at all and when I do I filter everything that I observe on it and keep my viewings down to limited portions because I will never submit myself to being “dumbed down.” But because this was music that I could trust as it was already embedded in the deepest recesses of my mind from my childhood, it was quite refreshing to take a trip down memory lane as they played snippets of the many songs that their product had to offer.

The songs came at me in a rapid fire manner and began to stir up the long forgotten but ever present memories that had settled behind the present events of my life like that huge spoon that I can remember my Mother using to stir up the contents of the soup that she made in the cast iron pot that could have held twenty gallons of liquid with room to spare!

As the thoughts developed once again for me to enjoy as the music played, I couldn’t help but think of how the world that we currently live in is so much different from those golden times that brought us those warm feelings as we lived them. I came to the conclusion right then and there that there will never be another time like that for the rest of time unless something drastic changes for us to go back to being the people that God originally intended to be.

Time Life Music Compilation Compact Discs

While looking back on my younger years (I ain’t old yet, but I have enough years under my belt to be able to speak about them and the precious lessons learned in hindsight!) not only was I usually the life of the party, but I literally WAS the party and believe me when I tell you, excitement was always my constant companion and it had a way of finding me even when I tried to hide from it. But those days we had good clean fun. Sure, I had a fistfight or two at its worst, but you shook hands and nursed your bloody nose and busted lip and found a way to become friends after your differences were settled.

There were no shootouts or deaths, and being arrested was out of the question.

It was a different time than it is now, this is why for me to arrive home to a quiet evening in my safe home with the only sound that I can hear is the gentle “tick-tock” of the big clock in the living room is more exciting than those crazy parties that I used to throw and more satisfying than the even more outlandish things that I did at them!

But such is maturity and I do thank God that I made it to the half century mark at the time of this writing (Well almost!) and it makes me think on what might it be why most people aren’t operating and functioning properly in the world the way it is today.

But this music commercial had me feeling so good, but at the same time I wished that the world that it shared through the music it played was still around but it goes overlooked by the trashy offerings of what is considered music today.

Now I wondered, just as I am reminiscing on the wholesome golden times of my childhood by these songs that were passionate, emotional and family friendly clean, what will the present generation look back on in a glowing manner as they hit middle age and beyond and when they do look back will they realize that they have been literally robbed by the mindset that they were satanically coerced to adopt?

Will they realize that for most of their formative years and beyond, that they have lost their minds?

But the sweetness of sin and the culture of spiritual transgressions is too hard to let go for most. And the reason why it is so difficult to release from their psyche is that it is the only thing that they know in this world. But it is not merely the youth who can’t let go what many find sinfully sweet in the pleasure department to let go, but it is the adults also!

Some of us who should know better have continued on with our destructive indulgences long beyond the point of being able to cry ignorance because we just downright love and have committed to living such a filthy life and refuse to adopt the new mindset that will have us ascend to that next level instead of staying in that stale place where no growth occurs and into an eventual hell.

But we want to live a worldly life with all of its carnality yet we all want a first class ticket to the best seat in Heaven all without parting ways with this sinful world!

In order to gain anything in this life you have to be willing to part with something. The reason why many of us never make it to that next desired level in our lives is because we want to bring everything in our current reality with us to our new one.

That is so foolish but it is something that we constantly execute and never realize why we either never reach our new level of existence or damage that place by tainted it with the things that should have been left in the past and never brought in to hold us back.

But we can be a stubborn species indeed, so for those who are a bit more humble in their demeanor and are willing to embrace all that they’ve hope for, know that you must lose your mind in order to gain your sanity.

But wait. Does that even make sense?

Sure it does!

In this so called modern world we have lost our unique God given identities, we do not feel that we are good enough to be our original selves so we have exchanged and forfeited the original for the cookie cutter lives that we strive to live. The constant bombardment from birth on our good senses through the media, print and television attacks on our minds have softened us up to accept anything that is given to us in our altered mental state.

We go through life not looking dead on and focused on our particular path, but we are moving forward but looking sideways to see what others are doing and setting ourselves up for a sure disaster because we are not 100% focused on our real affairs.

Life to many is like drinking that cup of ginger ale that was left out a bit too long with melted ice ensuring that the sweet taste is watered down and the sparkle banished. It may appear to be the beverage that we craved but upon a closer inspection it is nothing like what we’ve come to expect.

Ginger Ale

We copy each other in style, fashion, likes and dislikes and wonder why we feel like we are going insane from a life that does nothing for us. Our year old car is now not good enough because our next door neighbor has purchase a newer one that is more expensive. We stopped talking to our good friends because they have moved on to live in a community with a higher tax bracket. We lust after our coworkers spouse and neglect the one we have at home lying to ourselves in saying that they simply “lost it.”

We are the reasons why we make our lives so shallow and paper thin!

It’s like making love and not feeling a damn thing or taking a bite of your favorite cuisine and having it taste like chalk. Sure, it’s enough to make one crazy because after all of the hype, to possess the mind of this imposter world will give one absolutely no choice but to give a person a false happiness that has no flavor.

We have more technology, more gadgets than we could have imagined way back when we (Those of us who are “old” enough to remember! LOL!) all wanted a watch that worked like Dick Tracey’s or a communicator like Captain Kirk’s on Star Trek. We have so much yet we are losing our minds reluctantly in record numbers because it is natures attempt to bring us back into a divine balance and true sanity!

Captain James T. Kirk

If we continue to consume these genetically engineered foods and immerse our internal organs with medications to boost our abilities to do for our bodies artificially what should be done for itself, we will feel no joy in our daily lives because of this.

After a hard days work not being able to easily sleep or after an ample and stimulating view of cleavage no erection? What gives?

We have pushed our minds, bodies and souls as far as they can go and in order for us to continue to have a shot at a normal and totally fulfilling life we have got to lose the mind of this world and embrace subservience to the will of the divine.

Doesn’t this makes complete sense?

We are seeing the regular mass shootings of innocent lives from those who are socially isolated and disconnected from that universal sense of being included which is part of the design of our divine D.N.A.

Children and young teenagers walk the earth with an anger that was once reserved for an elderly person who was disgruntled with a life filled with poor choices and realize that more exists behind him than ahead. Why are our young, with so much time in front of them seem to be burdened with the stresses and dysfunctions of a lifetime?

Chief Keef

It wasn’t like that just a short time ago when I was growing up so where did this come from and why don’t more people notice it?

Teachers who were just as influential and sometimes closer to their students than the parents are now being found to be indulging in the unthinkable to crossing the line and actually having sex with the youngsters whose safety and well being they have been entrusted with.

Police are more corrupt than ever before and have taken center stage over the good ones who are hard to be found when it is time to break that blue wall of silence.

Sex scandal after sex scandal sprinkle the psyche of humankind and are appearing in every area of endeavor populated by humankind including the church so what gives?

Nicki Minaj Booty

Our work ethic has diminished and the biggest concern for an ever growing majority of workers is to do less and pass the time until it’s time to clock out. The pride of doing a great job has literally disappeared and the joy we used to possess in showing up to our jobs to do our absolute best has all but become a distant memory. We go to work with the mentality of one who is going to war.

Kill or be killed.

Morale doesn’t exist anymore and it’s just a matter of time before the next bout of going postal on the job site dominates our news channels and social media networks once again.

We have got to lose this type of mindset in order to make room for sanity to return!

We have been co-opted and we don’t even realize it. We have had our very lives “baited and switched” from right under us and we think that it will be alright and all will go well.

Jared Lee Loughner

No one seems to want to give of themselves anymore and most prowl this world as though they are in a market where things can be bargained down, everyone seems to want “the hook up” or some inside deal that no one else has access to.

But with the mentality of always seeking to get over we will never get that deal that we feel is so elusive to us. If we would only lose this current carnal way of thinking we could then regain the God given sanity that service to one another as His children and seeing each other as one huge divine family can bring.

So as you can see, losing your mind can be a great thing when it is exchanged for the intended sanity that we seem to lack now. To keep thinking the way that we do will only manifest the later stages of a degradation that has not been seen under the sun that has already surpassed anything that was written in scripture and will incur a harsher wrath more so than anything that has ever been witnessed.

Lose your present mind to gain your sanity.

Lose that wicked mind to save your soul.

…….Your present life and eternal destination depend on it and don’t let any lying negative based entity tell you any different!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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